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February 2023

1 Wedklsreconfigure video 2 as it has 2 minutes of nothing on the end so cut this bit off

support on how to change the navigation/ page tab
2 hours
 quotelook at

IONOS upgrading to php 8 so have requested access

House of the rising sun alt j

There is a house in New Orleans
They call the rising sun
And it's been the ruin of many poor soul
And, Lord, my father's one
My mother, she's a tailor
She sews those new blue jeans
To keep my gambling father drunk
Deep down in New Orleans
It's a happy, happy, happy
Happy, fun day, day
Like a bird flying over forest fire
My father feels the heat beneath his wings
And in debt he leaves for another town
Where he gambles and, drunk, he still drinks
My mother hides from pleasure
And thinks of father on her knees
Lifted in the arms of God
Away from New Orleans
Happy, happy, happy
Happy, fun day, day
Happy, happy, happy
Happy, fun day, day

original version

There is a house down in New Orleans

They call the Risiní Sun
And itís been the ruin of many a poor boy
And me, oh god, Iím a-one

My mother was a tailor
She sewed these new blue jeans
My sweetheart was a gambler, lord
Down in New Orleans

Now the only thing a gambler needs
Is a suitcase and a trunk
And the only time heís satisfied
Is when heís on a drunk

He fills his glasses up to the brim
And heíll pass the cards around
And the only pleasure he gets out of life
Is rambliní from town to town

Oh tell my baby sister
Not to do what I have done
But shun that house in New Orleans
They call the Risiní Sun

Well, itís one foot on the platform
And the other foot on the train
Iím goiní back to new Orleans
To wear that ball and chain

Iím a-goiní back to New Orleans
My race is almost run
Iím goiní back to end my life
Down in the risiní sun

look to book turkey


2 Thuadminaqua
11am to 4:30 cleaning up the sittingroom and passage way sanding sittingroom floor at silk cottage 5 hours


3 Friadminpilates - paid

3pm cassie haircut
spoke to anne
need to send hairy bikers soup and black dahl recipe
they have andy and gay friend to stay at weekend
dick is decorating spare room

work on php8.2 for jazz journal freebie

 quotejazz journal
ftp new password pwd


port 22
user name u91741256

 generalUPDATE articles set homePage_text =
REPLACE(homePage_text, '://',
'://archive.jazzjournal.o rg')

replaced www.archive. to archive


4 Satadminff
11:50 flue jab
&projectId= c02528f3-b7d8-4256-a148-f72c369c509f

&projectId=c02528f3-b7d8-42 56-a148-f72c369c509f appears to be a system domain for ionos where it registers that you
have 3 domains:; and jazzreview.

I think this is just for their purposes and the code is just a simple html as foll ows

" l4/loose.dtd">

Thatís amazing. Many thanks, Jenny!

Any idea what this one is?

When I paste it in the browser thereís no content. Anyway, just updated it to 8.2 and all the other domains look ok.

Okay have done the changes - it is now php v8.2. Very little to be done re php upgrade and have rectified some of the broken links where needed.

acc no 557067574 / pw fijnyt-vuzja0-pyddyT

At Hosting/PHP you can see how Iíve been able to update to 8.1 for and but 8.1 applied to the others just gives error message, not even the broken look under 7.4.

postcode for security


central column
core-functions -> core-config
jazz-magazine magazine.php
review review.php
jazz-news-extra archive.php
centralcolumn a wordpress db jazzorg not used
db717045348 jazz review a word press db subs option not used
dbs6317321 jj0522 empty not used

db769857923 user db0769857923; pwd wiwymfss1JP 18 jan

port 22
user name u91741256
just create a new one if neccessary

5 Sunadminwork on silk cottage sittingroom floor and hallway
11-4pm 4-5:30 planting snowdrops ian and peter talk to
5:30 to 8:30 hallway sanding
charlotte mccandlish birthday 51 today

apparently ellen is autistic
take hoops off silk cottage curtains

wash some of silk cottage curtains

6 Monadminabs

davids tax
washing curtains silk cottage

7 Tueadminff

tablets found on david's chest of drawers

2 tablets taken

Stemetil contains the active ingredient prochlorperazine. Stemetil belongs to a group of medicines called phenothiazines.
It helps to correct chemical imbalances in the brain, allowing it to function correctly.
These chemicals may also affect the parts of the brain which control nausea (feeling sick) and vomiting.
Stemetil is used to treat nausea, vomiting and dizziness due to various causes, including migraine (severe headache).
Your doctor may have prescribed Stemetil for another reason.

