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January 2023

1 Sunadminkate jarett

move in date

cancelled classes as anne and dick will be here
put washing on

1 hour cutting hedge
went shopping for food
made lemon tart and oranges in caramel

2 MonadminEmma lunch 11am terrie to arrive
45 mins cutting hedge as dry
I took oranges in caramel and lemon tart
lids here
great walk through woods: becca, emma, izzy, lids, diana, terrie and me. alison at meal
great food


3 TueadminAnne and Dick stay the night
maybe Alice and Kathe rine

stretch might need to cancel
started to cook courgette frittars; sesamie chickpeas falfel and morrocan soup for supper

anne and dick arrived early 45 mins so bit put out


4 Wedadmincancel sretch and x-fit

funeral 12pm
vicar from deal. david helpful OoS coniston hotel or hepsted house bapchild. obitorary in KM saphire and diamond engagement ring and wedding ring at the Medway hospital. Marion died 18 years ago so Alice and Katherine 4 and 7 2004 died and onslow 2006 christmas day - Magaret most years so about 12 at annes.
anne and dick stay another night

good wake and crematorum met alice,pete and katherine
anne not too good so went to bed just had soup

 klswork on rates software not working properly problem with currency

INSERT INTO `Lrate` (`ref`, `code`, `job`, `des`, `rate`, `year`, `exp`, `cur`) VALUES
(1, 'FUL', 4, 'FULL', '45.00', 2009, '0000-00-00', '£'),
(2, 'HON', 4, 'HONORARY', '0.00', 2009, '0000-00-00', '£'),
(3, 'RET', 4, 'RETIRED', '22.50', 2009, '0000-00-00', '£'),
(4, 'NPR', 4, 'NON PRACTISING', '22.50', 2009, '0000-00-00', '£'),
(5, 'ASS', 4, 'ASSOCIATE', '0.00', 2009, '0000-00-00', '£'),
(6, 'FRT', 4, 'TRAINEE FREE', '0.00', 2009, '0000-00-00', '£'),
(7, 'FRS', 4, 'STUDENT FREE', '0.00', 2009, '0000-00-00', '£')

1 hr

5 ThuadminAnne visiting solicitor and then home

made florentines
 windmailproblem on email system. Could not imitate it but is now working. 0.001.00
 klsmore work on rates

6 Friadmin Phoenix Tavern 1245 on 6 January 2023, as per forwarded email below. Looking forward to seeing you there.†

I had a birthday lunch there some years ago Jenny, you may remember. It's in Abbey Street and the grub is excellent, Palvi's a vegetarian and was very happy when she went there a couple of weeks ago. Maddy and I will be drinking but if you'd prefer to drive, Jenny, there is a carpark.†

Barbie birthday

pilates paid 32 pounds - 4 weeks

went to pilates after putting chocolate on florentines

after pilates found card and put florentines in cellophane
back from phoenix 4:30

emailed jess re social services

watched catchup corrie

 davidbail end 0.000.00

7 Satadminff 5th on waiting list 3rd at end
11am stretch and core 1st on waiting list - got in

starbucks with tania and terrie

contacted gardener place omnicroft re weed being smoked in building. They are sending a warning and contacted 34 landlord

spoke to diana for almost 4 hours


watching without sin


8 Sunadminfiling most of the day moving data of phone and pc to jenny servage directory

put the recycle bin out


9 Monadminnew recycle bin arrived from council

oil deliveryaround 2.30
emma popped by at Sik cottage she visited Courtney on Sunday and then stayed with Terrie. Courtney going to stoke mandaville tomorrow. she manages to get from the bed without using a banana board but a zimmer frame into wheel chair. toes and bit of her legs functioning hands still a bit floppy. she shuns medication but has mood pills to pacify the tremors. went home for christmas day

removed a lot of ash from front garden silk cottage . collected mail from davids and using one pair of his wellies. peter came and talked for a long time. spoke to next door she has bought her husbands share. getting a springer spaniel called scout at weekend 12 weeks old

