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November 2022

1 Tueadminff
stretch -cancelled
11am at RHigh undertakers got cremation for 15th november 1pm

need to do
1) check whether anyone wants to see David
2) get his clothes to rHigh
3) music


2 Wedadminxfit
stretch - cancelled

coroner ready to go and register death - 16th nov 2022 at 1.30pm beeni canterbury libary

date for memorial 21st monday or 29th tuesday
emailed kate joy and john. john excellent
spoke to brenda
date for memorial 21st

created inviation card for memorial


3 Thuadminaqua
need to collect clothes for funeral - not done
not well
created invitation card for crematorium
sent out cards to whatsapp and family

arranged meeting with paula on tuesday 11.30 at davids
need to take diana for mot and leave car by 10.30 so back in time


4 Friadminneed to do davids clothes


5 Satadminfireworks supper salesh peter barnes 6.30
ff - cancelled

6 Sunadmin 0.000.00

7 Monadminabs
request words from hannah, charlotte and dan
emma and rebecca
diana came over and we went through what we needed to do with paula

spoke to andy and he will do the tribute
spoke to barry and he organised the bell ringers


8 Tueadminff
diana mot for davids car
battery flat ian had to jump start it

meeting with paula re the church stuff


9 Wedadminx-fit
got all the stuff for giles ready by going through the folders for investments, emails re properties and any legal stuff, obviously take will to meeting

sorted out a video person madelin duggan for the memorial

10 Thuadminaqua - cancelled
Thursday 10th nov 11am for meeting with giles ford
picked up diana and after meeting dropped her off at doddington where her car was ready

cashed in 10k premium bonds left with 3k

need to send barclay details; check insurance on house and bring id passport and driving license next week with the death certs. hickley brothers lease 2011 not sure if this is the last bit with 1 barnfield cottage

max rang re extension of the bail conditions as post mortem and collision reports not yet complete probably 6 months

south east water re rentain need to pay the bill as reading taken on 14 october 0428


11 Friadminpilates paid 4 so for rest of month

lunch at selling with maria and lesley lovely had a long chat outside house next door has a dog called del boy looked at new developments next to station

worked on davids page putting up more pictures

12 Satadminff
go through billy holiday and chose pennies from heaven, i hear music and ill be seeing you
emma changed her poem to rosetti and spoke to rebecca she will help on sunday and is doing a terry pratchett words
alison has done tribute in parish mag
confirmed this with jane bass
i think the menu with ringlestone needs to be more substantial.
book sunday after woodcutters 4.30

gone through time line for david

answered johns email


13 Sunpropertiesreturn lucys deposit as she has now moved out
 adminReadings - emma

dan charlotte hannah

mike and andy
poem or a few words
captain beefheart - andy passey

harold visendal, mike and david the pigs as top of maths set.
mike did maths and economcs
moroco agadir 2 weeks package holiday internal flight top of desert buses into desert
morroco 1982-3 nurses and cow 1984 2000 river david and mike ipswich 1982 to 2000; 40th party

rebecca bentley saywell farm on 22 november

prentice.david@sky .com
bollocks; Bollocks1; bollock1; Bollock1 BOLLOCKS

kate joy deals with village hall lived in mabel and cecilhouse for 7 to 8 years david shoved in ralph as he wanted to non standard construction made of bype of breeze blocks filled with concrete

12pm meet steve for measuring rooms. will get the keys to his mum at the weekend

3pm recycle removed a lot of the bags from rentain and some of david's stuff


14 Monadmincore abs and more
carl rang re crematorium the tear drop coffin not a possibility as the one they have is too long for garden of kent so will be in standard one
rang ringlestone re food meat lasagne and veg lasagne ordered with 48 bottles of shep neame master brew, table cover and silver platters

work on website

15 Tueadminff
stretch -
Cremation at bobbing garden of kent 1pm
went beautifully
andy, norman, debbie, peter, carolyn, emma, rebecca, john, diana, izzy, jenny, j amie

printed out music lyric sheets for family
worked on order of service
emailed mike and brenda
charlotte said they will do a mccandlish tribute read by dan
sent invites to tom, charlotte, joe and joanna
rang florist re village hall flowers

55 pounds death certificates


16 Wedadminxfit

Beeni canterbury library ct1 2RA ref 329 2596
1.30pm wed 16th nov
appointment to formally register his death even though already got interim dc
cancelled will be sending 5 death certs in post

been to florist to order flowers for vh
spoken and sent order of service to jo
needs changes
maybe able to get print and ashes friday or saturday

diana working on tribute
 davidbeeni canterbury death cert - cancelled0.000.00

17 Thuadminaqua - cancelled
rentain 3.5 hours cleaning 4.30 to 7.30
8.00 till 10pm village hall chartham bakers lane development 100-170 houses
https://www.kent.g 321-Chartham-Deposit,-Declaration-and-landowner-sta tement-notice.pdf

spoke to lizzy re email
07768 385099
on her way with hamish to edinburg enterprise opening of apparell nicola sturgeon maybe
will be in edinburg till sat or sun 200 miles there and back so cannot make monday
lizzie wants grandad prentice flying license

in 1973 lizzie and ians wedding refused to wear expected formal dress so wore red and white checked shirt


