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February 2022

1 Tueadminff
add 3 more photos to website hilary
had to alter counters again for mobile
watch should have arrived and hasnt
emailed watchshop
royal mail not working

created appendum for rosier court

hugh from wantage will pay rent late next week as his mum died last week. funeral next friday which his brothers are organising. hugh says he can afford the rent at the moment as working hard but may get a lodger at some point to help.


2 Wedadminx-fit
funeral aunt today

St. Joan de Lestonnac was born in Bordeaux, France, in 1556. She married at the age of seventeen. The happy marriage produced four children, but her husband died suddenly in 1597. After her children were raised, she entered the Cistercian monastery at Toulouse. Joan was forced to leave the Cistercians when she became afflicted with poor health. She returned to Bordeaux with the idea of forming a new congregation, and several young girls joined her as novices. They ministered to victims of a plague that struck Bordeaux, and they were determined to counteract the evils of heresy promulgated by Calvinism. Thus was formed the Congregation of the Religious of Notre Dame of Bordeaux. In 1608, Joan and her companions received the religious habit from the Archbishop of Bordeaux. Joan was elected superior in 1610, and many miracles occurred at her tomb. She was canonized in 1949 by Pope Pius XII. Her feast day is February 2.

Wednesday 2 February
The Presentation of the Lord (feast)
Malachi 3.1–4
Psalm 23
Luke 2.22–40

This beautiful feast fittingly concludes the forty days of Christmas with the ceremony of candles – hence the old English name of Candlemas. The lights are an external symbol of the inner glory of revelation. Malachi sees this is sudden, leading to complete transformation centred on the Temple, led by ‘my messenger’ (the Hebrew meaning of malachi), who is ‘the angel of the covenant’ (First Reading: Mal. 3.1–4). This eschatological text with all its drama might have been in Luke’s mind, but his account of the Presentation is much more gentle. The scene is an everyday one of poor parents obeying the Torah. But precisely in this ordinariness, Simeon and Anna recognise the hidden revelation of Jesus. Simeon embraces Jesus (Hebrew: yeshua – salvation) whom he proclaims as the light and the glory not merely of Israel but of all peoples (Gospel: Lk 2.22–40).


3 Thuadminaqua
meet Terrie at 11:30 in reception for going out to tea house near burgate and cathedral
need to book egym session - changed
now to meet her at her house at 12pm as Ruby got fleas

Tania's boyfriend
clive bowley


Tanias boyfriend

4 Friadminestelle 2pm at gym
went to goods shed for coffee and chat

emma and rebecca coming over for coffee and biscuits 11am
brought chocolates and snowdrops whole tray need to add to the bank

spoke to frances she is going to consultant re knee on tuesday - scared
went to cotswold with emily last weekend
watering garden 1.0


5 Satadminff holly 10am

charlotte mccandlish 50th birthday
Jamie back from skiing
work on php7 mysqli kls on jmponline
gardening 1.5 hours weeding and watering
3 lots of dahlias arrived.

6 Sunklsconverting mysql to mysqli
mysqlik_real_escape_str ing(conn,sql)
mysqli_affec ted_rows(conn)
 admingardening weeding back corner

jamie sleeping seems a bit unwell

needs to do lateral flow tests for 7 days

7 MonklsYes working on the software. The culprit does seem to be mainly the email system but there is a problem that the code on this site is still using php5 which will soon become deprecated together with the database language mysql so I am upgrading the code to php7 and mysqli - which will take some time. This is very necessary as there will be no support for these soon. This may at least give more indicators as to why there are these inconsistencies as current versions are stricter.

I will keep you informed. Thanks
 adminabs core ellen 6:30
goto collect snowdrops on Thursday near compost heap
emma going to see Gay on Thursday and then onto norwich then to lincolnshire for a few days before returning to cromarty
she doesn't sound good

hattie may have a cesarean today as has been in labour all yesterday.

Send Pastoral invoice

8 Tueadminff - cancelled
stretch - cancelled
jamie tested positive for covid
i am negative
i went to dunelm and purchased sheets etc for flat
i am not feeling well. back aching
cold fever
goto bed

9 Wedadminxfit - cancelled
stretch cancelled
stretch canc elled

really rough stonking headache
in bed all day
got to do another test
track and trace ringing jamie

10 Thuadminaqua
got ruby - cancelled because of covid Sandy going to look after her.

emmas birthday
yippee headache gone but stomach hurts and got snuffles.

password zb93e73d R3...!

20/feb2021 1st
8 may 2021 2nd 17 nov 2022


11 Friadminmeal out with debbie and peter - cancelled because of covid
got ruby cancelled
need to pick up sammy - jamie does
planted snowdrops on bank 1.5 hours
played with sammie in the garden

12 Satadminff 10am holly -cancelled
got ruby - cancelled
jamie negative me positive
gardening digging where old grenhouse was removing weeds and flints
walk sammie in the morning and afternoon
met sandy with ruby. ruby in fine fettle
jamie took her to the woods

13 Sunadmingot ruby - cancelled
sammy walk her
walk in afternoon not good feeling unwell again
gardening digging where old grenhouse was removing weeds and flints


14 Monadminabs core ellen 6:30 in the shed - cancelled
feeling very ill fatigue sleep most of day
walk sammy in morning but had no energy to play with her

unable to walk her in the afternoon. Jamie has had to do this
he has gone shopping and bought some tulips and astrolmera

got up for supper and then back to bed

15 Tueadminff -cancelled
stretch - cancelled
stay in bed most of the day still heavy fatigue
arranged flowers

my plant tape has arrived



password Ek58f211f

security dateofbirth 10/02/1957
first pet DUKI
first school Tory Hill
 adminxfit cancelled
stretch cancelled
2nd negative so no longer infectious
diana returned from london tonight
walked sammy in the morning
feeling much better but still tired
jamie taken sammy down the river. she is finally tired.

