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December 2023

1 Friadminpilates
diana got a new meeting on monday for mental health assessment


conversation with lids
jamie in london with joe and tom and rugby lot

tax returns

 klslooking at options to use event management pro wordpress plugin for training and events
looking at subscription plugin
nervous about new website integration

sent email

2 Satadminff 3rd on waiting list now 1st - got it!!
on strength and strech 11am holly
charity event pete and debbie meal tonight

lids i will pickup for after coffee to come and see me and dad with stuff to store at millbank
took her back to flat and collected more stuff which i have managed to store under her bed.

Very good charity event

3 Sunadminlids off to india on plane now
https://www.gofundm ferrer=post_donate&saved_payment=1

donated £100 and paid jamie for tickets 150 as he paid for drinks
email for jamie to hugh

filing moving all downloads to folders 5 hours

4 Monadminabs, core and strength

appointment 2:30 monday with dr burgass at gregory house first building on after turning for st martins hospital

We are a community service for both older people with mental health needs, which are complicated by age related needs, and for people, of all ages, who have needs related to dementia. We also provide support and advice to professionals, care homes and carers.

Patients receive an initial assessment after which a plan will be made in collaboration with the patient as to what the next steps might be. This may involve further appointments with health care professionals, invitations to the groups we offer, therapy and neuropsychological assessments.

Our team comprises consultant psychiatrists, community psychiatric nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, support workers, Admiral nurses and administrative staff.

Dutch psychiatrist going to give diana some thing to help her sleep to calm her because of her mania and mental behaviour. i asked if they would do a autistic test. Got to her at 1.15 left at 1.35 got there at 2.05 waited till about 2:45 and left about 4:20 dropped diana off at 5:00 and got home at 5:30

apparently our family are toxic and she only achieved happiness when she went to boarding school in bath as she then had freedom and didnt have to live in the confines of a village where everyone cotowed to our parents as they were classist and it was the only way they could keep their jobs. all diana wanted was hugs which she could not get. apparently when diana wanted to marry chris mummy said he was after her money the marriage would not last and she could never go skiing!!

Apparently i am very jealous of her in regards to jan who when in turkey was saying how brilliant diana was i was furious and did not want to hear it. my jealousy is shown when she wants to hug me and i just look at her with disgust. She also said when i got cancer she was terrified as she did not think she could live without me

She said i do not give her credit for being a multifunctioning personality i put her in a box as passive. There are so many levels of her and they come out with alternative therapies which she will not stop and i could never understand. so when i said her behaviour had changed i was showing that i do not know her.

Whoo lids has had a great day in delhi

5 Tueadminff

need to cancel as going to dan and clare for pre christmas supper

Venture Capital Trust

You should claim Income Tax relief in your Self Assessment tax return for the tax year in which the shares were issued.


6 Wedadminxfit

blinking tax

iht interest is about 10k
need davids tax from diana

if statement in excel
so put column in to check for condition k and sum colum c

7 Thuadminaqua

post giles letter

hurrah finished jamies and my tax sent emails to seana. davids tax just needs my expenses


8 Friadminpilates
gave annette 20 pounds for lisa i think she and sheila are getting lisa a christmas present

plant one apple need to the other 3 tomorrow
put stuff up in loft
and emptied out under the stairs where hopefully a lot of lids stuff can go.

got 2nd class stamps from shalmsford shop
and picked up picture frames. Put prints into frames ready for jamie to hang on sittingroom and my bedroom wall - 4 prints


9 Satadmindavid harriets husband meal ??

and strength and stretch

starbucks with tania told her about marriage clive arrived after taking fridge to dump. their roof 15k and they will put logs into weelie bin

picked up more of lids stuff and put in understairs cupboard
planted the last 3 trees. need to go to garden centre to buy some ties and stakes tomorrow

done christmas cards

mailmerge use the label template and use the mailmerge wizard. make sure press update button as this then puts addresses in sequence else will print a whole page for every address
amended csv file so now current file


10 SunadminConference and Louise Bonne De Jersey. Grafted onto Pear Pyrus communis stock

Cambridge Gage Greengate and Marjorie's Seedling. Grafted onto St Julian A rootstock. Two year old bare root trees on 100cm stems supplied.

Sunset and Golden Delicious. Grafted onto MM106 rootstock, 100cm stem. Bare root plants supplied.

