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January 2024

1 Monadminevening at court lodge - changed to 2pm

make a negress as a cake for beverly birthday
kirsten should be there and dom's birthday 31 jan they are going to ringles tone.

hopefully emma fully recovered.

visited alison to drop off florentines no car and she may have been away or in bed as she did not answer door or phone

lovely meal. emma did a great table with party poppers and crackers and made a great pasta meal for me they had roast parsnips potatoes and broccoli. firework on negress nearly burnt emmas face as took a long time to light

kirstan is being stalked by john and her mother and sister are not supportive of her she is busy getting a stalking order with police but her social security unable to work comes to an end in january so she will have to get a job. she is back smoking

gave them all fl orentines

dom had a detached retina op went wrong so now blind in his left eye. had 4 more ops still did not fix problem

beverley in good form. Emma fell asleep she seems exhausted and should take a break. they looked at lenham and she is not sure kirstan said she would be bored.

aduka a great dog very well behaved but very cautious.

wrote to emma and nicholas
wrote to sonia
wrote to catherine lake district
wrote to alistair and liz


2 Tueadminff
brought back files and put on book shelf

response back from sonia
response back from nicholas

signed up for 4 pilates
added edward scissorhand to

3 Wedadminxfit

gas landlords cert millbank and gardeners?

5 more bags of hard core

jamie dug drive
i emptied one bag of hardcore on area next to drive

watched a lot of good wife
responded back to beverley
spoke to alison black she is ok went to drinks party at the manor house
collected drinks and dress poles put up in loft


4 Thuadminaqua

cottages insurance both silk cottage and davids cottages done
seana tax checking and will send tr8 back

1 hardcore bag moved to drive. jamie has finished digging out the grass. he will hire a whacker tomorrow so i need to do this. i also need to deal with removing flints from the topsoil and moving it about

robertson email


5 Friadminpilates paid

hair 4pm cassiet
almost one bage of hardcore on drive and use of whacker machine 1pm to 3pm

spoke to lesley via facebook messenger
spoke to diana she had a good day with izzy and seems better about naveed st martins rang re dianas pharmacy


6 Satadminff

barbies birthday meal at the anchor very good

jamie has finished laying the last amount of hardcore

i have taken down the christmas decorations and hoovered


7 Sunadmin11:30 jamies car recycling

mattress from millbank hard core bags, jars glass and printer cartridge. brought armchair back

need to collect mattress dressing table and television cabinet and tv from sittingroom

i will need to get glass table and sofa stool

jamie needs to dismantal bed and take to put in garage


8 Monadminabs core and more

rang giles re title plan hopefully get email back spoke to heidi

rang carolyn re oil delivery for david peter will get back to me. They are both good

the oil arrrived for david at 11:45 and peter showed him davids tank. so delivery on friday did not happen.

Peter has tried boiler and it has not worked
i have got kev to go round on Friday


9 TueadminNotice of Marriage Appointment Confirmation

Thank you for your booking. Your appointment details are below:

Date of Appointment : Tuesday 09 January 2024

Time of Appointment : 15:00hrs

Office : Canterbury - Wellington House

Wellington House
4 St Stephens Road

Notice of Marriage Appointment Confirmation

Thank you for your booking. Your appointment details are below:

Date of Appointment : Tuesday 09 January 2024

Time of Appointment : 15:30hrs

Office : Canterbury - Wellington House

Wellington House
4 St Stephens Road

contact kevin re davids boiler
email rosemary re hugh
#email becca

filing in room get in order

tax return
send diana silk cottage for tax return
send lydia silk cottage for tax return


Film actress frances mcdormand

Diana and Naveed

his mother left him at 16 in ireland when doing exams he had to bail them out parents and sister left for uk. dad bipolar beat him up business went bust liquidation consequences

10 Wedadminxfit
stretch 1st on waiting list - got it

trip to rosier to get mattress on jamies car
re made bed in lids room
washing jamies sheets whites and colo ureds

watched the post office scandal itv
hughs friend emailed re court order

11 Thuadmindeep aqua

goto dianas 10:30 pick her up goto st martins and bring her back to whitstable
take tax returns to do


12 Friadminpilates paid

spoke to lloyds 29/12/23 to complain about good housekeeping. ring in 2 weeks time

gardening raking front earth from drive on front lawn 3 hours

Kev has fixed boiler peter let him in and checked all good and running. great relief that i did not have to go down to wormshil

13 Satadminff 10am
Diana starbucks



14 Sunadmingarden 1.5 hours stone collecting front lawn

created email for rosemary re wantage court case

cooked root veg crumble

lids got cold and a bit homesick


15 Monadminabs core and more gavin 6:30pm
lovely coconut rum mixed spice
large tarts

spoke to new law company re bromley very helpful

re ordered bulbs j parker bulbs
rang and order cancelled

jamie visited silk cottage re drains. cesspool full so needs to be emptied.

