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November 2023

1 Wedadminxfit
check rosier court to see how hot. storage heaters turned down to 2 yesterday 5 and £7.00 used absolutely boiling

yesterday henchman ladder arrived. put it in back garden

cut hedge in morning .5 hour back
cut hedge front 1 hour

watched catchup tv and sudoko

2 Thuadminno aqua

Just giving R3tt1ngt0nJP! pwd pass

ASPIRE 18th September – 11th December 2023 nov 1st
ASPIRE 14th September - 4th December 2015 nov 4th

Every four hours someone is paralysed by a spinal cord injury and there is currently no cure.

aspire 40.00
amnesty int israel 40.00

cleaned up on utube videos

spoke to frances re diana and izzy

gave silk cottage details to jamie created an email as well so filed


3 Friadminpilates
1pm recycling
1.20pm covid jab only one there about 15 staff

went to post office and got lids id certified

dropped by lids flat to collect and distribute

instant headache twinges after jab and later
lovely sunny day shame as had to get stuff back off to ali

cherry tree one major branch distroyed ripped from storm yesterday - sad need to use new ladder to cut it off

4 Satadminff

meeting tania AND Terrie for coffee
won 100 premium bond first time

send email to rentain re renewal of ast
check lids flat door shut
got petrol


5 Sunadminservice in tunstal re david
lunch at Alison's take her to church
parsnip soup and bread

hedge cutting 30 minutes

lovely service all souls day
after service back at alisons with becca and diana
jasmine tea. good chat
drove back and diana had a coffee as woozy
she had some chocolates and a chat


6 Monadminabs core and more
another couple of hours cutting hedge and trimming brambles
spoke to anne re izzy
email ali re poa
email sonia re doing next newsletter mid week

spoke to certas re new statement and paid bill


7 Tueadminff - 3rd on waiting list got it

mow back left lawn and near kitchen and part of back right
jamie fixed the fixings on the fence for the henchman ladder
done two lots of cutting hedge one using ladder
beautiful sunny day
spoke to anne a bit contraversal she does not see farm contracts as a caution over emily.
she is having the plumbing in her bathroom done today and then work on bathroom tomorrow. going on friday to see alice for her 28th birthday. going up to london on saturday to go to v and a

searched for fixings online

3 mini cameras arrived today

george or george and jodie dropped off wood
sent email to joanna and charlotte re lunch 18th nov 23

8 Wedadminxfit

spoke to Frances - she got it diana's brain wired differently

mental health have asked for diana to have a mental health assessment and autism test
this makes sense as she cannot understand from another persons point of view or conseqences of her actions. this accounts for insistance to punish actions she doesnt like ie naveed

look at wantage online court order.

hugh wantage has responded.


9 Thuadminaqua

bromley court section 8 possession

https ://

username JamesJenny2
pwd R3tt1ngt0nJJ

PCOL ref no 3622472

https :// ndex.action

Claim Information for Claim Number K 4PP9148

looking now at lids rosier court

Ali sent POA for notary

spoke to heather stevens (1958 5 years younger)
she said her sister in law helen stevens was at the convent in the form above

10 Friadminpilates

yes no problem. I will send you my letter of engagement in the week. Payment can be dealt with after.

I will also send directions. I will need you to bring your passport and driving licence with you.

Kind regards
Alexandra Gordon
Notary Public
3 Hackington Road, Tyler Hill, Canterbury, Kent CT2 9NF

kls newsletter for sonia
email sonia re understanding of migration to new system

went through and found stuff on rosier court and through forms -1.5 hours
delivered to lids with whizzer saucepan for her to make veg lasagne

jay had not a good night with water condensation dripping from bedroom ceiling

he has given some smoked salmon


11 Satadminff
Vision Express turn right
Adult eye test £30

Saturday 11th November, 2023


Vision Express Opticians - Canterbury
6-8 Rose LaneCanterburyCT1 2SJ
01227 763 930

starbucks tania and diana

late to class join 2nd class
apparently i was on the telly southeast bbc yesterday with covid

lids and jay walked from bridge to chartham met jamie in pub and then got train back to canterbury

mow lawn 1 hour side and a bit of front

food shopping

12 Sunadmintax return jamie 3 hours
at lids for a couple of hours coffee and chat

watched rememberence sunday on telly lovely
brought towels, saucepan and sauce chopper

13 Monadminabs core and

lids chaucer

3:30 zoom with kls

create email after investigating which plan for simply mail solutions for kls and mailchimp

need to see what kls are doing

lenny and jamie at rentain and have done gas safety cert.