Age when fruiting begins - apple trees

Most apple trees will start to produce fruit in their 3rd or 4th year - but this can vary greatly.
Age when fruiting begins - plums, cherries, pear trees

Plums, cherries, and pears usually start fruiting in their 4th year.
Rootstock influence

The rootstock on which the fruit tree is grafted has a very significant effect on the age when it will start bearing fruit.

In the case of apple trees the rootstock influence alone can cause the same variety to start fruiting in a range from approximately 2 - 7 years.

the stakes have to be behind the fruit tree facing the prevailing wind which is usually west to east so near aby's house

planting needs to be 6 foot apart for tree heignt to 10 foot.

bought ties and stakes and planted trees

cut folliage for wreath. Put cards in letterbox and took the pennies in bags to Sainsbury and paid to cancer research uk

pay Victoria for cup of tea earings

my tax bill should come around 4,656 for 22-23

Annexe 19200 725 3000
Lee terrace 17920 3883 4350
Rentain 8175 1059
Silk cott 258 1236 +7500
45553 6903 14403 7350 =

net 38,650 or 31,150
without expend silk = profit 31,300
with 23,800
+pension 12035
43,335 or 35,835
mortgage 7,350
35,975 or 28,485
12,570 allowance
23,405 or 15,915
20% 4,681 3,183


wantage 15,875 568 2252
Bright 17,600 4169 4472
garden 9300 2642
tot 42.775 7,379 7,024

net 35,394
-mort 28,370
silk 11,704 16,666
allow 12,570
4,096 20% 819.00

11 Monadminabs core and more

pay davids energy bill 60.00
rang karen perspective re david finances
rang purple bricks re progress update hopefully in next half hour


gone to davids to do weeding

need to read meter for e lectricity

collected more stuff from rosiers

gone on pb app and contacted buyer
spoke to pb again and they will chase up.

spoke to robertsons and they are emailing


12 Tueadminff

purchased ticket to dalaman tues 26th to sat 30th

took jamie to ashford hospital for his eye checkup at 9:30 spoke to charlotte re diana
got home about 11:30
spoke to sertac re sale
corresponded with him and kaunos

checked out POA and sent draft to sertac
created a pdf of lids poa

investigate silk cottage re who should offset tax

rained almost all day
attempted to get stuff from rosier but 3 cars outside building

13 Wedadminxfit
missed classes as flat tyre spent about an hour in wincheap invicta tyres 65 pounds for new tyre tiny hole on inside of tyre
collected more stuff from rosier

sent poa to Salih
need to deal with tapu appointment

seana has sent jamies tax return
checking this out
sent another email to seana for advice

diana has said that davids memorial page not working requested what she has typed

made some more wreaths
checked jamies tax return

14 Thuadminaqua


The recipient's full name and address.
The recipient's IBAN
The recipient's Swift/BIC


emails to sertac and salih

went to wormshill 2.5 hours digging dianas bit in morning started to rain 2pm

cannot use silk bills for jamies tax return

looked at davids stuff tax etc and cottages


15 Friadminpilates

yummy mulled wine chocolate and first mince pie annette made and provided. roxanne made sausage rolls. Met diane's daughter works at the university medical dept

sent sertac bank details for transfer 50k . sertac has arranged meeting in ortaca and harry is translating poa

went to wormshill planted some bulbs

created title plan printed out pdf of title plan for norman and peter

peter rang 1.20 mins
house on sale sittingbourne accepted 2/3rds of strip 5000 maybe make it a bit less problem with electric and water pipe in same trench look re concrete for garage

spoke to ian jersey cows so nimble tried to get under gate to escape being singled out for ai

16 Satadminff
strength and stretch

need to send seana back tr8 for jamie
plant bulbs front left garden.

17 Sunadminplant bulbs front left garden.
cut out all the rose runners at the end so that it is easier to cut out bits of turf to put bulbs under

created email to send to giles and diana re peter and norman

texted dan and clare to say no new years party

18 Monadminabs core and more

plant bulbs front left garden.
jamie has hired a stamper for the grit underlay for tarmac. he is still feeling rough pain around his eyes so is having a lot of aspirin

jane visited with a card. she had tea. she has had the left side above her lip to her nose bone removed as further cancer - two ops and so hopefully this is it no cancer in part remaining amazing as very difficult to see where the op was but she dribbles drinking as she cannot suck. she looks remarkable

sertac has dropped out of turkey sale need to get salih to start marketing
apparently his buyer did not sign at the ortica office . I suspect he got wind of what Sertac was going to do.

annoying sertac said he will pay for the flights - we shall see.


