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March 2024

1 Friadminpilates

meet tahir and izza at 8am got there at 7:30am
good chat

tahir gave chocolates and flowers. I need to send him email trail with other lessees on it and an example of service charge caxtons

printout and look at wantage inventory - hugh is correct on what was there

check out visit to annes - she is happy with next week
lids will come back with dates for jays mum

 klsthe kls ssl cert did not function so site down

needed to logon to website-design email and find the email to respond to. Created a ticket . all now up and running

sonia has resigned from kls

2 Satadminff
strength and stretch
Terrie in london energy course
tania starbucks good.
pelting down hail stones on hockey pitch

potting up dahlias
planted 100 bluebells in the green on left side of bank - chatted to 8 yr old boy moving to aylesham

check out stuff to take to lids tommorow

3 Sunadmintake shoes, clothes, purses and sunglasses and spirits to jays flat and then back at wantage trim the garden

beautiful day blitz the back garden. Take out all weeds in front garden. think i might put down stones and plant a shrub in front. left wantage about 6:30pm hoovered staircase and rooms. loaded 6 compost bags into car. removed garden stuff to take home but could not fit strimmer. used up all the petrol. talked to anne next door biologist at kings now retired and some old man who lives around the corner.

emma and nicholas sent email re 55,200 for new roof
spoke to jamie and he flipped about me dropping the price as all the work he has done i am giving away and we must sell millbank else i need to buy him out. asked if he was joking said i need the money to purchase davids cottage and he said i can get a mortgage. not happy


4 Monadminabs core and more
bought some trays and more compost for dahlias
cleaned up the stones around greenhouse mainly little weeds and leaves
potted up about 10 dahlias. put new trays out

contact with frankie She is going to send out NFU forms in the post to all 11 beneficiaries. I said please email as post not good. Spoke to Dan and Charlotte. It appears that Reasure has only paid out so far to Ellen and Charlotte. Charlotte uses smile - co-op online banking and ellen santander.

Sent frankie lids and izzy email.

Frankie has spelt mcCandlish as mcCandish and lids as Lydia Mercedes Challis-Prentice instead of Prentice Challis
Sent another email to frankie re above
sent an email to sonya re her resignation from kls
responded to sertac re rosanna

email offer of reduction 710 to 670 emma and nicholas

send email requesting hughs address for council tax changeover

send email to catherine finally

5 Tueadminff 1st on waiting list

go to annes on either tuesday or wednesday

I think my best bet is to go on either Tuesday or Wednesday straight to Anne's which should take me just over 4 hours (215 miles) and drop off the stuff on the way back as Pencombe to Coventry is about 1 1/2 hours (65 miles) so I can get there on Friday morning and then it will be just over 3 hours from Coventry to Chartham (178 miles ) as I am not keen on driving in the dark especially if it is also raining. So can you see if Friday morning will be okay. I have already spoken to Anne and she said anytime this week is good for her.

potting up a bit more
emailed jamie with oven and washing machine purchase
emailed rachel re turkey
found out all stuff required windows, emails etc and sent to tahir so that is done
left around 1pm arrived about 6pm problem near gloucester round and round re tiny rounds blocked

went to curry place to collect takeaways

chat and g and ts

6 Wedadminxfit
long chat dick at work went for little walk lovely views anne in electric wheelchair. Discussed kitchen planning. lunch bread with soup. anne finished cooking shepherds pie for evening
g and ts in evening with dick

emailed stuart mairs re title plans

7 Thuadminaqua - cancelled

went to ludlow. Beautiful place walked in pine forest very tall trees unfortunate that pot holes so not good for wheelchair but lovely nevertheless. then lunch in ludlow bills kitchen

supper left overs of shepherds pie and curry

evening film Past lives south korean film very good beautiful photography

8 Friadminpilates cancel

come back from annes via coventry meet jays mum joanna lovely lady

1.5 hours from annes and 4 hours from coventry to chartham accident on m1 and m2

back at 6pm

had supper

9 Satadminff
strength and stretch
starbucks diana and terri e(10mins)

brought diana back to millbank for lunch
potted up some dahlias and took her home


10 Sunadmindavids costs sent 11/12/2023 transferred to savings account

jamie has a traffic charge from lewisham
investigated pedestrian road restrictions and it appears that you cannot travel at times for schools
created pdf for jamie

filing went through emails

created pdf of diana's letter from reassure
regarding tax if greater than 1 million for pensions

11 Monadminabs core and more

need to ring re dask ordered
lydia needs to update her contact details as has her 16b address

sent rachel an email with stuff re rosanna
fixed under villas

diana got some problem with a dodgy email thought also whatsapp but no so just change email password

frances rang rogg=er got vascular dementia; last lantern for sale completely revamped 500 now for sale 650 and bumble had dog fight 680 pounds for vet

bought 3 more bags of compost and trays for dahlia plants
potted up 12 dahlias

updated ast for wantage to add emails etc. sent to harriet plus inventory example

need to ring re title plans
 klsadded another video for the agm in may0.000.50

12 Tueadminff
stretch =firefox-b-d&q=how+to+add+a+water+pipe+supply+from+ the+road+mains#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:fc9cc7df,vid:b_c APt94m7c,st:0
water supply
rubber gromite
32ml pipe
tracer wire

email to giles re reassure

email to stuart re amendments to title plan - he is on holiday

email to john re status of cottages

email received from the annexe - going ahead

about 119k in capital gains
annexe. do this in next tax year
do silk cottage this year

sel 670
mort 150
16b 120
so got 180 for davids cottage - not enough
if transfer annexe mortgage to 16b will mean 300 for new property


13 Wedadminxfit 2nd on waiting list
stretch 4th on waiting list

got on classes
rang giles re tax on pensions and then samuel at perspective

Hannah +2 , dexter and lids remaining who need to send in forms.


