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May 2023

1 Monadminmowed the large bit near hedge and half the left front lawn

watched telly spilt tea on spare bed so had to start washing

emma had coffee in the morning

2 Tueproperties1380.00 into silk cottage account0.000.00
 adminff on waiting list 4th

lots of washing dried on line
lesley came for lunch 1-6pm

bit of weeding 1 hour

prepared paperwork for 76 brightfield road jamie send to chris

izzy gone to cornwall for colins funeral
stayed with gary wednesday


3 Wedadminxfit

argument with diana phone 2,5 hours as usual everything is money

garden 1 hour weeding

sorted out section 21 for james rosier court

4 Thuadminaqua
weeding 1 hour
diana came over for afternoon sat outside glorious weather

voting at village hall

did 2 sudokos
spoke to myra they arrived dalyan yesterday. raining picking up grand daughter

5 Friadminpilates paid

did suduko 3

gardening weeds front drive

watched netflix

lids gone to portugal for birthday celebration

6 Satadminprovisional date rosier court - no
functional fitness nathan
strength and stretch
tania still in rome been to the bascillia and vatacan museum

coffee with terrie she paid

watched the coronation on iplayer
watched the sewing b man overseeing the uniforms being made

sent ticket to HI to cancel ssl for
replacement foot pressure thingy arrived today

7 Sunadminmow back gardens 4 hours

finish lids head board cover and makeup beds in her room and spare room

watch more coronation stuff

8 Monadminbank holiday

mow side and 2 front gardens. prune back and use muncher

water plants in greenhouse and near hedge
do 3 sudukos

lids back from portugal
flat has got moth infestation - told her to talk to frankie


9 Tueadminfuntional fitness

start to book classes again

weeding front garden

contact rodney re cancelled SSL

Lids has finalised her itinery for India

10 Wedklsnew sponsor sonia sent logo added page on site0.001.00

need to contact annexe - done
need to contact KFH
need to contact Salih re visit - done

First xfit was on 19/4/17 on tuesday morning

Spoke to myra
they have been on boat trip with memhet lake and sea
sinem arrived today no news on maintenance
been to beach and turtle
back of rosanna pallets and piles of wood
myra had a funny tummy at the market and spewed up the walls etc just in time

bring either gin, or spiced rum captain morgan


11 Thuadminaqua

emailed nicholas and emma re non renewal of annexe

spoke to matt at simple mail solutions
strimmed most of the bank in the rain 1.0

spoke to simple mail solutions matt
re exchange

12 Friadminpilates paid

viewing rosier court 12.30 - 12pm now
already done when i got there at 11:56
60s lady and man she works abroad and comes back everyso often and currently rents but wants to buy and possibly rent out when not there

worked on turkish info
watched the quenn's gambit


13 Satadminprovisional viewing date rosier court -no
functional fitness
may have got fine for car parking as got there at 11:20 and left at 1.33 as it took 4 minutes to get out of carpark
weeding the no dig bed.

gary and maggie wedding anniversary local 7:30

14 Sunadminchange pwd m!rc5d55553 hotmail
garden weeding beds
mowed around edges
strimmed bank last bits
added new bit of plastic wire

spoke to myra assured them they can stay in rosanna
jamie being grumpy cross re garden
black lentils are urid dahl

nationwide index
the annexe
From Q4, 1981 42,500
To Q1, 2023 711,086


15 Monadminabs core and more
Email peter Alcuin
Talk to simple mail solutions
Email max oak leaf
Sort out filing
Pack bag
Pack up material for blouses
Garden plant out and dig

Went to dump
Went shopping bought new weighing machine
Jamie mowed garden

16 TueadminLondon Gatwick (North Terminal) to Dalaman
EZY8565 flight
Departs: Tue 16 May 2023 15:55
Arrives: Tue 16 May 2023 22:05
Bag drop opens: Tue 16 May 2023 13:55
Bag drop closes: Tue 16 May 2023 15:15
Check in closes 40 mins before departure

https://trav 6a2-4a48-9086-cd2469271afa/documents

Arrived 10.10 took about 215 mins, to get off plane. Jamie had a fag. Bought gin almost double price at dalaman airport will give myra and les the 11.50 at Gatwick and I will have he 18po7nds one - - a lesson do not take Jamie's advice
Went to paradise 750 for 2 g and ts 2 lagers and mezas 35 pounds
Probably 7 pounds gand t and 5 pounds lager
Weeded and planted and watered

