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March 2023

1 WedklsPaid for new SSL but it hasnt connected properly
sonia emailed and rung. put in a ticket with HI and contacted online chat
sorted now

peter rang his boiler keeps resetting. He will ring Grant 7pm


catch up with corrie

annexe extended to 23 August 2023


2 Thuadminaquan

gas pipe being changed to millbank to plastic hopefully the metal pipe in place under the tarmac is bigger enough for them to feed the plastic one t hrough.
Down Court Farm is run by father and son team, Kevin and Matt Attwood.
The Attwood family have been farming in Kent since World War 2, growing the business from a small tenanted farm, to what it is today. Specialising in arable farming, the focus of the business is to treat each land parcel individually to get the most from it. Be that growing food, environmental gains or energy production. We use the latest technology combined with tried and tested methods in order to run an efficient and environmentally friendly business.
We operate under a variety of circumstances, from owner occupied, to tenanted, to share farming. We understand that each land owner's aims will be different.

spoke to dan and he says it is about 100 acres so that is 1 million previous farmer Bruce Elvin about 80 now.

atwood offered more than john
gossyhill 1 is going to buy and number 2 is moving out soon so gossyhill wants that one as well
don't think dan was too happy re me being subjective

rang barbie as her mums maiden name is atwood but she said not same family and they have a bad name about selling farm land for development
rang glyn and he too says the same but this is all hearsaye

button arrived today so installed on my arm around 12pm

July 1914 - nov 1918
Central Powers: Germany Austria Hungary Turkey
Allies France, GB, Russia, Italy Japan and US
1919 40 million deaths Russia
1922 civil war finishes Bolshovecs win Bginning of communism
USSR formed being Belarus, Ukraine, Transcoucus and Russia
Terror and oppression
precursors to KGB smash enemies of the state and get rid of elite, non revolutionary
1924 Stalin took out opponents
1929 Stalin becam leader NKVD removing all opposition; night time arrests; large scale deportation; gulags imprisoned in work camps in Siberia
20 million soviets killed.
1939 Stalin and Hitler pact help to get Poland then hitler turned on Leningrad (St PetersburG) 26 million lost their lives. 2.5 years seiged by Germany but USSR won. These Russian deaths gave global freedom as Soviet soldies willing to make for the allies.

Stalin preserved his country and increased his empire: Poland, Bulga ria,Czecoslakier, Hungary, Romania, Albania, East Germany - eastern block

1946 The cold war
1954 Rise of KGB Kuschev win the war without a battle secret service subvert capatilist west
Melita from bexleyheath soviet spy photographing nuclear weapon production so that Russia could then build its own.
1962 Nuclear warheads from Russia to Fidel Castro in Cuba and could hit USA
JFK and Kuschev agreed to remove missiles from Cuba
1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. All kept quiet and put Russians to massive health problems by not releasing the consequences of it.l This made Russians no longer trust their government and previous knowledge - fake news
Concept of Freedom
New leader Mikmail Gorbachez signed a radical reform and singed a nuclear arms treaty with US end of cold war
Glasnos (openness) and Peristrika (reorganisation)
Free elections in 1989
he wanted to get rid of KGB and communism August 1991
The hard liners such as the army generals etc isolated Gorbachez - a coup

Bad economy so people went against him
Dec 1991 Gorbachez stepped down and Russia became a republic and Soviet union collapsed.
The rise of Putin
Boris Yeltson took over first president attempts to democracy and caplism
Huge inflation he has heart attacks and Russia is collapsing so resigns 1999
Putin took over
2000's economy boosted because of oil The rich get richer Oligarts control all industries
Putin worried about their control and starts killing or putting in jail or they leave Russia
A new law passed in 2006 which allow s state to kill disadents abroad. Cannot speak against corruption. One killed in the UK with poisoning and then 2018 Salisbury poisoning
Putin against Ukrain and seperates out Crimea and supports Syria.