19 Tueadminff

visit norman to check out his finances for purchasing cottage

10 am
good he wants to buy finances mid april for sale
debs is 57 and norman 71


20 Wedadmintom Buckland 2pm dentist

clean a little rosier court

plant a few bulbs


21 Thuadminaqua
work on drive break wacker machine. empty 2 big bags hopefully weather good tomorrow to continue
plant a few more bulbs

speak to anne her bathroom is w orkable

need to cancel transfer etc
and check Salih got transfer

letter from rosemary robinsons been merged with another law firm

davids stone ready and complete need to check it out.


22 Friadminwork on drive empty 1.5 big bags hopefully weather good tomorrow 10:30 to 3:15pm
plant a few more bulbs 3:15 to 4:14pm
write christmas cards for village
white washing
change jamies pillow cases

23 Satadminff

goto wormshill in afternoon take diana and drop her back she is now on mania drugs

lovely tea at beccas
hattie mark veta rose and kezia sam coming tomorrow
so friendly mark driving vita to southampton tomorrow to be with his family

dropped off florentines
dropped by davids cottage. checked boiler reckoned may not have any oil .peter came round so he will check tomorrow and phone me

phil and somme at ff. phil made really nice cake with minced meat and apple


24 Sunadmingo to liz melville in morning 10:45 to 2:30
talk about downstairs kitchen and sittingroom
she has a non maligmant tumour grown slightly since 7 years ago but this will not stop her applying for wires in brain, she has reduced drugs and is not shaking as much
lindsay busy collecting boxes from megan but downstairs a shell removed hall walls

food shopping
cooking oranges in caramel mushroom and chestnut pithivier


25 MonadminChristmas day at joe and joanna
meal smoked salmon
turkey roast carrots, parsnips, leaks in cheese sauce, cauliflower cheese sauce, peas, sprouts,brocalli, roast potatoes, mashed potato
chestnut and mushroom pithivier
oranges in caramel, large mince pie

9 packets of florentines

i drove to tonbridge wells there and back 1pm to 6:50pm
jamie feeling not too bad eye getting better

bath early to bed

26 TueadminBoxing day
Sending money to the EEA and UK

The recipient's full name and address.
The recipient's IBAN
The recipient's Swift/BIC
no flight as c ancelled
jamie dug front bit
i spoke to diana
spoke to lids in sri lanka
went down to wormshill to plant bulbs for david
then took the lanterns to emmas and had tea and cake with emma she has covid

watched netflix

27 Wedadminxfit

plant bulbs in last two patches



28 Thuadminaqua 1pm
dropped diana off at rosier court
brought back coffee machine
emptied bins

put the bin out
diana wandering around whitstable as thought it was 9am not 9pm and thought world come to an end

she is sleeping wrong times of day. did not listen to aqua teacher in a world of her own. wierd as can talk normally


29 Friadminsertac payment for ej tickets
teresa stone grave david email thanks

hugh email re bromley court

david order some oil for boiler

left a message with grant re boiler problem mel silk cottage

spoke to diana re trying to get into proper pattern of sleep.

tried to order some plants from jj parker bulbs does not work
sent a message to them

spoke to lloyds to complain about good housekeeping. ring in 2 weeks time

david energy password B3rnf15ld octopus


dec 21 g 3.860 (5.19) e20.53 (4.08sc)
dec 22 g 9.804 (7.58sc) e33.631 (7.58)
dec 23 g 6.593 (6.5) (2.9) e26.758 (11.64sc)

22 elec 64% rise 154% rise
23 elecd 30% rise gas 71% rise


30 Satadminff
strength and stretch
partner terrie for ff and julia for strength

made florentines
starbucks terrie diana and me. Terrie bought coffee and cakes

contacted kevin re boiler silk cottage - he is going around sunday morning

mel contacted to say he was visiting tomorrow and that she had bought a plunger and bath now working

watched a lot of the good wife

attempted to book classes for Terrie


31 Sunadminfile:///C:/Users/user/Downloads/YABANCILAR%20%C4%B0 %C3%87%C4%B0N%20BA%C5%9EVURU%20YOLLARI%2018haziran_ EN-3.pdf

failed turkish ortica link

put chocolate on florentines and packed them up

make negresse for tomorrow

very blowy and windy
saw the new year in cooking no fireworks in chartham at 12am but some earlier.

 klsupdate lrate table

no word from kls re what is h appening

have any emails gone out or renewals
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