17 WedadminGot money out
Went shopping for food with Myra
Went later to get more food
Saw Salih chat re election
Went to jewellery shop for Emma
Cooked supper Myra and les round
Tried to sort out iPad 1914
Need apple support as password not working

18 ThuadminLondon - Dalaman
Booking No.: K4TMSHB
Departure: Thursday 18 May, 2023

London Gatwick to Dalaman 06:10 12:15

U26547 Easyjet
Lydia Prentice Challis Adult (18 Jan 1991) Mrs/Ms No checked baggage.
On this trip you are only allowed a personal item

Lids here
Swim in pool

Subbed lying by pool
Chat with doreen Pauline hub and godwin Malta
Went to Dalyan 3alexander brandies
Meal at Cayhel
Still trying to sort out ipad


19 FriadminBoat blue 9.45
Watched 2videos

20 SatadminMarket with Pauline Monique and Myra
Pool day
Myra and les supper

21 SunadminSaw king fisher man boat
Say hat man
Booked massage wed 1.45 . Paid all three new man tony
Saw eggy paid 300 into my account
Need to pay Salih
Bc spa improving
Supper round at les and myra

22 MonadminRaining
Saw salih 200 in account
Went to kingfisher being refurbished
Dalyan 4cocktails
Meal at market g and ts
Bought earrings
Power cut
Next to pool


23 TueadminCandid meal meet 6pm at restaurant
Go to council and water les

24 WedadminBc spar massage 2pm jamie, lids and me cocktail massage with stones


25 Thuadmin12 island gocek with lids

pickup 9am


26 FriadminDalaman - London
Booking No.: GYWJWL
Return: Friday 26 May, 2023
Dalaman Turkey to London Gatwick
04:45 07:05 W65710 Wizz Air
Wizz Air
Operated by Wizz Air UK
Lydia Prentice Challis Adult (18 Jan 1991) Mrs/Ms No checked baggage.
On this trip you are only allowed a personal item
Payment Overview
Flight, London - Dalaman - London 142.99
Lydia Prentice Challis Adult (18 Jan 1991) 122.87 20.12 142.99
MASTERCARD Credit 0.00 TOTAL 142.99

went to beach with jamie

maybe memhet boat trip just me - cancelled
massage at 6.30
did supper at rosanna at 8pm salad, prawns etc

27 Satadminmassage 9am with enis


coctails with myra, les and jamie
supper at paradise

28 Sunadminmassage at 10am end of 3 in package enis and tony

Myra les anniversary supper with them languistine and salad.

pool day

29 MonadminCan and Eric party cans wife birthday can was 29 Ap ril
spent day by the pool
not a bank holiday got money out to pay 6k tl to husein sinem was in candir (250GBP)

coffee with jamie opposite school chat with hub, their electrics cut fine 40pounds for bank non payment in march direct debit.

spoke to english visitors louis, hatty, sally and joe and to fiona's sister who is also a lawyer working in belfast for large london company her daughter and son cillian in pool lovely friend jackie and mother in law.

17th May 11,59 gin and tonic duty free london
17th may 18.25 gin and tonic same for myra dalaman
18th may 175pounds PO
18th may 175pounds PO + 6.70 22.84 4kTL
22 May 204.50 denizu naitor +7.60 24.45 5kTL
23 May BC Spar 175.87 +5.75
23 May 163.60 dalyan marama +6.40 24.45 4kTL
24 May 202.97 denizo naitor +6.10 24.63 5kTL
24 May 218.18 dalyan beledisi +8.0 22.83 5kTL
25 May bc spa 120 +4.00

31 May 244.80 denizu nakit +8.80 24.51 6kTL

spent 1,300
220 on jewelry; 250 on maintenance charges; 150 boat trip; 300 massages; 50 tips; 100 on transfers; 200 on food and drink

30 Tueklsclean up the navigation
add highlights video
 adminDalaman to London Gatwick (North Terminal)
EZY8570 flight
Departs: Tue 30 May 2023 04:50
Arrives: Tue 30 May 2023 07:05
Bag drop opens: Tue 30 May 2023 02:50
Bag drop closes: Tue 30 May 2023 04:10
Check in closes 40 mins before departure

good flight back around 9am

ff nathan

admin filing


31 Wedadminxfit

jamie cut garden lawns

weeding in the evening 3 hours very cold
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