he checked davids nice and warm and got the meter reading for leccy

1/2 hour collecting stones

rosier court need to sign for lids re management team

 klsproblem selecting csv file for renewals as now january and so the data selection will not work as it is only for active subs 1.00
email sent
problem with split used changed to expand php redundancy code

16 Tueadminff

finally finished checking tax return and sent to seana 2 hours

emailed mel re cesspool

jon contacted about removed public html

sonia responded that she is not well but is now dealing with subs
 klsadded patch so that sonia can download data for organisation renewals

pg90,pg91,pg901,pg902, subs 45 mins
check no more occurances of redundant split function - all good

17 Wedadminxfit

sent seana tr8 again but this time as a pdf
worked on wantage cancellation of section 21
worked on wantage section 8 4 hours
 klsjon contacted about removed public html

sonia responded that she is not well but is now dealing with subs

18 Thuadminaqua
jamie nhs eye appointment
lids birthday
rang lloyds bank re account name to pay missing end of name
rang lloyds club gifts yet again
paid invoices to keven for silk cottage and 2 barnfield cottages

high c ourt
/me dia/62bd6cfae90e075f2b8e38a7/N244.pdf

rang bromley bailiffs are 17 weeks currently for bromley

work on witness statement
sent out discontinuance email to bromley court
 klsremoved 2023 from public site updating to 2024


19 Friadminpilates paid pcol/pcol.action?failure=true

Court online password courtcase claim ts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/part38

finally created witness statement and sent to bromley court.
bromley court have responded re getting discontinuance documantation


20 Satadminff
strength and stretch

i am at starbucks 12:15
tania 12:40
terrie 12:50 and diana 12:55

8 sudokos

watch forest gump tom hanks and sally field


21 Sunadmin3 hours 12-1:30 and 3:15 to 4:45

create invoice 1202 for kls retainer invoice

create currentwork.xls for stuff i have to do


22 Monadminabs core and more
power cut 12:07am

raking and sorting stones 11am to 12:30
and 2.00 to 4pm

need sharp sand for lawn
planted pots with plants and watered in greenhouse


23 Tueadminff
spoke to frances

spent a lot of the day with diana helping with emails inbox etc.

Jamie gone to buy sharp sand wet day


24 Wedadminxfit

jamie has gone to silk cottage to rod the blocked drain - toilet paper.

Edward Scisorhands B15, B16 and B17 7:30pm
43.70 each
Becca came brilliant
drove to bromley to drop off witness statement for monday and talked re discontinuance for friday
cleaned up and put washing away
last night made veg crumble for tea

25 Thuadminaqua
2 trips to rosier court with jamie to bring back two sideboards, drink trolley, large footstool, and bed planks.

I need to collect drinks terminals and kitchen stuff, vases, bathroom stuff, and coats. Then must clean the flat and wipe down. Jamie very grumpy

asked him about purchasing yew bare roots for back fence but probably not right time to ask - this is to create a low hedge for wind and privacy from field

texted on pb tahir re sale and spoke to russel - it looks like he is using a different broker as the company setup is by another individual

spoke to myra and les finally got 33k but now got a leak on their boiler system

26 Friadminpilates paid
12:00 court hearing bromley notice of discontinuance sent to bromley court and to hugh

4 hours digging and sharp sand

spoke to heidi giles re title plan giles in meeting
spoke to philip hamilton re stuart mears need him to work out where drain should go.
renew contract silk cottage
diana not good confused heavy cold new drug her friends are helping her

spoke to anne still not too good. bathroom done


27 Satadminff 1st on waiting list
got tanias for coffee and cake
got back about 5pm great afternoon only me
1.5 hours digging and adding sharp sand finished finally


28 Sunadmindiana still coffing
went to garden center to buy grass seed and compost
4 hours still removing stones
added compost and sharp sand re raked and put seed down, watered
about a third left to go.

spoke to terrie she had brett and sandy for tea
almost finished be drooms

paid 8.00 for parish mag online
printout stuff for bromley

29 Monadminabs core and more
Bromley court 12pm jamie to go t o
repossession granted for today and outstanding money requested
transfer to high court rejected
need to check if ok to get a private bailiff from solicitor

wrote email to hugh re jamie visiting thursday inspection

september good housekeeping arrived but no february issue yet. lloyds bank paid out 50 pounds in compensation


30 Tueadminff 1st on waiting list
wrote email to john
wrote email to stuart mairs
wrote email and talk to robinsons re rosier court

spoke to finns and told stuart on holiday but not
spoke to diana re tax return and how to use her printer very confused

emailed philip hamilton re silk renewal


31 Wedadminxfit
stretchspoke to frances. bumble has killed a deer so she needed someone with a gun to finish it off. bad toothache. emilys boyfriend no longer looks after bumble one day a week as he is not controllable

emptied lids flat now need to clean it
spoke to rosemary re management pack and i have just paid caxtons but will take upto 14 working days

snowdrops loads out on the bank
court repossession printed off for jamie
spoke again to diana re sending tax return and money

email and create and pay 1.5k to jamie re materials for drive.

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