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February 2024

1 Thuadminaqua
seeded lawn front right 45 minutes and broke up some bindweed

rang rosemary re no longer caxtons they were sacked. elev8 freeholder and management
500 pounds for management pack. caxtons will refund 294 i paid yesterday

tahir wants stuff direct to him

spoke to martin re repossession and filled in form online for warrant.

Emailed Tahir the lease, extension, eicr and epc


2 Friadminpilates rty/evict-tenants/legal-guide/repossessing-property -section-8-notices

clean rosier
cleaned fridge, freezer, washing machine, windows, hob

washed bedroom wall not good still
hoovered rooms 4.5 hours

3 Satadminff

lids back from travels tonight
pick up stuff from rosier before class y

window stickers,
clean blinds, clean oven y
toilet sink bath y
and kitchen floor

empty food from cupboard, re oil surface y
take carpet cleaner and hoover y
plus more paper towels y

washing machine y
dish washer y

jamie shut window

4 hours cleaning

coffee with terrie she paid

food shopping

saw janet with her two brothers one is a cyclist
she has lost 3 stone

lids back with jay

4 Sunadminjamie off to france st john with colin

lids coming down pick her up from canterbury west 6.00pm?

take paint yellow and white to do wall. ceiling and window y
maybe take plastic stuff

more hoovering , toilet
another oil y
last cabinets y

5 Monadminabs
take lids to jays with her stuff
 klsdownload and copy to emma 7 training invoices
for some reason the system is not letting her do this

6 Tueadminff

do not forget emmas birthday

letter to jamie from court re bailiffs risk assessment questionaire sent filled in today

call from tahir kahn re trying to drop price to 150k

needs extra info

 klsproblem no longer0.000.15

7 Wedadminx-fit

jamie rang from france re jim
i emailed jim requesting info he spoken to jamie

rosemary request for tr7
emailed tahir with breakdown of external work
email thanking frankie re insurance distribution


8 Thuadminaqua
barbie meetup fenwicks - cancelled
spoke to tahir
offered 163 he declined

i emailed jim with letter to scotscare hugh leaving wantage 24th feb
investigated charity scotcare
spoke to diana


9 Friadminpilates
spoke to tahir 161,500k by end of next week

3 hours gardening chopping stuff back

wash duvet to make into bed protector
dunelm bought bed protector elastic binding so as to create duvet into bed protector
bought needles and pointer to deal with leather

spoke to diana

10 Satadminjamie back from france

emmas birthday beverly and guy taking emma to cirque du soleil royal albert

garden center purchase stakes for cystus
weekly shopping
garden tie up next to hedge and tidy up beds at the back, work on the front beds
jamie back about 6pm


11 Sunadmintidy up the large daisy bed and cut back some of the rose bushes

work on feather duvet. cut and stitch down length to make a mattress protector

oven on
make oatcakes
morrocan soup
veg pathever
chocolate cups for tomorrow


12 Monadminabs core and more
12pm lunch for maria and lesley
washed hair
jamie went to blackheath fix washing machine 16b
clean the house
get washing dry and put in airing cupboard
tidy up
beautiful blue sky

13 Tueadminff no 1 on waiting list

goto wormshill shrove tuesday pancakes and raffles
pick up diana
take emmas card
take an electricity reading


14 Wedadminxfit
emma come to millbank
i take her to wingham to anilas for coffee

give emma some tea and soup
sign documents for rosemary

machine at 16b still not working speak to andre and he sends delivery note and lids sends 2 year guarantee.

15 Thuadminaqua

meet barbie fenwicks coffee
deliver signed documents to rosemary
email and create costsavers pdf for tahir

after aqua spend 2.5 hours cleaning bathroom and kitchen rosier court and remove all final stuff
bumped into ella akehurst she lost 100 pounds give her lift back home been to hairdressers lovely red curls

16 Friadminpilates
talk to john lewis about washing machine 16b lee terrace
spoke to andre hopefully he books visit

gardening mow part of back lawn. weeding next to lilac
grass in front starting to grow
empty food bin

mend shoes
email andre
email stuart mair
email diana re victor bessie she has sent email from 2020 to 15 people!!