annexe have sent report all 40 odd pages. jamie read it. i need to too.

went through all giles ford documents in prep for meeting tomorrow

jamies tax return

 klskls 3.30 zoom emma, sonia and me
discuss website, subs and newsletter

mail server simply mail solu tions -legal-marketing-team/

new web designers from the website it looks like image is the important bit


14 Tueadminff
Giles Tuesday 14 November at 10:30 am.

diana 30 minutes late
need to send utilities title plan
need to discuss money with diana and talk to norman
need to talk to peter with boundaries
need to talk to john

need to do accounts and talk to seana to see if she will do tax returns

 klsselection for newsletters on home page admin - tab problem turns out it is the javascript at fault 0.003.00

15 Wedadminxfit

emma rang re yalding arts and craft sunday
beverley birthday ny day and partner ny eve ringlestone

trying to check out curmembers not w orking

trying to deal with kls selection process for newsletter
horizontal tab not working

lids room in flat mildew under bed
jamie working on rosier court
get poa over lids for rosier court
 klswork on selection for newsletters on home page admin
finally got the tabs to work now need to get functionality

16 Thuadminno aqua

email Ali re POA

pay car fine for going to giles office 25.00

work on kls selection
send email to sonia
respond to ali re POA

send emails out to dan, charlotte, hannah
lydia and izzy re 10k Reassure forms
 klshave got basic selection done

changes to clientpublic.php; testhomeinc and currmember
create function s init.index.php for selection
create template botHomeMenu.tpl
and amend .index.tpl

email Deborah re migration of websites
email Sonia re progress and instructions how to use app.

looking at the

17 Friadminpilates

lydia poa
8am Friday at the Canterbury address?3 Hackington Road, Tyler Hill, Canterbury, Kent CT2 9NF
leave at 7am to pick up lids and get to solicitor

weekly shop

4:45 pm go to lids to sort out Robertson stuff
i need to send lids birth certificate; details on conservation area and epc for rosier court

start cooking
jamie cleaned kitchen floor

petrol about 300 miles on a full tank

18 Satadminff

arrange christmas meal tonight lids and jay, etc
tom charlotte, joe and joanna

jay is ill so not coming chest infection
did come
excellent day
diana busy spending money

19 Sunadminget to bedmonton by 10:30 to go to arts and crafts yalding becca exhibiting
told emma and becca about diana

sent 2nd poem izzy mania to becca and emma
bought lovely christmas baubles becca made

diana went to sittingbourne st michaels re david

saw lucy and john near emmas study they were loading wood onto l androver

sent lids birth cert etc

jamies tax return


20 Monadminabs core and more

diana gone nuts ended up in the whitstable health center which sarah took her too and then jackie aqua babes stayed with her and took her home. she has been collapsing
spent lots of money on saturday watched telly and ended up on the floor. only a little sleep per night

very forgetful and fretfull
unfortunately izzy sending poem mania on saturday has not helped and now she has spoken to diana today and tried to console her that they will meet again

work on kls

watched the post office scandel 3 hours of a trial
jamies tax return 1.5 hours

lenny and jamie rentains boiler
 klsspoke to sonia re simply mail solutions

she has put in the email part
i have put in a ticket to get it changed to as this is the newsletter one

checked against emma's setup


21 Tueadminff

dropped off printouts re sale of rosier at lids around 9am
checked on diana doctor not yet called
work on kls 11am - 4pm 5 hours finally got on simply mail solutions to work using office exchange 365 changed domain info
and tested

emailed sonia

spoke to charlotte mccandlish re Ellen
ellens birthday yesterday 18 first cocktail
spoke re diana and izz
apparently barrier bottom and barn with rondel john and lucy may purchase
assessment autism in girls and women
trundell john bought a great rate; barrier bottom he really wants and now to purhase barn and roundel old hbs house could be holiday let
only can be for holiday lets.

 kls finally got the email over to Exchange 365 under Simply Mail Solutions. So now you can deal with MailChmp

I have attached the documents just in case have to do the setup again - hopefully not

to look at please login on Outlook

username and password s0n13M31l (this is small case s,zero,one,three,capital M, three, one, smallcase l (for letter)

You need to check the failures in the current portal klsmembers box as now the resides on the simply mail solutions server so the current application cannot send the emails unless I do extra work on it to direct it away.