3 Friadminpilates - paid
went to rosier court met james he is happy to stay
only damp is on flat door mildew bottom bit and a bit on wall. bedroom good.
keeps the water extractor on most days

he wasnt well working at uni on shifts should be getting money from father in next few days doesnt speak much to him but does to mum

paid for dask 47.30 and rosanna insurance gallagher 262.25

4 Satadminff
terrie and tania in london

went to silk cottage after 2pm as had to fast in morning for zoe.
worked on drive at silk cottage
put up curtains need end pieces and need to buy som pullbacks

spoke to debbie her partner sian on together 5 years she has 2 sons and he has one. he didnt like wormshill she does now j there and sian thinks he has made a mistake already bought small house in sittingbourne

scout barking quite a bit


5 Sunadminat silk cottage for 3 hours sweeping and cleaning up the drive
lids come home

spoke to frances she is good knee healed well but still got pain and inflamation
spoke to diana back from london


6 Monadminabs core and more

gas men here today cutting holes in millbank tarmac and front right garden to change metal gas pipe to plastic. all day

microsoft has changed the quantity of emails for free from 15gig to 5 gig. trying to cut down emails

lookimg at vietnam war


7 Tueadmin11 viewing silk cottage ms claire ash


There is an option to purchase Microsoft 365 Basic for $19.99 / year.

This eliminates the ad pane in and gives you 100 GB of OneDrive storage.

 klsjon pitt re adding new administrators0.000.50

8 Wedadminsfit
spoke to jon pitt KLS are looking into a package called sheep designed for legal societies. It is his birthday today.

spoke to diana

oakleaf have responded with quotes for eicr's
and stuart mears re valuation

 klsjon pitt re adding new administrators0.000.50

9 Thuadmin Mr Ben Peters on Thursday 9th March 2023 at 1:00 pm. Silk cottage viewing

i arrived 1.05pm spoke to mr hamilton this viewing wants to rent and so does tuesdays

i worked for 3 hours on the drive forgot the garage key
sewed up the curtain linings so look better after washing and put the tie backs up
home 5:40pm

aqua - cancelled for zoe app

10 Friadminpilates - paid
spoke to anne
dick has a blood clot in his calf on blood thinners

gas line in estate opposite being done. when our put back on didnt work
jamie gone to see robin georgia over from africa not nigera robin a bit better out of hospital on monday lunch at the monday bois

sent electric meter reading 297787 they have estimated 29881 94 units more so electric bill should be 32 pounds cheaper ie less than 100kpounds

giles sent an email re waiting for funds to pay stuart mears

11 Satadminff
stretch and strength

starbucks terrie and tanya

alex has got his zoe report and is pre diabetic
3rd night with a straight line extra blanket no dips or troughs

diana with izzy for the weekend
1 hour gardening millbank

drive getting mashed up with jamies car

wash sheets
hoover millbank
start first batch of kombucha


12 Sunadmin4pm goto court lodge
Finish drive
clean windows x-band/property/3

Somogyi Effect:

"If there is a rapid drop in glucose during sleep, the body works to elevate blood sugar by releasing glycogen (glucose) from stores in the liver and muscles. The body might release too much glycogen, causing blood sugar to “rebound” into hyperglycemia."

The drop in glucose typically happens around 3 a.m., followed by elevated glucose levels toward morning.

mowed lawn at millbank

went to silk cottage
a bit of drive sweeping


interested in purchasing barnfield houses
2 barnfield cottage to keep land peter is using and john would rent at a low price

epc to be done after eicrs
asbestos surveyor
ring william hickson to get AST contract - giles already got will send

telephone 07885 583909 and 01304 362261

ian 07982 659718

checkout files 1st march 2011 medwins moved to silk cottage and 2012
show him around in 2 weeks time

3months for probate

 klsjon problem with using the new administraTORS
created pdf with instructions problem was double logging

13 Monadminabs core and more
spoke to philip hamilton 2 tenants interested in silk cottage
mr andrew peters second floor screeder 10 years 38 and mrs claire 43 early learning tinkerbell also 10 yrs 3 children 17 boy 11 and 3 girls and one 5 yr old cavapoo dog. 70k asap longterm
date 31st march 2023 offered to. rent currently iwade

