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1 Tueadminff

2 Wedadminxfit
2 hours planting out pots
need to get more compost and trays
 turkey Ticket Number:
Ticket Created: 01:17 02/03/2022
Ticket Updated: 13:52 02/03/2022

want name servers to be heart internet not godaddy
UpdatedAt 01:17 02/03/2022, you changed the ticket status to OPEN and wrote:
I originally purchased from domainmonster on 18 march 2013
I got the name servers changed in 2016 to,,, but now want them transfered to heart internet name servers, I am wishing to drop using the linodes
but it appears they are now back to godaddy
and they will not transfer to heart internet name servers

The same goes for

Not sure how to do this.
UpdatedAt 02:04 02/03/2022, Alistair White changed the ticket status to CLOSE-PENDING and wrote:
Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for contacting us.
Don't worry, those are the correct nameservers! Recently we transitioned over to our umbrella company GoDaddy's DNS system for better performance, resilience and security. Which means a new set of nameservers.
If you have them set as ->

Then that is correct, and essentially 'our' (Heart Internet) nameservers for this domain.

Best Wishes,
Alistair White
Heart Internet
Sell SSL certificates to your customers and get an exclusive 20% off

You rated this response: Very good

UpdatedAt 13:52 02/03/2022, you changed the ticket status to OPEN and wrote:

There is still a problem as ICANN registers nameservers as NS73.DOMAINCONTROL.COM and NS74

If I enter on the internet I get the attached
The temporary url is and this is working
but if I ping I get again works with the temporary url but immediately redirects to
and ping but should be

Please can you help

Attachment! villa4sunturkey.jpg
July 1914 - nov 1918
Central Powers: Germany Austria Hungary Turkey
Allies France, GB, Russia, Italy Japan and US
1919 40 million deaths Russia
1922 civil war finishes Bolshovecs win Bginning of communism
USSR formed being Belarus, Ukraine, Transcoucus and Russia
Terror and oppression
precursors to KGB smash enemies of the state and get rid of elite, non revolutionary
1924 Stalin took out opponents
1929 Stalin becam leader NKVD removing all opposition; night time arrests; large scale deportation; gulags imprisoned in work camps in Siberia
20 million soviets killed.
1939 Stalin and Hitler pact help to get Poland then hitler turned on Leningrad (St PetersburG) 26 million lost their lives. 2.5 years seiged by Germany but USSR won. These Russian deaths gave global freedom as Soviet soldies willing to make for the allies.

Stalin preserved his country and increased his empire: Poland, Bulga ria,Czecoslakier, Hungary, Romania, Albania, East Germany - eastern block

1946 The cold war
1954 Rise of KGB Kuschev win the war without a battle secret service subvert capatilist west
Melita from bexleyheath soviet spy photographing nuclear weapon production so that Russia could then build its own.
1962 Nuclear warheads from Russia to Fidel Castro in Cuba and could hit USA
JFK and Kuschev agreed to remove missiles from Cuba
1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. All kept quiet and put Russians to massive health problems by not releasing the consequences of it.l This made Russians no longer trust their government and previous knowledge - fake news
Concept of Freedom
New leader Mikmail Gorbachez signed a radical reform and singed a nuclear arms treaty with US end of cold war
Glasnos (openness) and Peristrika (reorganisation)
Free elections in 1989
he wanted to get rid of KGB and communism August 1991
The hard liners such as the army generals etc isolated Gorbachez - a coup

Bad economy so people went against him
Dec 1991 Gorbachez stepped down and Russia became a republic and Soviet union collapsed.
The rise of Putin
Boris Yeltson took over first president attempts to democracy and caplism
Huge inflation he has heart attacks and Russia is collapsing so resigns 1999
Putin took over
2000's economy boosted because of oil The rich get richer Oligarts control all industries
Putin worried about their control and starts killing or putting in jail or they leave Russia
A new law passed in 2006 which allow s state to kill disadents abroad. Cannot speak against corruption. One killed in the UK with poisoning and then 2018 Salisbury poisoning
Putin against Ukrain and seperates out Crimea and supports Syria.


3 Thuadminaqua
purchase compost
jamie uses my car to goto lee terrace to measure windows again

i have used a split program to split video of cappaducia and scuba diving
takes ages
looks like hi have solved and working on
using mini tool movie maker

garden potted up plants 1.5

4 FriinstructionsLinode transfer databases to hi
mysqldump -u [kingvilla] -p [web156rosanna] > [rosanna]-$(date +%F).sql

1 23-reg
22/1/2021 klsmembers
23/1/2021 turkey 2013-04-21 !Mfwbi1916

 klsproblem with rss feeds. it looks like it is related to php5.56 needing to be php7 0.002.00
 adminwork on linode transfer to hi and cleanup

1.5 hours potting up gardening

problem with kls


5 Satadminff
lids and dan down out most of the day

6 Sunadminff
lids and dan want sunday lunch and will leave in afternoon leak crustarde and treacle tart
fish pie and jamie doing pheasant /watch?v=h0dyq8KgWz0
anne cancelled coming down. health problems and work for david the above link shows how to create an index at end of document


7 Monadminabs
anne visiting - cancelled

Hello Joseph, I hope you are well, we are leaving.
I am very confused because a cup that was hanging fell,
I prefer not to leave the other hanging because the hooks. are not very stable. Even if it won't replace your mug,
I bought a mug. Really sorry again.
In any case we had a very pleasant stay, thank you again.

