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April 2023

1 Satadminprovisional 16b agm!!
ff 10am
strength and stretch 11am

1pm goto rosier court to see viewing

tom and charlotte on skiing holiday
jamie' eye ulcer getting better

going through zoe lessons trying to catch up


2 Sunadmin16b lee terrace
Sunday 11:00 AM AGM - good very short andy will remain manager; increase of 25 a month for sink fund

talked with lids and kate jarrett

spoke to diana to reassure her the tax returns good

watch night rider loads of episodes on netflix
prepared 2nd tax return to check need seana to send supporting schedule

3 Monadminabs core and more
final check of tax returns from seana

next step IHT

mowing back lawn sunny
spoke to karen samuel will liase with seana and let her know what he will do and what he won't do. i have requested how much part payment aviva for iht and maybe nfu. if he doesn't have this i will ring nfu

spoke to michael farlam and will chat in morning to arrange time to go through our will etc

spoke to charlotte and they are happy to hold back on minors but not sure zurich will release money except for in a trust


4 Tueadminff
cleaned freezer 1.5 hours
mow lawn back and left front
washing on line lovely sunny day


5 Wedadminxfit
mow rest of left lawn and right lawn
unfortunately mower handle has seared off at the engine end. Looking to see if can get replacement

watched documentary on ukraine famine in the 30's
the living _kyiv_premiere.htm

jamie went to silk cottage - forgot keys so had to return to get them. brought back a lot of stuff

6 Thuadminno aqua lindsay on hol
jamie had his ears looked at and lady tried to remove earwax with the burning candles
he tried himself not to great effect

watched more on ukraine and the end of the film with
james norton as gareth jones with the drama relating to 1984 animal farm george orwell

re the problems of the idealistic view of communism where stalin decided to get rid of the unruly peasant farmers in ukraine by starving them to death but russia itself was also suffering and lenigrad st petersburg was seiged for over 800 days and also had dreadful famine

tried to find mower replacement

looking at the first and second world war in relation to uk raine

started to make headboard for lids room
tried the cashew jar from jay - very good

rained all day


7 Friadmingood friday no pilates

seana not working with samuel
email to giles, seana and samuel re IHT

purchase of more ink toner
purchase of handle for mower
clean greenhouse and put out pots to clean


8 Satadmineaster sat
coffee and brownie with tania and terrie

lids with jay in paris

weed main bed and clip back grass 4 hours
work on back board - need to unpick cannot find unpicker

beautiful sunny day
white washing

9 Sunadmineaster sunday
weeding back beds
pot up sarah raven tulips, lillies, alliums, and fritiller

jamie has sowed cosmos and chillies in greenhouse

need more sharp sand and compost
wanted to purchase unpicker at dunelm of course all shops closed.

beautiful sunny day
clothes washing


10 Monadmineaster monday

purchased unpicker etc from dunelm for headboard
food shopping
then down to silk cottage
chat with debbie next door
then with simon and jane bass
cleaned till 11.30 and removed all items from house bar wooden stepladder in sitting room. hoovered all put keys in windows. took reading of electricity
did not go to garage

11 Tueadminff
cooked morrocan soup
cooked spinoptka pie; and leak crustard
brownies; flapjacks

sewed and unpicked headboard
cleaned up kitchen and put stuff away for michael farlams visit.

12 Wedadminxfit
stretch - cancel

jamie down to silk cottage to get remaining stuff from garage and the wooden steps from sittingroom told him not to take mud into house

michael farlam 12:30

need to talk about financial stuff

rang ford little still waiting for meeting date
rand oakleaf and they will contact norman directly

sew manually headboard


13 Thuadminaqua
read up on inheritance tax

lids very sad work out of control one manager left and other on holiday effectively meaning she is doing 3 peoples work and no passover of work load
meetin izzy tonight which is not helping as naveed may be coming out to meal and again izzy not organising it - shame she used to be close
lids has cancelled samaritans as cannot deal with suicide shit with her own life out of control. she has told jay something of her eating disorder. she sees a counsellor weekly - all fine doing well till christmas and now out of control again. tearfull

ast arrived from finns GWF printed it off.

14 FripropertiesNew tenants moved into silk cottage

Landlord(s):Jennifer Mary Prentice of Millbank, Bakers Lane, Chartham, Canterbury, CT4 7QB, Diana Barbara Parker of Flat 1, 6a Tankerton Road, Whitstable, CT5 2AB, Lydia Mercedes Prentice Challis of 16B Lee Terrace, Blackheath, London, SE3 9TZ and Isobel Margaret Parker-Nasir of 112A Goodrich Road, East Dulwich, London, SE22 0 ER

Tenant(s):Christopher John Stearn of 7 STATION ROAD, Orpington, BR6 0RZ and Melanie Jane Watton of Liberal Democrat’s club 7 Station road , Orpington, Kent , Br60rz

Premises:Silk Cottage, The Street, Wormshill, Sittingbourne, ME9 0TTRent:£1380.00 per monthRent

Due Date:14th of every month
Deposit :£1592.30Deposit Scheme Type:Insured SchemeCommencement Date:14th of April 2023
Expiry Date:13th of April 2024 and thereafter from month to month.