2nd mr ben peters 35, shola bailey 25 commercial washing eurolink trading; freight transport july last yr ll month old and cat tonbridge housing assoc 60k 2-4 weeks

council tax
silk cottage D
1 yew treecott c and 2
1 barnfield house was e 18 dec 2006 deleted

C 1820.48
D 2048.04
E 2503.16

2 barnfield cott was d now deleted

probate 3 months
need to get tax returns done tried to contact seana otherwise will need to get an accountant


14 Tueadminff

15 Wedadminxfit

contacted seana and she will do davids tax return and look further into the probate bit

spoke to diana as usual very confused about valuations etc re silk cottage
spoke to philip hamilton re confirmation of owners land addresses though contract will be via email for our signatures

spoke to charlotte re lids money from david
 klsrequested screen dump0.000.15

16 Thuadminaqua

dishwasher blown up so jamie gone to currys to purchase another. he is installing it so need to check all is good
he will take old one to the recycling

work on davids cottages
rang halletts re confirmation that ok to use lids money
confirmed with lids this okay
confirmed with charlotte mc candlish it will be soon
spoke to oakleaf they will come back with some dates to when work will be done - obviously busy near to easter
 klslooked at problem with stats

it appears that there is a cache problem
fixed by just
browser.cache change value to 1 /stat2/

tested on all edge; chrome and firefox
sent to sonia

17 Friadminpilates - paid
lids coming down
Oakleaf agreed to do all 4 monday to thursday next week

signed contracts for all four quotes
Max away on monday and tuesday but the technicians will be in contact with him
texted ian
texted norman
texted peter
peter got back to me and will let them in davids house. i have said that they can use davids house if necessary
sent seana an email saying will get the stuff to her

18 Satadminff
strength and stretch
opera lady there she has had pneunomia last year then damaged her lower back
no starbucks as terrie back out

lids haircut
ordered freddies flowers for frances' 70th


19 Sunadminthe photoria is not working properly now on HI
looking at photo gallery and gmedia bootstrap themes

new test wordpress set up mysql 1007536- photos; user 1007536_ya57432 m1llb3nk! and jenny

rife free orion

norman rang re switch in bedroom under bed. I have sent him the eicr failures. peter busy hoovering and drilling

norman will work on the bench in a months time he has got to work out the design
spoke to diana back at home wants more info on silk cottage

sent seana tax return info. 4 hrs re going through this

20 Monadminabs core and more 1st on waiting list -now on
posted frances birthday card
rang oakleaf re peter letting them into davids house and to do ians first as ros is out at 11am

Carmina Burana: Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: 1. O Fortuna
O fortune Like the moon Changeable Ever growing Or you decrease
Hateful life Now it's hard And then soothes I play the game of the mind
Poverty, Power Like ice.
Fate And empty You are a rolling wheel Bad status Vain salvation
Always disintegrating Overshadowed And veiled You are also
looking for me Now through the game Back bare I will bear your crime.
The fate of salvation And of virtue against me now,
It is an emotion And failure Always on duty.
In this hour Without delay Touch the heartbeat
That by lot It spreads strong All mourn with me

What is the story of Fortuna?
Fortuna, in Roman religion, goddess of chance or lot who became identified with the Greek Tyche; the original Italian deity was probably regarded as the bearer of prosperity and increase. As such she resembles a fertility deity, hence her association with the bounty of the soil and the fruitfulness of women.

contacted bj cesspool services
for silk cottage 130 for 2000 gallons and 190 for 3000 gallons.