As with many other terms to describe spinal problems, spondylosis is more of a descriptive term than it is a clinical diagnosis. Literally it can be translated to mean that one has both pain and spine degeneration, regardless of what is causing the pain or where the degeneration is occurring.
As well as neck pain, symptoms of radiculopathy include loss of feeling (numbness), pins and needles, pain and weakness in parts of an arm or hand supplied by the nerve. These other symptoms may actually be the main symptoms rather than neck pain. There may be shooting pains down into the arm. The symptoms are usually worse in one arm but may affect both. The pain may be severe enough to interfere with sleep. The lower cervical vertebrae are the usual ones affected, causing these symptoms in the arms. However, if the upper vertebrae are involved, the pain and numbness occur at the back and the side of the head.

Your doctor may suspect a radiculopathy if you have the typical symptoms. A doctor's examination may show changes to the sensation, power and tendon reflexes to areas of the arm supplied by the affected nerve. You may then be referred to a specialist for further tests. These may include an MRI scan which will show whether the nerve roots are being pressed on.

Treatment will depend on how severe the pressure and damage are. In many cases the symptoms settle over time. A course of physiotherapy or a neck collar used for a prescribed period may help. However, in some situations, surgery may be recommended which aims to relieve the pressure on the nerve. Depending on the cause, this may involve surgery to the disc or to the vertebra itself.
Val also has Diverticulitis is the infection or inflammation of pouches that can form in your intestines. These pouches are called diverticula. The pouches generally aren't harmful. They can show up anywhere in your intestines

She had a hysterectomy and a mesh put in to support the bowel and bladder but this has not worked

Val and nicky have been on the council list since 2014 and all they are currenly offered are old people residential home and top floor flates
Nicky has Osteoporosis is a health condition that weakens bones, making them fragile and more likely to break. It develops slowly over several years and is often only diagnosed when a fall or sudden impact causes a bone to break

for 6 months and 2 bad falls. xray has shown it is in his left hip and lower back
on the council list for ground level accomodation in both canterbury and medway. Her daughter is learning to drive.

printed off jamies covid proof
car travel insurance and letter to brightfield road about energy outsadning payment to igloo; and email to chris re leeterrace sash window

Sent invoice to pastoral review 1192 and 1191 to kls re ssl

gardening 1 hr doing all the labels for the potting up


8 Tueadminff nathan
stretch calum

anne here
jamie off to france with fridge 6:45
arrived in france 9pm

gardening glorious day 31 in greenhouse
washing dried outside; pot up pineapple lilly

spoke to diana and lids

send pictures to terrie, diana, tanya, and anne


9 Wedklspwd pass Tabl3t

once created a csv file on n columns
remove occurances of comma

do not import table with duplicates ticked
updated db with April-jun db

INSERT INTO `qhnxz_reg` (`a`, `b`, `c`, `d`, `e`, `f`, `g`, `h`, `i`, `j`, `k`, `l`, `m`, `n`) VALUES
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 adminxfit ellen
stretch ellen
stretch nathan
anne leaving to see margerat sittingbourne 10am
gardening water plants
dig under old greenhouse separate out stones
10 pots arrived courier
weeding back 2 hours

10 Thuadminaqua
gardening separating stones
weeding back
weeding and cutting back hawthorne and ivy next to fence. smashing up broken pot and fillling in raised bed with pieces and plastic. filled 3 pots in preparation for back 6 hours

get hammock out to sand and paint tomorrow

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 admingardening large back pots
getting flints out of top soil pile to make base for pots 2 hours

12 Satadminff nathan
11.30 to 1:15 filling big pots and put down cloche nets over old greenhouse new grass seed.

terrie around for tea and treacle tart at 1:15 left at 2:50
1 hour of sanding down hammock bars

sandy around with jazz at 4pm went for walk and came back for coffee. brett cooking steak and i have given her the remaining bit of treacle tart.
in the evening painted the hammock bars 1 hour