spoke to mel
4 bads of weeds etc brought home

 klssonia problem with website members area gone
problem with positions page

 davidrenewed insurance for 3 properties0.000.00

10 Tueklsstats problem only bringing up november no december or january. appears to be a caching problem 0.001.00
Sammy Samantha died today. tummy cancer

email to giles with various attachments
sort out insurance for rented cottages and silk cottage
spoke to virgin and john lewis re telly package and broadband
spoke to nfu regarding 870k investment - sending forms

new recycle bin here now hurrah

get boxes in with snowdrops changed in greenhouse onto trays. wash boxes return to emma. jamie take to silk cottage


11 Wedadminxfit
david in parish news. editing it and creating montage. done 2

ians boiler being installed
texted grant re silk cottage

seana returned tax . check it out

work on parish complaint bakers lane
heating on to dry washing
 davidboiler installed at ians house0.000.00

12 Thuadminaqua
created begining of year invoices
completed the obit for alison
tax return uploaded


13 Friadminpilates paid
gardening hedge clearing cuttings and back of hedge 2 hrs

spoke to dan re life insurance
spoke to anne
jamie spoke to steve re rentain power shower
 davidspoke to dan re zurich money
advised contact giles re tax

14 Satadminff 4th on waiting list -offered place too late
strength and stretch
forwarded on email re brightfield rd to jamie
lids has got some antibiotics incase a bladder infection but still investigation as to urine and poo sample

lids did pottery throwing class -enjoyed

work on bakers lane development

hedge triming 1.00

post birthday cards for lids


15 Sunadminpaid seana invoice 540.00
emailed canterbury planning re bakers lane
2 hours hedge trimming back of hedg e

investigation re planning
brightfield rd oven
jamie gone to purchase one to take up to london tomorrow


16 MonukraineCountry population size
Russia 143.4 mill 17.1mill km
UK 67.33 mill 243,610km
Ukraine 43.79 mill 603,700km
US 331.9 mill 9.8mill km
Africa 1.216 bill 30.37 mill km
India 1.408 bill 3.287 mill
China 1.412 bill 9.59 mill
Japan 125.7 mill 337,973 km
Turkey 84.78 783,562 km

Russian empire tried to make all countries russian
european empires work on the differences

 courtneywent to stoke mandavil today0.000.00
jamie london brightfield road oven stopped working
cathy done her planning application
sent copy to CPC
problem with their website contact page

sent diana a copy of davids will
sent tax 21-22 to iz and lids
.75 minutes back of hedge -very cold cosy in my yellow coat.


17 Tueadminff

spring clean my room
very cold day

email grant re silk cottage boiler


18 Wedadminxfit

chimney sweep 2pm took 45 minutes 40 pounds
still transfering mobile pics to

 klsproblem with missing rates table on klsmembers db

plus put in a warning message about this
and have stopped using the exclusion agent ind for agency renewal

19 Thuadminaqua
spoke on phone to diana 4 hours!!


20 Friadminpilates paid
lids rang she had a colonic and massage
saw darren brown - amazing

going out with jay tonight

gardening 1 hr hedge cutting and picking up cuttings
 klstalk to sonia re renewals and what they mean
not using agency renewals as doing it manually
not keeping db uptodate with the agent

have added contact number to agent listing so can print off report with more details

21 Satadmin1st on stretch core waiting list
3rd on ff
terrie and tania
gardening 1 hr hedge cutting

22 Sunadminchartham wi ?story_fbid=pfbid0MdbNtMjzf41khpaXBVVY

PAv9YiqYY X9Cn1NqMWMtXKA9vqnZfLL3b9591s4zVPLUl&id=10238789571 0112 tham%20wi

 klslooking at,prenti,,jon.pitt7@gma
adding new setting st_test_agent_email to settings
adding cmp_test_no to campaign

this gives the option to give the first number of emails upto 40 just to admin person so can look at table.