Rentain bill for gas and electricity
need to talk to them as they say it is 153.86


21 Tueadminff

difficult day had to pay 156 pounds for rentain power between tenancies i think sse are insistent that the meter readings are correct so probably val and nicky used a lot of power till they left so i have had to pay. the late payment of 40 pounds they have taken off but this for credit rates will appear to be part payment not sure if this affect jamie as well as me.

izzy has come back that zurich are now waiting for minors to be put in trust so not looking good for money to pay davids bills

nfu rang today and they were good passing info out by phone and i found i had made up a pdf of their original documents sent to me in january and which i deposited with giles. on 7th feb giles requested the documents from them again and has a few questions. he has not sent back the documents
p45 details given to seana from this document
paye ref 206/RAC285
tax code 551L; total pay 7084.14 and tax deducted 772.80

now agreed that diana will be the tax representative but now has covid!!

putting davids stuff up in the loft

stripped lids bed and washing of whites done.

perspective karen asked if i have got their email they sent to giles and heidi re tax question.

i am writing to giles to get this


22 Wedadmintom buckland dentist 2pm now karen retired



coffee starbucks with suzanne met julie alan's wife

diana has got covid. need to get code from mail at house to seana so sarah will visit

filing on bed
put some of davids stuff in loft


23 Thuadminramsgate registry office clare and dan 10am
need to be in pub carpark by 8:45

Aberdeen House is a prestigious, elegant building full of charm and character that was built in the 1880’s originally as a school. It stands in its own well-maintained grounds and the house is surrounded by well-tendered gardens to the front and side: a mixture of mature shrubs, lawns and flowerbeds are enclosed by a hedge for privacy.

68 Ellington Road
CT11 9ST

dan claire, holly and mark, henry, jamie and jenny


24 Friadminpilates - paid

2pm samual wright davids tax advisor
ask about 2019 12k capital gains

need to check any info he will give me. karen great helping

need to send him an email

cleaning house for lids
email to james re viewings
putting files away

spoke to mr hamilton to re view for tenancy

25 Satadminff
strength and stretch
9:30 recycle booking
6:45 good shed lids and jay
me and jamie
the cricketers
lids paid for train and jay for taxi
monkfish cheek; polenta carrot sauce, spinach and greens; pudding lovely chocalate mouse with candie walnuts and cream; red wine
the local talked to pat, nitesh, etc
then the artichoke spoke to steve, peter, lenny

drank far too much

26 Sunadminlids and jay left in the morning

too cold to garden. 45 minutes pulling out colts foot and dandelions

spoke to frances - good birthday; emily very tired bad week problem with difficult client at work
spoke to diana
she is back in whitstable.


27 Monadminabs core and more
email to seana she has done 21-22 tax return all good
i have asked her to do probate

created spreadsheet in documents re gifts

servage upping their price

spoke to mr hamilton re silk cottage dismissed tenants as bad credit may have gone bust

36 k with zurich in lids account
she will transfer 25k


28 Tueadminff

contacted bj cesspool services
for silk cottage 130 for 2000 gallons and 190 for 3000 gallons.
visit around 10 am in morning
Ms Melanie Watton on Tuesday 28th March 2023 at 5:00 pm.
Ms Abigail Frampton on Tuesday 28th March 2023 at 4:40 pm.

29 Wedadminxfit

Ms Melanie Watton on Wednesday 29th March 2023 at 3:30 pm.

lesley ashby phoned and ugh missed my lessons at kings.
spoke to oakleaf and invoices are much lower - goody
spoke to diana
worked out the IHT percentages for the gifts and sent to giles, samuel, seana


30 Thuadminaqua
silk cottage
Ms Christiana Ogunsanya on Thursday 30th March 2023 at 10:00 am.
spoke to diana
re above. seana responded going to talk directly to samuel
spoke to heidi as frankie in meeting. she will get frankie to send on document from reliance and any others that have come in.
also to give go ahead on email


31 Friadminpilates - paid
jamie gone to ashford hospital for his eye spent all day there and finally they have told him he has an ulcer in his right eye which is why it is so painful did finally get through to try to get an appointment with dr kinersely but if failed it would have been monday so instead went to ashford. back about 6pm

spoke to diana covid is now negative. she was worried about the gift repayment

trying to catch up with zoe lessons.
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