22 Wedadminxfit
jamie has marked out where the tarmac is to extend
washing done and out

work on jamies tax return


23 Thuadminaqua
changed mygatwick pwd pass b3k5rsL3n5

spoke to anne for 2.25 hours re diana, and dick
she will come to stay monday,tuesday and wednesday

work on tax returns
jamie gone to a and e for his eye

diana has gary staying. she has her mental health assessment next thursday

washing line puller broken
lovely sunny day
next lot of washing changed jamies bedding
will need to do lydias

email to kls re zoom meeting


24 Friadminpilates
mailock pwd pass
transact dropped in september to 284k and is now 292k

accounts - yuk

jamie started digging trench for tarmac

 medate in out desc
May-08 £100,000.00 £100,000. 00 fields
Dec-08 £3,200.00 £96,800.00 cape ver di
Feb-09 £100,000.00 £196,800.00 fields
Feb -09 £20,000.00 £176,800.00 spicer place bought 92k jamie 72k s
Feb-09 £900.00 £175,900.00 spicer payment s
Mar-09 £300,000.00 £475,900.00 mummy
May-09 £310.00 £475,590.00 spicer payment s
M ay-09 £226.16 £475,363.84 spicer payment s
May- 09 £500.00 £474,863.84 spicer payment s
May-09 £1,500.00 £473,363.84 spicer payment s
Aug-09 £1,900.00 £471,463.84 spicer payment s
Feb-10 2,000.00 £469,463.84 anne for dick to goto zim
Mar-10 £610.00 £468,853.84 hadfields bracelet
May-10 £128,096.15 £340,757.69 rentain cheque to fordlittle r
May-10 £14,000.00 £326,757.69 rentain cheque to fordlittle r
Sep-10 £40,000.00 £286,757.69 hill house
Oct-10 £40,000.00 £326,757.69 hill house not bought
Apr-11 £4,000.00 £322,757.69 jamie rentain r
Apr-11 moved into rentain
Aug-11 4,196.22 £318,561.47 payment ?? Rentain r
Oct-11 told I got cancer
Oct-11 £966.00 £317,595.47 architect for post house p
Dec-11 breast op
Dec-11 £5 ,000.00 £312,595.47 to jamie p
Feb-12 £1,161.00 £311,434.47 marys grave
Feb-12 £1,000.00 £310,434.47 to jamie for wantage
Feb-12 £4,370.00 £306,064.47 lids watch l
Mar-12 £1,290.00 £304,774.47 to jamie p
Mar-12 £5,000.00 £299,774.47 anne bathroom
J un-12 £2,000.00 £297,774.47 to jamie p
Jul-12 £1,250.00 £296,524.47 rosanna t
Aug-12 £1,157. 64 £295,366.83 marys grave
Aug-12 £8,070.00 £ 287,296.83 cosi p
Aug-12 £600.00 £286,696.83 ro sanna t
Sep-12 £500.00 £286,196.83 cosi p
Oct- 12 £500.00 £285,696.83 rosanna t
Oct-12 £175, 000.00 £110,696.83 rosanna t
Oct-12 £470.00 £1 10,226.83 rosanna t
Dec-12 £4,414.00 £105,812.83 post house stairs favjoin p
Dec-12 £11,645.00 £94,167.83 1 year and 3 months rent/liv lids uni 360+400 l
Dec- 12 £935.00 £93,232.83 rosanna cupboard t
Jan-13 £500.00 £92,732.83 rosanna tree t
Jan-13 £1, 250.00 £91,482.83 jamie p
Jan-13 £750.00 £ 90,732.83
Apr-13 £2,182.00 £88,550.83 cosi p

Apr-13 £600.00 £87,950.83 rosanna sharon t
May -13 £30,000.00 £117,950.83 northern rock mortgage extension
Jun-13 £1,200.00 £116,750.83 lids o verdraft l
Jun-13 £973.00 £115,777.83 lids over draft l
Jun-13 £5,000.00 £110,777.83 jamie p
J ul-13 £1,000.00 £109,777.83 worktop post house p
Jul-13 £825.60 £108,952.23 laura ashley
Aug- 13 £3,000.00 £105,952.23 carpets PH p
Aug-13 1,690.40 £104,261.83 worktop post house p
Sep-13 £3,000.00 £101,261.83 to jamie p
Jan-14 £500 .00 £100,761.83 lids overdraft l
Feb-14 £1,000. 00 £99,761.83 to jamie p
Apr-14 £99,761.83 david, jamie, diana me turkey
Apr-14 £150,269.00 £250 ,030.83 mortgage on the annexe to payoff PH
May-1 4 £24,790.00 £225,240.83
May-14 £24,500.00 £200,740.83
May-14 £24,500.00 £176,240.83