visit to silk cottage. sander has blown up so doing the outside of the sittingroom ie next to walls and under radiators by hand 11- 4pm

visit to Davids house for barclays accounts to do tax returns

wash sheets
bring in silk cottage curtains

8 Wedadminff
posted emmas birthday card
watched documentarys on Modi Indias prime minister
horrid hindus against muslims.

put out sheets. Washing line has broken

looking at davids accounts


9 Thuadminaqua
jamie's car at tobins something wrong with br eaks

sending sittingroom 10:15 till 4pm
joh dd on davids barclay account is broadband john lewis

washed hair
watched you on netflix

10 Friadminpilates - paid
davids tax return
rang gwfinn
fireplace still open need carbon monoxide in kitchen and sittingroom
epc need ran out 2021 was Enear to a d but in two years time rating may change to c. loft pulled it down. oil delivered by lorry is not looked at favourably as not good for environment better to have gas pipes

loft only got 50mm need 300mm fibre glass

market value of tied cottage about 1/3 lower

stuart will ring next week
created pdf of fire barrier for bunded oil tank need to look at what to do as failed oil cert because of position

created pdf of nfu mutal forms given to giles and tax form sent as pages from diana


11 Satadminstrength and stretch 11am

ff waiting list 5th
Coffee with Tania parking 1.14 to 2.20
Terrie diana. May get a fine car
Tax return david
1 hour gardening

12 SunadminSilk cottage 11.30 to 10pm exhausted
Sand down hall.hoover and dust. Oil up sittingroom

13 Monadminabs josh replaced by holly

davids tax return
faffed about
1 hour of gardening
lovely day sunny
spoke to frances her knee is getting better but bumble is causing havoc i think she wondered if joe would have him

14 Tueadminff
strength and stretch
as no stretch class
suzanne not going
silk cottage 11:30 to 4:30 5 hours
resanding sittingroom and re oiling sittingroom


15 Wedadminxfit
email contact details to stuart mair

spoke to lids not too happy at the moment bit fed up as no results from nhs

weekly shopping 105.00


16 Thuadminaqua
laying roof insulation in loft. jamie bought in sittingbourne. jamie wrote off car at marley tiles junction. i went to pick him up cancelled aqua his car taken away. spoke to lids she offered to lend her car

17 Friadminpilates - paid
drove jamie to blackheath to fetch car
i then drove back to silk cottage.
floor oiled sittingroom and hall.
peter confirmed no electrical remedial work done

emma rang offering to do 70th birthday bash

18 Satadminff 10am
strength and stretch waiting list 1st - did
went to tania's house for chocolate and lemon swiss roll and lovely cappuchino

dropped diana off back at home. terrie went too
managed to get hold of eleanor and tom sent email with davids link


19 Sunadmin ?_ga=2.108195522.1945812264.1676770271-1141612475.1 676770271#content

yetree farm cottages

https: // try 209084/removal-agricultural-occupancy-conditions-q- --dcp-section-94

spoke to peter this morning cross re norman seeing him saying that he is holding everything up
cooks; smiths mary son barry; tywmans babs and mum; allchins now they rent ; earls; flints

norman saw me and i asked what is their p roblem...

read 2 piles of documents on mummy's death and transfer of farm not much help

spoke to becca outside johns
john has sent a letter re barnfield houses which are also tied