13 Sunadmin4 hours gardening transferring greenhouse plants to large pots; filling in by side of new greenhouse and seeding with grass
purchase 2 bags of compost, grass seed, sarah bernhardt peonie and marker tabs.
paint hammock bars

speak to diana re weekend

14 Monadminabs
pass !Wasbi1953jen


gardening 1pm to 6 pm purchased more compost; sharp sand and gravel
jamie back from france 8:45

 pastoralI have mucked up admin side for due to email saying web-design instead of website-d

Have rectified this and it is now verified but up to ICANN to move domain out of suspension

15 Tueadminff

16 Wedadminxfit
gardening weeding under hedge planting little pots in weed corner 3.5 hours and potting up geraniums and daisy thingys
visit recyle with garden waste and print toners cartridges

17 Thuadminaqua
3:30-4.0pm estelle visiting

gardening between 11 and 3pm potting up

david got covid. feeling sorry for himself. normans dog has had 3 puppies 1 bitch and 2 dogs david is not having one as not 100 percent sure.

18 Friadminpilates pickup sandy 7 pounds in wincheap 10:15
cancelled not on

4 hours planting seeds. Got mark over to move 2 wheelbarrows of top soil. Abbey showed me round their house. 3 bedrooms. lovely and airy. the girls have a room each when abbys parents come mark and abby sleep on double mattress in living room and they have their room. Emmas room is very small because it has the old boiler cupboard in it. mark works in utility area which backs onto garage. they have a downstairs loo, small kitchen and openplan dining sittingroom. girls both got chickenpox and mark now has a cold which maybe remnants of covid back in feb just before me. all got it together but girls no symptoms

print off legal bits for purchase of french flat
send card to frances

paid council tax for 6 months 1501.66
pay 1502.00 by 1 sep 2022


19 Satadminff
get test kit for covid for david
emma put one through davids door
3 hours weeding

20 Sunadmingardening weeding 2.0 hours and mowing the lawn (1.45 hours)
dan and clare with pepe came round had done a long walk and heard me mowing the lawn

finished watching ipress files - very good


21 Monadminabs
1:30 - 6:30 tidying up choping up lower branches at the front and pulling out brambles. Intention is to try to grass the bottom of the left bank.

jamies window with chris sandwich 16b

the hammock has lost its hooks so the canvas has no way of hanging on the structure

make some biscuits and peppers cooked
shopping for the week no abs as elen is skiing

22 Tueadminff
pickup diana and goto wormshill to see emma
there all day kirstin and alison there
beautiful day

got some plastic pots and some stakes

23 Wedadminxfit
coffee with suzanne - suzanne not there as got covid

anila there got a range rover could have had a porsche

work in garden oiling table 3 hours

24 Thuadminaqua
oiling table 4 hours
spoke to myra off to county clare ireland to see house and collect les brothers ashes to bring back to uk and bury with his mum

les too old for hire car as max age 75 so myra going to have to drive

25 Friklschanged book-training-course.tpl
changing to £ and double fancy quotes to standard

looking to add sonia young to be admin
 adminpilates 10:15 cancelled instructor got covid

weeding front right garden
watering plants
jamie mowed grass or rather hoovered it up and put clippings on topsoil pile as well as both compost areas and over the fence and in my prepared compost bucket
he also went over one of the strings for the net cloches. the grass under this is growing

26 Satadminterrie coffee after ff she is swimming so may goto egym after ff - cancelled as daughter with her for weekend

drink with tania need to send her chris hidson details re westmere
1 hour cleaning patio floor and watering grass seeds

27 Sunadminlids in newcastle but coming to stay the night for mothering sunday as got monday off

will be at robs for lunch as georgia there
lovely lunch at robs: sarah georgia, jodie, harriet, david alex and arthur, 3 boys harriet

loads of dogs one of tobys

crumble for pudding; beef cauliflower cheese, mashed carrots; roast parsnips, potatoes, leeks in white sauce, broccili,
lids come home bought me lovely socks and neals yard bath stuff

2 hours in garden watering and weeding grass and weeding front left.
 kls 0.000.00

28 Monadminabs
emma visited 11:15am i had gone to morrisons and screwfix for some teak oil
oiling up garden furniture 3 hours
lids went back to london just after emma left
spoke to diana
spoke to anne

29 Tueadminff
visit to devon road to look at property
garden 1 hour last coat on table and chairs
brought them under pagado at 12am before the rain
gary mcrob leaving silk cottage
spoke to diana to find out if she wants to sell house or land or else need to get plastic windows quoted for.

30 WedpastoralWork on home page for April-june issue
and added new categories for 2022 for past editions
printed out quote for bay roof
jamie says chris is taking time to get glazing done
looks like scaffolding down on monday
gardening weeding the front beds 4 hours

31 Thuadminaqua
potted up geraniums gardening 1 hour

snow sleet very windy attempted to goto recycling area but shuts at 4:30 and traffic horrendous

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