May-14 £24,500.00 £151,740.83
Jul-14 £5,32 0.00 £146,420.83 7 months rent/liv lids uni 360+40 0 l
Jul-14 £14,160.00 £132,260.83 1 year rent/liv lids uni 380+800 l
Jul-14 stop paying 200 as living at home
Jul-14 £132,260.83 I transfer 50k to another acc
Jul-14 £1,872.80 £130,388.03 transfer to t ransact
Jul-14 £10,000.00 £120,388.03 transfer to transact
Jul-14 £40,000.00 £80,388.03 premium bonds
Aug-14 £4,250.00 £76,138.03 lids car l
Oct-14 £150.00 £75,988.03 to jamie p
Nov-14 £ 17,000.00 £58,988.03 to jamie
Nov-14 £17,000.00 £75,988.03 paid back must have been for auction
Dec-14 £15,000.00 £60,988.03 to jamie
Dec-14 £15,000.00 £75,988.03 paid back must have been for auction
Apr-15 £1,100.00 £74,888.03 turkey flights with pedders
Jun-15 £700.00 £74,188.03 to lids l
Jul-15 £1,305.75 £72,882.28 saga 500+300 +205.75+300 l
Aug-15 £500.00 £72,382.28 saga l
Jul-15 £1,500.00 £70,882.28 lids accomodation 3 months retainer l
Aug-15 £10,912.50 £59,969.78 accomodation final yr l
Sep-15 £1,200.00 £58,769.78 saga 500 +700 l
Mar-16 £1,000.00 £57,769.78 for australia l

25 Satadminff
strength and stretch holly let me stay yippee

catherine off to lake district next week and a bit
she has gut problems acid reflux and pain suggested arnica ampules

met lids and tania starbucks
lids came home nice chat and went back on train

i looked at links re Ukraine and State of Israel that tania sent

tax returns

diana at whitstable alternative sessions

les 84th birthday
got petrol

26 Sunadminlids meeting for lunch at the local with rachael

dropped lids off back at flat
went food shopping
bought a christmas tree

spoke to john re barnfield cottages
i have created a pdf for us to use as a conversation

Norman at ashdown farm go by ringlestone straight on to end towards doddington
go right towards Witching at top of hill long shed this is down a lane


27 Monadminabs core and more
Emma H and Rachel are available Monday 27th at 11 am and Sonia, as it’s a Monday, is that ok with you?

anne arrived about 1pm lentil and chickpea soup
chat most afternoon
tax return jamie insurance and transact
jamie arranged registry office for january
whoo so many emails
marriage date 15 april 10am
jan 9th checked out

 klszoom 1.5 hours discuss new website
a) improve communication shop front website
b) newsletters - already done simply mail solutions plus mailchimp
c) training courses

Renewals for january
event payable wordpress plugin freeevent - the events calendar or eventbright
SHEEP event and subs does not do bulk buy

new people offering cancel policy

subscriptions approve renewal

https :// -xpress/c480 are-printer-cartridges-interchangeable-r1wVQtkUw

samsung xpress480cfw fusion samsung-transfer-belt-unit-jc96-06292a.html

http s:// er-accessories/3046

https://w r_facility_category=multifunctional&list-order=reco mmended-asc&page=1
remove fuser samsung xpress what is this

28 Tueadminff 1st on waiting list signed in at 12:06 and all spaces gone - got on
jamie tax return
annexe tax

anne in sittingroom knitting and reading


29 Wedadminxfit

https://www.britan v-and-Chernenko

anne had bath or rather wash in bath and hair wash
i worked on tax return in afternoon/evening 3 hours but spent chatting at lunch time and did supper early

anne very depressed and crying
watched telly as knitting not going well and did not want to read
dick argument re bathroom wants to do tiling on window wall i think his reason is to get sink and toilet available for plumber to plumb in
anne not happy
she is sad for both alice and catherine

30 Thuadminaqua
10:15 went to diana
took her to st martins for assessment
actually was occupational therapist finding out information.
had date cake/biscuit and starbucks/costa cappucino
got back home around 4pm
anne got back around 2pm not bad trip

lydia upset as she has not got nepalese visa
she needs to go tomorrow to nepalese embassy but is still working

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