14 Thuadminaqua - cancelled
Wantage road for carpet cleaning and garden etc

Arrived 11am after get rug doctor morrisons 8:50am
left almost 80m so spent over 7 hours hoovering and cleaning


15 FriadminPuccinis Manon Lescaut 7:30 pm F3 and F4 30.40
Went to see if Freddie’s flower and vase at rosier. Could not get in sobgave stuff to Izzy
Potted up some dahlias and cut shed lawn

janet to meet at the marlowe. Brilliant set modern day manon flighty falls in love with student but likes money, brother too. Brother thinks student should gamble to make money manon leaves tax collector old and pink garish. She is imprinted as a whore and has to go America. Ends up in desert and dies through lack of water which is why bottles of water play a large part.


16 Satadminff
Strength and stretch
Jack took it only four of us

Starbucks Diana Tania Terrie and lids. Sainsbury it crap cards do not work

Mow back hedge lawn

17 Sunadminlids left 10:45
talked to jamie
lots of suduko

heard back that rachel booked flights
spoke to myra and she has too

spoke to emma and she is going to go out same time as rachel

spoke to diana re davids cottages


18 Monadminsometime this week maria and lesley
abs core and m ore

gardening mowing side and front and finished planting up dahlias
still got ixia to do

rang ford little
giles rang back and the pension LTA is less than 1.1mill
rang michael farlam organise meeting tues 26 March re cgt and lids
attempted twice to talk to stuart re title plan always busy will email diff

looked at dresses for wedding


19 Tueadminff
Checkout flights to dalyan
problem re number of days have had to book in 2 flights 30th April to 15th May and then 19th May to 6th July
Post office charge would be 150 pounds minimum
for travel insurance

gone back to jamie re wantage 16th april 2 gay girls to move to wantage
4 out of 5 viewings offers at 1850 price


20 Wedadmin2pm tom buckland dentist - cancelled

hedge cutting; washed car and watered potted plants and the front grass seeds.

email to Sertac re agm and invoice
email to Salih re flight bookings

21 Thuadminaqua

create invoice pdf re kingsvilla invoices

email agm agree sunday 11am

hedge cutting and potting up 3 hours


22 Friadminpilates
2:15 haircut cassiet
hedge cutting and potting up


spoke to lids

annexe mortgage agreed


23 Satadminff
strength and stretch
diana at starbucks

gardening potting up used last bit of compost


24 Sunadmin 03.00 PM (Turkey Time) ? AGM

changed to 1pm so 11am uk time

AGM Rosanna kings villas

New legistation re renting - need agreement for other villas in block

water, electriicty, painting all the villas
tapu change from office to villa

manager, accountant and auditor Sertac, Sinem and fiona
Check who has sold their house
Sinem will let me know what the budget for this year will be
security cameras
Rent permit have to have consent license then issued

garden centre to get more trays and compost

a bit of weeding
potted up final bulbs
cut a bit of hedge

25 Monadminabs core and more
may do boxercise - gavin needs to check with kings - this will now be on the 8th a pril

gardening in the afternoon work on hedge and weeding beneath hedge.
jamie attempted to goto wantage but accident on m2 4.5 hours waiting so returned home

spoke to stuart and sent emails out to appropriate people with title plans


26 Tueadmin11 oclock michael farlam

lydia has sold rosier 161,500k a loss
I am gifting 120l of silk cottage will pay capital gains and hopefully live for 7 years
my brothers estate will be paying out about 100k to lids so about 30k will go to give enough money to buy my sisters share and her cousin
looks like annexe final will sell 56k roof so i will aafter capital gains 670 -120 cg and 156 mortgage 380 left. 50k to go into some trust or whatever leaving 330 to purchase a property
EIS defers capital gains - but this will always have to be paid

Have paid 20k for ISA and 2,880 for pension
Good meeting need to check out the cgt bit

emailed and paid martin hall stenberg for wantage rd help
emailed stenberg rosemary ikaci left
emailed nicholas and emma

Bond business property relief

watered potted up plants
coloured wash

filing 2 hours



27 Wedadminxfit
stretch waiting list no 2 - got a place
mat pilates holly very good

2pm tom buckland dentist clean 75 pounds

filing 2 hours
email lids re sale silk
email beneficiaries re LTA
food shopping

need to fill in the Annexe documents and take to Rosemary

28 Thuadminaqua
lids coming down today as flat rented out for weekend
started on annexe documents
rang eon re Hugh. sent an email he did not pay for any energy
anne rang
jamie back 3:30
pick up lids from chartham station 5:45

start pdf for rosanna agm garden etc
had a bath
made moroccan soup
changed bedding for me
cleaned shower in bathroom
put recycle bins out


29 Friadminno pilates
dropped lids off in canterbury going for massage
picked her up at brewers
got petrol

created pdf for RosannaAGM and sent
Paid maintenance 600.00
lovely weather will attempt grass cut mow back left lawn water grass seed


30 Satadminff
strength and stretch
starbucks terrie tania and diana
mowed back right lawn and a bit of hedge trimming
watched gentlemen with lids and jamie
jamie now on about selling properties

31 SunadminEaster sunday

lids here so may do lunch for a number of people

unfortunately dan and clare in mallorca

will see if vita is at beccas so may visit
All beccas lot there - hattie mark and veta; sam and silvina; rose and manuel; tony rachel maddy and courtney;kesia; becca

lovely; easter egg hunt

watched the gentlemen
jamie cooked curry

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