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January 2022

1 Satadminvisited diana and went for a walk glorious sunshine hottest new years day for a a century


2 Sunadminvisited terrie 12pm to 4:30pm
looked at liz melvilles new plans for her house
emailed emma re visit

3 Monadmin4pm tristian and roxies party in the village hall. till 11pm

drink at the artichoke first with howard and sarah
people back for drinks went around 12.30
2 hours weeding and adding glass to greenhouse

4 Tueadminff
2 hours weeding and adding glass to greenhouse

5 Wedadminxfit
Emma at court lodge lunch
lovely alison there had pumkin from the garden black rice and kale with chocolate and good coffee afterwards
visited david
started taking down christmas stuff downstairs
1 hour helping with the greenhouse glass
jamie has finished the glass in the greenhouse whoopee

6 Thuadminaqua
VISIT TO BARBIE with birthday card and florentines
jammy dodgers and tea
christmas tree unpacked and put outside
all decorations put into loft with tree stand and wreaths
change bedding
2 lots of washing


7 Friadmin3pm recycling garden waste and plastic
3.5 hours weeding and going to the recycling
washed red dress and got stain out as good as can

completed all sudokos

8 Satadminff 10am holly
2 hours weeding
1 hour helped put in glass in roof of greenhouse
no tania or terrie

david rang hospital bed in at aunts

9 Sunadminscrewed in staging for greenhouse
continued weeding beds but cold
went round paul and sarah's house lovely
spoke to diana
tried ringing anne

10 MonwindmailDomain name:

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Heart Internet Ltd t/a Heart Internet [Tag = HEARTINTERNET]

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email out to ian re renewal etc

I have noticed that this invoice for last year has not been paid. Looking at the log files and the database it looks like you have had very few orders if any so I was wondering if you have finished with this website. Rather than issue another invoice for this year I can close down the hosting and if you want you can transfer it to another provider or create your own account with HI. Thanks

changed pwd for to R3tt..!

checked out this inbox and there are no orders so reckon the site is not being used. the log files only show about 4 or so orders which may have been sent in the last year
 adminabs ellen 6:30 cancelled ellen not well
ring hartley botanic re staging top delivery
gardening front garden and remainder of back 3 hours

11 Tueadminff 6:15
hartley botanic going to send top staging this week or next
visited liz 1:55 to see her house. she is going to sa on thursday as dad on last legs
1 hour planting out peonies in pots
spoke to frances maybe having knee replacement problem with bumble to where he wil go
em finally back at work
roger fallen twice this last month

12 Wedadminx-fit

potting up peonies 2 hours
lids arrived home

13 Thuadminaqua 6:30
potting up plants visit to garden center to buy pots, large gravel and 2 bags of compost
built the top part of the staging in the greenhouse

utility warehouse
average over 2021 electricity and gas 200.00 a month

14 Friadminspoke to anne and she is good. maybe get a job as postmistress mobile unit or in village hall opposite

spoke to diana
spoke to myra - she is a bit sad
planted more pots and cleared around cherry tree 4.0 hours

15 Satadminff holly 10am
coffee with terrie
megan now jack latham hormone treatment in 6 months
gone to terries and walked with terrie and ruby 2 hours

16 Sunadminterrie and sandy came round re looking after ruby at 11M AND WE went for a walk back here at 1pm. went to garden center and got some more pots and dahlias

gardening potting up some plants 1.5 hours

toby written to lids re leaving
i have purchased 2 oil heaters to try and sort out the mess over the heating

paid inland rev tax for jan 4940.70

17 MonadminKAREN LEADBETTER 14:00

pickup oil heaters from argos and install in rosier court - check out how bad it is.

abs and core ellen 6:30 cancelled as had tooth pulled out.


18 Tueadminff
9am visit to rosier court jamie and bradley
changed the thermostats on both as were knocked out.
i visited and de humidifier had half a tank of water
jamie bought howards car for 800 today

lids birthday

i have potted up irises2 hours


19 Wedadminx-fit
visit to flat to check out radiators
hall one is working but not bedroom

jamie gone over to attempt to reset it again

https://w storage+heater&&view=detail&mid=6BAE7E6A5A69FCF9E3B 06BAE7E6A5A69FCF9E3B0&&FORM=VRDGAR

just wonder whether to remove bricks from old one in bedroom and transfer hall one to bedroom

give the 2 oil radiators to the flat together with de-humidifier

This gives the option to give back same heating and added bonus of the oil rads and ability to remove water from the air.


20 Thuadminaqua
visited rosier at 10am heating working fine in sittingroom and hall
visited rosier at 8pm toby there watching football in his bedroom.
email to bradley re replacement storage heater
email to purchase advanced chemical specialists anti fungal paint additive for windows
rang david re aunt
went out in jamies new volvo


21 FriadminLuzia
Friday 21 January

22 Satadminff 10am holly
need to collect blinds from rosier court and make new ones. purchase material
clean windows
did not purchase any material as bought 2 blinds from dunelm as privicy blinds white 30 pounds

cleaned windows 3 hours
no tania at gym

aunt died tonight

23 Sunadminemma rang re mums death
i rang david and diana
funeral on 2nd feb
2.5 hours transferring old greenhouse stuff to new one. watered plants
visit to rosier court put up new blinds
emptied dehumidifier and hoovered sittingroom

24 Monadminabs core - ellen
spoke to helen essa today
spoke to emma
spoke to david
mould paint arrived today
kill switch is enabled is blocking your internet
went to norton and then secure vpn and in settings took this off. See if it works tonight ie not blocked from 12pm to 1am

25 Tueadminff
goto white house to see emma for lunch 112:30 re scanning
take my computer
go round at 10am now to sort photos


26 Wedadminxfit

27 Thuadminaqua0.000.00

29 Satadminff holly 10am0.000.00

31 Monadminabs helen 6:300.000.00
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