17 Satadminff
lids arrived to sort out stuff to go in removal van
we took stuff out of loft and lids sorted stuff in cupboard under stairs

went to the local and had supper prawn curry nans and rice g and ts

did not sleep well


18 Sunadminlids removal man 11am
lids got lift with him so i did not need to take her back to jays

clean up millbank. put dishwasher on, washing machine get house back in order

ring frances spoke to roger who was quite chatty

spoke to diana
spoke to anne

gardening mow side and bit of front still drizzling and weeded coltsfoot 2 hours

hoovered found sunglasses, clothes, shoes lids still needs
under bed spare room and cupboard lids room

sometime this week visit charles with emma

19 Monadmintrain strike
abs core and more
email emma

dartford crossing
jennymary.. R3...n
created account for w ednesday

more weeding of coltsfoot
mower will not work. cleaned it up

spoke to frances em is on a break with george

anne has not rung so rang her
spoke to frances as she was worried about me ringing sunday

sent email and spoke to Rosemary re rosier court
tahir is waiting for this. completion hopefully soon and not wed

 klsloaded kls awards onto home page problem with dropbox so got it straight from video person

worked third time

20 Tueadmintrain strike
ff 1st waiting list

garden finished lawn as jamie fixed mower
more weeding
spoke to rosemary and contacted lydia for signature on leaseholder deed of certificate required best lids signs it
lewisham also now need us to register wantage and pay 600 for 5 years to see if are fit to rent

21 Wedadminxfit
may be going to felixtowe
going to rachels today go out to lunch
watson and walpole, framlingham rachel paid expensive

courtney a lovely girl, rachel has lovely cottages, field chickens, bees etc and of course linus
left 8:40 arrived 11:40 so took 3 hours should have been 2 hours 45mins rained all the time
left 5:30 arrived 8:20 took 2 hours 50 mins 5 mins later than estimated going m20 back rain all the time and dark

checked out and sent tahir exterior rosier court invoice


22 Thuadminaqua
sent tahir and rosemary external building invoice and request
spoke to rosemary looks like completion tomorrow
poured with rane spoke to anne re turkey for courtney
checked out airline tickets

need to talk to rachel

spoke to izzy re sale
dentist appointment changed as tom on a course


23 Friadminpilates
cleaning and planting in greenhouse

weekly shop
fixed telly

24 Satadminhamilton 2:30
so then supper /tea
high speed train back to ashford change to chartham

really good. jamie grumpy as had bad knee so missed train to ashford so went to canterbury and picked up high speed. 78 pounds for our tickets supper 240 pounds and tube about 5 pounds

met jay and lids at victoria - victoria palace theatre very near station

had a bite to eat and cappacino lids paid
theatre brilliant

1 hour cleaning greenhouse before left for london

25 Sunadmincleaning greenhouse.

washed lots of pots 4 hours

planted some bulbs

if Rosemary joins kings

Platinum 738 instead of 923
gold 452 instead of 565

folkestone 10k walk 26 may 2019
Thank you to all those who supported The Folkestone Coastal 10k yesterday.

We had a great morning in Folkestone although the wind seemed to just keep getting stronger throughout the race and was far from ideal for the outward leg but must have helped on the return, we do hope that you enjoyed your race. If you have any feedback you’d like to send through, we’re always looking to improve the race experience and if you believe that the race deserves a rating you can do so here.

6.2 miles in 92 minutes roughly 4 miles an hour


26 Monadminabs core and more - great cinamen cake

rang heidi. giles on holiday st lucia back on 11th
need to see when interim payment will go out. speak to frankie tomorrow

spoke to rosemary still no completion. looks like waiting for insurance cert eliv8. may complete tomorrow morning.
lids to cancel chris as she may be able to go without mortgage if the 40k comes throug

finished cleaning greenhouse and planted up some more plants. 2hours 5:50 light started to go getting better

jamie went to rentain to fix drains. installed electric shower needs checking dodgy


27 Tueadminff

hopefully rosier completes today - nope
Dear Rosemary

Thanks. So it seems it is Elev8/Caxtons are holding this up. I am hoping that the building insurance certificate is uptodate now as looking at the email I will forward to you from Lydia it looks like Caxtons was extending the certificate to the freeholder sale and no further so Elev8 will need to have got it renewed in December

Caxtons are not good in that the 2022-2023 accounts are outstanding - a little bit behind.

potting up a bit more of bulbs
spoke to frankie reassure needs lids contact details
40k giles, 37.5 nfu and reassure 10k

jamie went to wantage saw hugh
he needs to get bed up there to do work on house. i will need to do garden

lids needs shoes, clothes, wallet, and matress protector taken up and returning kettle, toaster and rucksack to goto jays mum coventry on way to anne.

28 Wedadminxfit

need to purchase some more compost and some dishes

must get on with mattress protector

try and find stapler gun - maybe loft
chase lydia re bank contact details
Reassure rang her and all sorted re mobile number

washed some more pots and planted some more bulbs


29 Thuadminaqua - cancelled
whatsapp Tahir re completion
get strimmer, petrol, plastic bags, sandwiches made, drink, goto wantage road to deal with garden arrive 11.30 took 1.5 hours as m2 bits closed because of accident

tahir then texted me to say completion happening and Rosemary. he wanted izza to collect keys in afternoon but i said i need to do this at 7:30 as in london

Cleaned patio
cleaned windows
and hoovered
emma called talked about turkey, courtney etc
got home around 8:30 had supper and then visited rosier to check all good

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