18 Friklsproblem with upload on courses changed to uploadPdf as the sponsors logic threw this as using upload too. 0.001.00
 adminpilates - cancelled
val rentain post

charles nightingale birthday 84 years old
a few days ago kath mitchel 76 years old hist-movement-looking-back-and-forward

h ttps:// 2/Freedom-1967-08-19.pdf e/uk-anarchist-movement-looking-back-and-forward

finally completed tribute
the order of service and ashes diana has delivered to davids house
table clothes and beer bottles to david


19 Satadminff holly 10 am - cancelled
lids here goto rymans for a3 posters very cheap 34.00

get flowers from wye

clean rentain shed and kitchen 4 hours
wash plates and curtains
go up into loft to get

20 Sunadmin4.30 clean village hall and put out tables and chairs
need to take curtains hoover lampshades to rentain
maybe strim garden
take some pictures
inventory to be done
give keys to no 63 rentain

buy cofee, tea ,sugar, plain flour
make posies

21 Monadminabs core and more - might need to cancel this
david's memorial
9.30 meet madelaine
show her the church graveyard and vh
bell ringers saw the grave digger
170 people in the church

raining whilst planting

great turnout. tania came
glyn's linda 84 not well could have died during the week.
anne went early as dicks cousin from hong kong was visiting that night

washed all plates and table clothes

22 Tueadminff
gone to dig out weeds at walnut tree
dropped off bank details to norman and peter


23 Wedadminxfit
back garden mowed
ironed table clothes to go back into attic


24 Thuadminaqua
weeding under walnut tree 11-3pm
maddie first draft film add to site main.php

25 Friadminpilates paid 10am - did not go
jamie going for an echo cardigram at 10am
weeding under walnut tree 11-3pm
spoke to terrie
spoke to frances celulitis gone
maddie final draft add to site

26 Satadminff 10 am
coffee with terrie at starbucks
lids come home and went out to artichoke for rachaels birthday as a rodeo girl back next morning around 4am
mowed the back lawn for 40 minutes
jamie mowed the lawn but hardly skimmed the surface still too wet.
paid some of the funeral bills


27 Sunadmin work on
create a page for david with thanks to everyone
taken about 10 hours
paid maddie final amount


28 Monadminabs core and more
lids car to tobins
DIANA over in afternoon to look at davids stuff
30 minute lawn mowing
admin re david
house insurance rang for 3 let properties CIA
need to send copy of death cert plus details for giles
his property is Esure this has been noted that he is deceased.

sending out more emails

29 Tueadmin10:45 am mammography centre, kent and canterbury hospital ethelbert rd, canterbury
frances knee op
1pm take id, death certificates to ford little
send details to elizabeth

30 Wedadminxfit
2:30 recycle 7 bags of garden waste print tonor and bottles from party

email sertac offer too low
france op successful out of hospital tonight

500.00 government old lady heating credit

elec uw 28950


Apr 21 16.822
Aug 21 18.746
Nov 21 - mar 22 20.530
Apr 22 - Aug 28.080
Oct 22 33.631
elec tarriff doubled since last year
but since april has increased by 60%

Feb 21 2.941
Aug 21 3.166
Jan-feb 22 3.86
Mar -sep 22 6.970
Oct - 9.804
gas tarriff tripled since last year
since Feb has increased by 60%

Feb 21 203 /112/91
jun 2021 186
Jul 156
Aug 142
Sep 175
Oct 135
Nov 210
Dec 245/ 107/ 98
Jan 2022 284/ 155 /121
Feb 276
Mar 235
Apr 208
May 239
Jun 194
Jul 184
Aug 203
Sep 196/ 120/ 13
Oct 64/ 43/ 13
Nov 226/ 255/ 37 should be 92/ 37
Dec 16/ -71/ 155 should be 92/ 155

so electric will be around 92 pounds having gone without everhot up almost double :

it would have been roughly 60 pounds a month on pre september tarrif without everhot and with everhot 120 pounds.

Now with everhot 184 and without 92 pounds

saving 92 pounds.

Gas during winter could reach 450 if not curtailed. t/online/pdf-to-word.html#:~:text=Click%20the%20Sel ect%20a%20file,or%20share%20your%20converted%20docu ment.

converted for free pdf to word doc rentain inventory

meter readings for electricity
29339 Jan 10th 2023 65 everhot on for 2 days
29274 Dec 2022 284 everhot on for 2 days
28985 Nov 2022 -225
29210 Oct 2022 129
28511 Sep 2022 699
28392 Aug 2022 119
27964 Jul 2022 428
27530 Jun 2022 434
27138 May 2022 392

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