17 ThuemmaAccount Information
Primary Domain emmanightingal
Package Type WordPress Unlimited
Platform WordPress
Location London, UK
Temp Address View Temporary URL
Home Path /home/sites/15a/0/072b49c8a3/
IP Address
IPv6 Address 2a07:7800::172
Incoming Mail Server
Outgoing Mail Server
FTP Locked
Unlock FTP for
1 hour (Recommended)
4 hours
1 day
7 days (Not recommended)
28 days (Not recommended)
Unlock FTP by IP Address
FTP Details
FTP Server ftp.emm
Username emmanightingalegla
Usage Information
Web Space
1337.56 / Unlimited MB
159.60 / Unlimited MB
Email Accounts
3 / Unlimited
1 / 0
FTP Accounts
1 / Unlimited
Yellow Cherry
Home URL
Support URL http://ww
Sales Email
Support Email

PROBLEM with .htaccess file as I had prevented jpegs from being added to d irectory

PROBLEM with alt in HNFuneral made them white on memories.
 adminaqua cancelled
walked sammy at 8am

walk sammy in afternoon


 adminvery blowy walked sammy but did not play in field as very gusty storm eustace. played in house 0.000.00

19 Satemma
the 2 galleries are here on emmas domain

this domain is held on the same file directory as so need to log on with this

However chose
ftp for
pwd N1ght1ng3l5

sub directory family
fam ily/HNFuneral
 adminff good
sammy collected joanna and joe
morning walk with sammy
evening local pub birthday party james and ??
karen and pat howard and sarah jason in pub
had curry
a lotof gin and tonics

20 Sunadminwork on gardening calendar 4 hours

21 Monadmin15:40 dentist karen leadbetter
6:60 core abs ellen
Purchase sarah raven some roses 56.00
check out joes airbnb page
storm franklin


22 TueinstructionsLINODE Rosanna Testing Site MINE

Linode manager jprent W1wymfss

Ip: (hostname izmir)

Managed server is $100.00 a month; unmanaged server is $10.00 a month

Working in Linux

Use putty

Root user is root R!s3nn3

Admin user use at all times kingvilla r0s3nn3 use sudo for root privileges

Eg sudo iptables –L

Passphrase: D3ly3n

nickebdon hb0th5rs


Use LAMP stack linux; apache2; mysql and php

Send and receive emails – need to choose: 3rd party gmail; postfix; zimbra or citadel

Control panel – further instructions

Upload files: use f ilezilla

Backup: further instructions

Mysql: password for phpmyadmin j5nnypr5nt

Root user: kingvilla R3tt1ng

Using putty

Mysql –u root -p

Show databases; cl36gallery cl36holiday web156rosanna

Use web156rosanna

Create user ‘username’@’host’ identified by ‘password’

Create user ‘web156-rosanna’@’localhost’ identified by ‘k1 ngv1ll3s’

Grant all on web156rosanna.* to’web156-rosanna’ identified by ‘k1ngv1ll3s’


Any problems with filezilla the owner has to be kingvilla not root

Ls –L

Sudo chown headley

Sudo chgrp headley

Check out one for nick

Reverse dns ip address to domain name; forward dns is domain name to ip

User password db

Cl36-gallery g3ll5ry c l36gallery

Cl36-holiday h0l1d3y cl36holiday

Web156-rosanna k1ngv1ll3s web156rosanna

The db cannot have dashes

Suo apache2ctl –M lists modules available

/etc/apach e2/apache2.conf change for using .htaccess


Cat /var/log/auth.log

Ps –aux|grep

To change ownership directory

Sudo chown –R youruser:youruser dir

Every month

Install updates

Sudo apt-get update

Sudo apt-get upgrade –show-upgraded
haircut 2pm cassie
work on cleaning up linode removed lemmingslanding using putty


23 Wedadminxfit
saw cassie and got debit card back. 3 beggars on the high street
rang diana

24 Thuadminaqua
gone to wormshill to pick up snowdrops
visited david sid pitts funeral day before
brenda pit dementia in a home was living with daughter teresa. brenda joan manns sister
power off in wormshill from friday afternoon to saturday 2pm but still off for ringlestone and frances budgen
took pictures of silk cottage investigate about replacement windows and boarding

attempted to mend garden pot with gorilla glue


25 Friadminadding glue to pot
plant snowdrops
purchased from suttons snowdrops so that i can replace ones for ba nk

flat for 10 days
709.00; 50.00 cleaning; 129 service; 35 taxes and fees; total: 923

booked sat 5-12
2-8 april ; 4-31 aug; 10 dec to 1jan
feb 12-19
feb 26 till end of 2023

food shopping

spoke to myra


26 Satadminff

1.5 hours garden a bit of mowing; repotted the bay tree in fixed pot. watered plants 1.5

emailed salih re painting


27 Sunadminmowing the grass 3 hours

beautiful sunny day
spoke to Anne who will be staying between 7-9 march

pwd pass W1wymfss!JMP
paid 6 pounds to transfer to hi
unlocked domain on 123reg and got auth code email sent to we
busy loading and .com onto memory stick together with
going to put this too on HI and scrap linode as not wanting to spend time with linux just not upto it.

will cancel linode once transfers are done.


28 Monadminabs

jamie gone up to 16b to measure up bay window
he is going to croydon to collect 2 fold up chairs from ikea

and then to the annexe to check out garden gate and wall to see if it has survived the storm

transferring villa4sunturkey .com and to hi

put out w ashing
gardening raking over the old greenhouse patch 1.5
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