23 Monadminabs core and more

looking at godiva - jamie is not signing yet emortgage/results

lids down for the night as car being fixed by tobins tomorrow

 klswork on rep7 and printLabs - now working
by reference variables ${$ are no longer valid:
$temp='ref 2|'.$loop;
$ref2[$loop2]= $_POST[$temp];
old o riginal
printlabs was printing out the delimiter as for some odd reason it was using '_' instead of '|'
1.5 hours

problem with newsletter subject line using a curly single quote - diacritics look bad
helped get it good. 1.0

24 Tueadminff
stretch - CANCELLED

admin - filing email giles; and ring a number of aviva; barclays to change postcode

 klsclean up klsmembers mailbox created 22rejects folder and new 23 auto folder

sonia has run a newsletter one after the other so 100 people emailed twice.

she runs the risk of servage getting blocked

she needs to check out the rejects. send her an email
Grant going to silk cottage today to see if can fix the boiler

need to take a meter reading - just paid 200.00 for power.


25 Wedadminxfit
spoke to diana 3 hours

went through Davids barclay account and created spreadsheet of s/o dd and income for the year in case i need to do tax return 2.5 hours

found that he had premium bonds 30k and 15k nsi bonds plus
ooking back at Davidís paperwork: He did have premium bonds of 30k; National Savings Certs of 15k; and a variable isa with Kent Reliance 6k and Fidelity ISA of 19k. These go back 10 years so may no longer be still there and could have been consolidated into his financial portfolio.†


26 Thudavid removal-agricultural-occupancy-conditions-q---dcp-section-94 0.000.00

papermill develop

composed letter to Mr Ford re davids will 2 hours
spoke to diana 3 hours !!


27 Friadminpilates paid

pay inland revenue 2658.10 -paid today at 14 minutes past 12 am

goto silk cottage hoover and garden
drop off nfu letter to giles ford
collect post
look for louise ast

bring back stool and printer


28 Satadminff
strength and stretch on waiting list 1st
coffee with diana and tania

try to get internet and satelite dish to work for tv. problem with internet is that the ip region address in norton is stopping the internet being allowed. Solved by reseting the region in norton security vpn

29 Sunadminprint out jamies invoices and do some admin filing for him

Paul has come round problem with sat dish being moved out of alignment. Spent a couple of hours getting the internet and the channel list done

watched a lot of traitor claudia winkleman

45 minutes mowing lawn very cold
logged electricity reading meter 29485 to utility warehouse


30 Monadminbs core and more
hoover clean stains on carpet
washing 2 loads
wash bottles for kombucha
shopping sainsbury

south east water changed address and account for norman to norman and pay for davids water account

contacted cia insurance sent temp death cert so that 3 insurances are valid

passed on norman and peters landlines to giles

watched final of traitors series

31 Tueadminff

make first fermentation of kombucha

cia sent 3 emails re cottages printed out info for insu rance

gardening front lawn and around greenhouse 1.25

elec uw 28950


Apr 21 16.822
Aug 21 18.746
Nov 21 - mar 22 20.530
Apr 22 - Aug 28.080
Oct 22 33.631
elec tarriff doubled since last year
but since april has increased by 60%

Feb 21 2.941
Aug 21 3.166
Jan-feb 22 3.86
Mar -sep 22 6.970
Oct - 9.804
gas tarriff tripled since last year
since Feb has increased by 60%

Feb 21 203 /112/91
jun 2021 186
Jul 156
Aug 142
Sep 175
Oct 135
Nov 210
Dec 245/ 107/ 98
Jan 2022 284/ 155 /121
Feb 276
Mar 235
Apr 208
May 239
Jun 194
Jul 184
Aug 203
Sep 196/ 120/ 13
Oct 64/ 43/ 13
Nov 226/ 255/ 37 should be 92/ 37
Dec 16/ -71/ 155 should be 92/ 155
jan23 385/ 167/ 284 should be 120/ 284
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