The Buddy Holly StoryMarlowe Theatre, The Marlowe Fri 14 Apr 2023 7.30 PM 2 tickets
sc4 and sc5 sa4 and sa5

myra and les and terrie
myra and les arrived 1.30
chatted had tea fish pie and ottenlinghi salad followed by chocolate mouse made with coconut milk and chocolate with rasperries

15 Satadminff maybe need to cancel
myra and les went to kent showed wormshill davids house, silk cottage, the church and had tea with rebecca and her lovely dogs. great metal gates and she is gardening

then les treated us to supper at the local lovely curry
got a bit squiffy g and ts and then back at home

16 Sunadminpossible meal here - no
breakfast with m and l and then they went home
mowed the back
planted flower and veg seeds
jamie went to garden centre and bought some compost
he has prepared the wild area. on friday he bought a sieve and some seeds and he sowed some seeds in green house

very tired
swa film mongolia 7 years

17 Monadminabs core and more

rang cia to change address for silk cottage insurance as incorrect says 3 drays field
asked for a quote for the annexe as the insurance has lept upto 644.20 but their quote was 640 and they could get it down to 607 but not that different

spoke to ford little giles will ring today
diana on her way to london she will bring mango to the meeting

emailed the annexe re jamie going up on wednesday
to fix the tiling
mowed the front
weeding 3 hours

18 Tueadminff
gardening 3 hours weeding side beds and lilac
email seana
get uptodate with zoe 203

water plants

19 Wedadminxfit
spoke to diana she is not sure about going to colins funeral

garden weeding jamies bed
potting out flowers and some herbs in greenhouse
4 hours

email to myra
text to norman re outside electrics

jamie gone to blackheath to fix the missing slate tiles at the annexe


20 Thuadminaqua
Cassie 10am haircut
ordered new foot pressure
manually worked on headboard cover
rained and windy no garden work

21 Friklslooking at smarty problem with pdf loading and viewing 0.002.00

weeding 4 hours

22 Satadminff not well
did 3 hours weeding but exhausted lungs hurting sore throat, aching all over did covid test negative

went to bed at 2pm
slept runny nose sneezing really horrid

23 Sunadminin bed all day ill0.000.00

24 Monklswork on smarty framework problem with pdf loading and displaying it appears that the url function and replace is no longer working with smarty so had to manually use php to str_replace

 adminabs core and more- cancelled still ill been in bed till 5pm 0.000.00

25 Tueadminjohn cooper clarke 7:30 marlowe h3 and h4

stretch need to cancel
paid bills council tax
gh heating for david

sorted out eon to get refund 600

gardening weeding 3 hours
washing whites and colored weather dried on the line

changed bedding so as to feel a bit better
emma rang she will come on monday for coffee not friday

spoke to lids she is coming with jay on sunday staying the night and then off

26 Wedadminxfit

still feeling dodgy
jamie has gone to see robin with nuts and turkish delight
mowed back lawn
got petrol for mower and some bread, loo rolls etc
weeded hedge

silk cottage electric eon

account A-9DA31BC1
silk cottage me9 0tt
ekectricity AP415Z
 klskls newsletter agm sent in one foul swoop and unsurprisingly has caused duplication and triplication of emails. sent email to sonia who is not happy


27 Thuadminaqua
courtney's boyfriend charged 12.5 years

spoke to diana back from london
spoke to ford little frankie as giles not in 874 nfu being sent tomorrow directly to inland revenue by nfu
iht is about 1.2million
giles talking to nfu tomorrow so looks like stuff moving

spoke to sandy
tango 13 has a heart condition . fiona not with boyfriend anymore but friends. when they went to australia emma stayed on with her uncle as liked it there. fiona then left las year not wanted to be on her own for christmas not sure if she went to sandy
old boyfriend from norfolk and her dad alan is now in a home
tommy with straggy dog died last week and was in a coma for the last week

spoke to jan stour rd she is coming to opera and sandy

spoke to anne re courtney and she is down in kent at the weekend to see alice

spoke to terrie re courtney and she said emma was forcing herself on her again
may go for coffee on saturday

naveed not pulling his weight so diana has to go back tomorrow

garden weeding for 4 hours front garden and mowed the right front garden plus weeded the left front bank on the road

jamie washed my car


28 Friadminpilates

Visit lowetheatre.com01227 787787Marlowe Theatre, The Marlowe
Fri 28 Apr 2023 7.30 PM
SA 3, SA4, SA5

Ticket price: £15.00Jenny Prentice 23-BW-TJ98

English Touring Opera Presents Handel's Giulio Cesar

29 SatadminFF - cancelled

shopping for food
smoked salmon
beef wellington
leg of lamb
broad beans
new pot atoes
yorkshire pudd
2 gravies
ottolonghi winter slaw

black dahl
ginger and sweetpotato
ginger and apple crumble -dessimated left in oven set off smoke alarms in morning
raspberry and chocolate va cherin
chocolate mouse pots
fruit salad
cheese, whisky port and maderia

courgette fritters

cleaning and cooking

mowed the side garden and around the beds


30 Sunadminjoanna and joe, tom and charlotte
lids, jay hopefully sarah and hen, maybe ella
and maybe the girls, lesley will also be
invited lunch
only isobel no others

weather fantastic

lesley and charlotte went quite early fred going home next day

the others went to the artichoke on way to station
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