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October 2023

1 Sunadminweeding thistles and stinging nettles at davids walnut tree 10am to 6pm
emma came to help
lady with dog near old school house spoke to
duke of edinborough awards 15 groups orienteering camping and cooking

peter came by not looking too good - need to send plan to him so that he can put drains etc on

norman and debs too he needs to discuss some payment plan

diana went for savoury jane bass


2 Monadminabs core and more
paid for pilates 2 lessons
tried to remove on my mobile and at least turned off notifications
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware no longer free wont use until get back

car insurance repaid but cannot see documents

creating pdf for nicholas and emma re annexe
email louise duckett
email peter re cottages

PHP Version 5.6.40
PHP Version 7.4.33



3 Tueadminff
stretch cancelled

Gatwick 15:55 to Dalaman 22:05 EZY8565 Jamie and Jenny Tuesday 3rd October 2023

Dalaman 4:50 to Gatwick 7:05 EZY8570 Jamie, Lydia and Jenny Tuesday 17th October 2023

Lydia will fly down from Istanbul on Sunday 15th October to Dalaman but have not yet got details for this transfer

4 Wedadminxfit
stretch cancelled
Pool saw liz and a lister who were in Dalyan last hols in aug with lids

Meal at kiosk lovely drinks at rehab
Bitten or rather sucked by kitten

5 ThuadminSpoke to Diana re probate , cottages and hit
Spoke to lids
Will change to getting Kaunos to sell Rosanna
Need to get luggage over to me as lids ticket not going to use

Responded to 16 b inventory

Read by pool
Attempted to put FileZilla on iPad corresponded with Sonia to wait for newsletter when back

diana got double vision again


6 FriadminRead by pool.

Fish tonight and salad paradise brandy Alexander

Bc spa booked up massages tony left end of July

Tried to transfer flight easyJet hold luggage no good

Spoke to alistair re rosannna

7 Satadmin3pm massages
Market bout oppenheimer and barbie

Spoke to Alistair andliz


Jewelry guy tapped me on sboulder
Watched barbie twice

8 Sunadmin5pm me massage hot stone
Meal in old mRket 20 pounds for 2

Bdrg hotel 2 turkish burka ladies interested in rosanna
Showed Alistair and liz

another massage just for me
got taxi as late hot stone massage

Spoke to doreen and hiub

Spoke to myra

Cocktail Dalyano and new place
watched oppenheimer


9 Monadmindrinks with doreen and hub, alistair and liz. alistair doesnt drink since his stroke
watch oppenheimer again

pool meant have gone to beach
read another book

saw slaih and memhet and discussed rosanna memhet will get back on wednesday on its value

diana has eye test as vision gone bad no changes so it is her brain
she tried to get jane bass to go to theatre in london with her - she is hyper


10 Tueadmindiana hyper

offer of 150k made on rosier court

lids said 173
they then said 155 final offer
i said forget it
i tried to get onto purple bricks but did not work


11 WedadminDaylan flights:


Saturday 16 Sept: Arrive in Dalaman: 03:55AM

Return: 21 Sept depart Dalaman at 14:25PM

Istanbul flights:

Weds 11 October 10:10 – Sunday 15 October 18:15

So I could look to not catch my flight back and fly down to Dylan on the Sunday (it’s a £40-50)

This would be the most ideal option… as I would book the Monday off work and then try to fly back to the UK on the Tuesday.

so lids and jay off to istanbul

diana going to redruth cornwall tonight will spend thursday with gary and back friday night . meanwhile izz is in a state - not good idea

she sent to kings rec lunches all about izzy in a state. not good

lids still negotiating offer for rosier i suggested 168k as last offer and it looks like this is accepted

we went to the beach and walked both ways saw alister and liz

12 Thuadminwent and saw salih - he is ill but came back with 220 to 240 price
went to book up massage tomorrow

purchased emmas earings for alice
more videos belfast


13 Friadminlovely massage 10am hot pebbles

pool reading
fish restaurant
hub and doreen got friends from up north chris and ?? saw them last year.

14 Satadminiz trying to get into maudsley diana is driving her bonkers with her behaviour
spoke to diana - not easy


sertac came 6:30 discussion agreed his has till end of year but will need to pay for extras ie poa, flights etc. he felt i had been gossiping about his villa cost and tried to deny that it was up for 270k with king emlac

alistair and liz off home to uk

went out to cheap market cafe for supper
dalyano for cocktails

15 Sunadminflight back istanbul
Daylan flights:


Saturday 16 Sept: Arrive in Dalaman: 03:55AM

Return: 21 Sept depart Dalaman at 14:25PM

Istanbul flights:

Weds 11 October 10:10 – Sunday 15 October 18:15

So I could look to not catch my flight back and fly down to Dylan on the Sunday (it’s a £40-50)

This would be the most ideal option… as I would book the Monday off work and then try to fly back to the UK on the Tuesday.

lids gone back to uk.



supper in square near the gamers after a few at the dalyano

bought two little bags for aby's girls

diana sent another text to kings rec lunches re izzy - diana is so hyper
she does not seem to understand what she is doing to iz

watched video


16 Monadminortaca tapu part
not done

salih still ill so spoke to eggy to clarify transfer
said will email salih re rosanna sertac sale plans

put 11k turkish lira in bank account as minimum now to cover elec and water meanwhile

pack up villa and had supper read end of book pickup 2am jamie grumbly eye not good gone to bed for a few hours.