20 Monadminabs core and more

jamie pwd a1adamson hotmail

answer stuart mears
jamie and peter do fence
peter says barnfield cottages are tied

answer john nightingale

myra rang les is in hospital. she is seeing him at lunchtime phil taking her in. doesnt sound good cannot wee have had to operate to put a cathetar in

spoke to diana re tom and eleanor; peter and norman re valuations; johns email re barnfield house being tied

paid for millbank insurance

matterson place
1 cooks; 2 smiths; 3 twymans; 4 allchins; 5 earls; 6 flints
now 1 hornet; 2 ?; 3 nalgo; 4 allchin rented; 5 gibsons; 6 flints

yewtree cottages kitchens upgraded in the 90s incorporating the coal shed and toilet into kitchen


21 Tueadminff on waiting list 2nd
took lawn mower down to silk cottage
cut front and back
spoke to valerie
apparently her father was stationed at stead hill reginald flint in the signals corp with daddy as well as hb and tom cooper

her father was already engaged to someone in bedfordshire but beryl managed to ensnare him and they got married. her mother had a number of affairs and was going to leave him to go with the kids to new zealand

we talked about joan

peter at the house twice ugh

finns rang to arrange valuations which will be next week on Tuesday morning


22 Wedadminxfit
jamie gone down to silk cottage 7am as delivery of shower door
lids rang re james
apparently emma wanting to hire an airbandb for this 70th celebration and jamie will help pay for all this. not what i w ant.

spoketo giles re eicrs will come out of davids funds
said meeting john on sunday

silk cottage is booked for tuesday mr hamilton
davids mr mears

spoke to terrie and put her straight about tania as she said she couldn't believe how long the coffee took

oakleaf electrical rang 4pm they will do quotes for the cottages.

 klsclean up emails klsmembers
mainly uok university of kent but there are some solicitors that do not match their public persona


23 Thuadminaqua
silk cottage front garden and behind the oil tank removing stinging nettle roots and clearing the front bed. found brick path at front which I am clearing. Saw beautiful scout again.

spoke to myra les is home but myra is really rough bad throat and stonking headache

she has been offered 155k for the villa

i have started the zoe took ages to understand what to do.

Peter came by and he will put in fence gate concrete posts on monday.
I cleaned upstairs window but need to take stool hopper to get to outside bits and take down some carpet cleaner as master bedroom appears to have a stain.


24 Friadminpilates - paid

doing the fasting for the zoe challange
ate revolting muffins

3 doubles for breakfast and 2 for lunch

did blood test and stool test
ironed curtains
posted test boxes.


25 Satadminff
strength and stretch

weekly food shop so friendly lady
silk cottage put up 2 sets of curtains in bedroom
oiled hall floor

cooked batch of oatcakes
lentil soup and cauliflower cheese

26 Sunadminmust go to dunelm purchase one set of curtains for bedroom front one; curtain bendy for sittingroom

2 toilet brushes

4pm at court lodge
brilliant tea with lucy thomas john and diana eating christmas cake

reoiled silk cottage
put some of the cork into the cracks
tried to remove stain from master bedroom carpet

cleaning up the fireplace


27 Monadminabs core and more - cancelled as need to get silk cottage ready for photos for marketing

emailed oakleaf e lectrical
sensor stopped working last night.
contacted zoe for trial

silk cottage 12pm peter and jamie busy putting up concrete posts for garden gate. More panels installed.

I cleaned and put up curtains and cleared away. Left near to 11pm got back had supper; sudoko and then emailed a sample email to lids re james appendum for rosier court.


28 Tueadminff
11am Mr hamilton silk cottage for valuation for renting and pictures

I have now spoken with Norman and Peter and have arranged for Stuart to carry out the inspections on Tuesday 28 February 2023 at 9.30am (2 Yew Tree) and 9.45am (1 Yew Tree).

Would you be available around 10am to give him access to 2 Barnfield? Iíve made a note on the file to contact Ian to get the code for 1 Barnfield.

silk cottage 9:45 showed davids

spoke to stuart mears he knew David well and mummy as he is from a fruit and veg farming family

worked on the drive removing the mud and grass bits filling in bits in the garden - about half the drive done left at 4.30

stretch cancelled as nic not well nathen took class

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