17 TueadminDalaman 4:50 to Gatwick 7:05 EZY8570 Jamie, Lydia and Jenny Tuesday 17th October 2023

good flight no delay back by 9:30 went to bed and slept
catchup corrie

ff place on waiting list - got it

go through emails


18 Wedklsamend images for marquee for howden and temple0.001.00

19 ThuadminThe drifters girl SA5, SA6 and SA7 the slips 23.75 each very few left

myra and les come down today. need to make supper
they will stay friday and then go on Saturday.
make lentil and chickpea soup
make root veg crumble

arrive 2pm

20 Friadminlids is visiting izzy in hither green mental hospital. hopefully she can figure out if it is naveed control or diana. She is then off to coventry

shopping in town fenwicks and marks spencer myra les looking for cashmere jumper coffee and cake fenwicks
hobbs no longer and white stuff upstairs no longer

cafe du soleil les paid lovely

21 Satadminff - camcelled

strength and stretch anila
coffee terrie, tania and diana

cold in bed look at corrie

diana beligerent

22 Sunadmincoffee at lids

nice chat around 3pm she has returned from coventry seeing jay's mum. chat re her issues as a child
lids show me her chart of issues

look at kls email system still not understand what is wrong

section 8 to hugh as failed the section 21


23 Monadminspeak to kls

go down to wormshill 2 - 5
need petrol
email hugh re jamie visit
not gone well i think jamie lost his rag as lock was changed. jamie picked up table from 16b and got a parking fine

went round to lids for chat

iz out of mental home
work from 9pm to 3am on kls

abs core and strength
 kls9am phone call 1 hour with sonia

work on newsletter from 9pm to 3pm
wrong idea thought that mail was not working on emailTest so created testemail which failed

made changes to emailTest and admin_functions not necessary. too tired

24 Tueadminff frazer
stretch cancelled

email and text to hugh re jamie visiting tomorrow

email sonia with info re moving to mailchimp

collect washing sheets and towels for lids
email annexe as they have had survey done
 klsproblem with newsletter
turns out to be the actual email
remove spans etc which are not conforming
add to content table
9am to 9pm working on wrong thing

take content
check it
admin-functions.php email/includes include file tempSep tempOCt.php
when clean overright in content table

can use in testemail in /public _html/email/includes this will show if content still no good
once it works set off job.

smtp still needs to be worked on.

25 Wedadminxfit

email sonia

melanie silk cottage bath plug and back gutter problem jamie will go out next thursday

jamie gone to wantage road
hugh has put back original lock
he had a mental health guy there
jamie did not lose his rag

washed lids towel and sheets
and changed spareroom sheets to wash
on line and then put on heating

i tried still to see why smtp not working

and the marquee

amnesty international rang and doubled my 120 to 240 though do not want monthly payments
disagreed about uk rights but not international

pwd R3tt1ngt0nJP!!

26 Thuadminaqua

purchased watch
paid for lids ovo energy a ccount
getting 500 pounds for winter fuel payment - whooppee


27 Friadminpilates

goto walkin cadets for covid and flue jab
dropped off heater and pan with lids
attempted to get id confirmed with po waited 1 hour and then told queue too long no digital
went to robinsons no solicitors in co; girlings same and another one so cancelled going to jab
wincheap shut so had to go north downs fedup so did not goto morrisons
instead cleaned glass light shades
trees across road goy ash dieback
The first signs of Ash Dieback

The leaves will start to develop dark patches during the summer months (July to September). These leaves will wilt and turn from brown to black. Often you may notice dead and blackened leaves hanging amongst the live foliage. The bark of live shoots and twigs turn darker, often with a purple tinge.

diana going to some Ecstatic Dance with Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath tonight by herself. i now can see how worried it makes you when someone bombards you with what they are going to do . i spent a lot of sleep time not sleeping but checking whatsapp to see if she was home. at 4am gave up and just went to sleep.

she also going with becca on sat on palestinian demo. dont agree both sides need to stop

i rang becca and explained she felt she had been railroaded. she will let me know and then diana has cancelled stretch to goto meditation etc eve with Denise at Peace by the Sea


28 Satadminff
strength and stretch
met tania starbucks had 1.5 piece of cake

lids and jay for supper
make apple crumble and a bit of a tidy up

jamie did lamb and i had salmon teriaki


29 Sunadminemail rev paula
went to dianas at 3pm till 9.30 pm
unfortunately she thinks izzy has to change not her

30 Monadminlids chaucer hospital ecg 11am
bad journey canterbury choca got to lids finally then to chaucer and it was said there was no appointment now on monday 13th

took her back to our house to work as meeting rachel later
i did gardening - behind the hedge moved all the tiles, etc to the field end so that i can cut hedge at back as no access 3 hours muncher for hawthorn cut back

alistair emailed

spoke to ford little to arrange appointment with giles - going to be tuesday 10:30 14th nov

spoke to the stone masons re davids grave will be done in next few weeks moved to work on it. it takes 3 guys to lift from grave

spoke to alison who will come to davids memorial at tunstall. lunch with her after 12pm

collect washing from lids to do at home

abs core and more

31 Tueadminff
went to post office and got id bit validated
covid now only on a monday and friday 8:30 to 4.45

1.5 hour cutting hedge at back and weeding

went to lids to wipe down as surveyor visiting between 8 and 1pm. mildew appearing. opened window and shut it before ff.
everytime wiped window re misted up like a sauna the storage heaters still hot at 6pm

jamie went to ashford to get monitor for heart
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