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May 2024

1 Wedadmindid some food shopping. myra and les moved in. spoke to sertac. zen having lots of fits doped up
saw pam and steve on way to daylan pam was knocked off her bike a week ago very shook up
saw salih re transport said driver will not be wearing t-shirt look for card with kaunos not sure if i can go to meet nightingales
bought fish and meat and veg for supper
walked to camping shop with myra for water butter icecream tonic water 2 large bootles of pomegranite 1000tl ie 25 pounds
downstairs bathroom light above mirror not good

les tried to fix it
sat by the pool talked to doreen and hub and friend fell asleep
watched children act with emma tomphson


2 Thuadminneed to pay council tax
need to send email re purchase silk cottage
email kings re 40 pound joining fee

email ronke re extension of lease

Signed Mortgage Deed not received
* Address for Service Form not received
* Bank Statement not received
* Await details on 2nd property ( mortgage condition)
* Updated Title with Extended Lease
spent a lot of time emails
pims for supper
watched tessel beach
another supper in with with fish and salad strawberries icecream


3 Friadminspoke to andy and ann
lovely kitchen next to road
log burner in upstairs sittingroom. they have got boys for 6 weeks. intoduced myra to see villa
went to jewelry shop
met at park as i went to book massage for 3pm sunday. tried to get cash but card in passport bag for flight went over the river 50tl return. could not see man with a hat. went to buy honey and cirtron presse. found man how sold it

had pancake and chi

watched elvis

4 Satadminmarket in morning
sweeping up mess next to ool and front bit of road cleared weeds
les paid for lovely meal at paradise stuffed aubergine

watched some crap film

jamie took lids to robin and the tom and charlotte
lids bought dad meal at local

5 Sunadminmore sweeping and weeding. took plastic and stones off lightwells - washed tops down-, cleaned and folded plastic and stones

fishman came with salmon and prawns. les gave 1000tl. bill was 2700tl paid 3000

1 whole wild salmon filleted and 2 bags prawns
ordered red mullet, smoked salmon, calamari

massage and turkish bath 3pm. 2000t 50 pounds
shopping soya sauce coconut basamic cofee sesame seeds milk coconut milk corn starch
cooked teriaki salmon
film night

6 Monadmincheck subs ssl looks good
lay by pool
saw sally
spoke about ramp, poa, pay taransfers 400 in account
bought parasol
and carried back to kinf villas

supper 6 prawns and salad watched secret garden

jamie took lids back to jays and fixed bed - very happy


7 Tueadminmyra and les washe sunbeds
sinem got 4 renters 2pm
put up new parasol filled with water from pool

sinam moved to tiny house off to istanbul
spoke to jamie re wantage wants some beers efes

cleaned near gate 3 hours
bought stool for courtney
got 20 meters of rope for the blue sunbed, bin bags

beachboys dvd

8 WedadminJamie flight to dalaman

EZY8569 flight
Departs: Wed 08 May 2024 13:50
Arrives: Wed 08 May 2024 20:00
Bag drop opens: Wed 08 May 2024 11:50
Bag drop closes: Wed 08 May 2024 13:10
Check in closes 40 mins before departure

should be here around 9pm
went over the river for chi and pancake

jamies flight delayed not here till after 10pm
we had salad and fish watched dvd the

9 Thuadminwent to rehab 1 g and t, then to dalyano for 3 brandy alexanders, then the pier lovely meal

cleaned next to gate loads of dirt and weeds.3 hours


10 Friadminsent email to giles, mr hamilton, rosemary, razih,ronke
and felicity as jamie did not respond back to her

mended blue sunbed with rope purchase on wednesday
pomegranite by pool
need to book massage for sunday for the 3 of us myra, jamie and me
green couscous salad and teriaki salmon

jamie cannot mend light in bathroom

pay turkish lira into bank account as not much money in account for water and elec payments
return plate to the pier
shopping pomegranite, tonic water coke light, tomatoes maybe milk


11 Satadminmarket dvds and nuts jamie and myra
taxi back

made fishcakes and red mullet
jamie back too late

watched film rocket man jamie grumpy


12 Sunadminby pool in morning
gardener painted lanterns fences and gate nice shiny black
massage book 1pm
hunderstorms from 1.00pm till 5.30pm

plaid 100 for jamie and me

got more cash out
meal out with myra and les at the lime
dalyano cocktails first
i watched film

13 Monadminbooked boat trip with memet for 4 les myra jamie and me
jamie did not come
fantastic 25 pounds lovely meal
people who work at portham down and lived in salisbury special passes

film action movie


14 Tueadminmyra and les flying back to uk
cleaned and broomed up outside
sat by the pool
met jamie at dalyano and had a lot of brandy alexanders


15 Wedadminezy8564 dalaman to gatwick departs 13.35 arrives 16.00pm
taxi pick up at 10:45
packed bag took sheep skin jacket back. lady taxi driver
plane good arrived before 4pm
drove home m25 really slow as lots of road works

got home around 6pm
mowed the back lawns - grass so overgrown


16 ThuadminBook aqua - great
bought oil/petrol from chilham. food shop

watched corrie all 10 or so episodes
spoke to robinsons
spoke to ford little
emails from both
spent a lot of time trying to find lease solicitor but thanks to social media and google not only solicitor got married but the company has changed its name. sent email


17 Friadminbook pilates

tonight start 3 weeks booking for 8th june ff sat morning

joanne ormston pearson legal has responded and hopefully they may find something

visit robinson long chat with rosemary got stuff to sign and check

washing out on line and another lot
print off lids silk cottage documents
5.5 hours the bank in front strimmer and raked.
spoke to debs and peter, dan and clare
lids arrived 7pm
rambo little terrier opposite died today at 4pm family very sad

18 Satadminbook ff
srength and stretch
starbucks tania terry

mowing front lawns
lads want blue football
cut back brambles behind hedge
made supper for lids did not meet dan and clare
watched the crown


19 SunadminEZY867 departs sun 19 may 17:20 arrives 23.30 dalaman

London Gatwick (North Terminal) to Dalaman
EZY8567 flight
Departs: Sun 19 May 2024 17:20
Arrives: Sun 19 May 2024 23:30
Bag drop opens: Sun 19 May 2024 15:20
Bag drop closes: Sun 19 May 2024 16:40
Check in closes 40 mins before departure

signed stuff for rosemary and dropped into their letterbox
dropped lids off at station

bought dishwasher tablets, electric tooth brush
jay has completed walk what a man!!

aby and mark witnessed documents

water plants finish mow and maybe some weeding
pack bag
file away stuff

plane delayed 1 hour on ashfelt
jamie in bed when i arrived
watched film


20 Monadminpool
food shop fruit and yoghurt

sore throat caught from plane
meal out at old market lovely
lots of alexander brandies at dalyano
saw colin and linda who used to live in chartham
her daughter lost husband to cancer melanoma aged in early thirties
they at at cosk not busy
i popped by to see salih very busy and gave poa to him to pass on to harry

watched film father and daughter


21 Tueadmincreate a go fund me email to relatives for jays walk
pool - took for ever as i forgot mouse
now used jamies mouse much better
massage 1pm 2 ladies for me and jamie not so hard a massage probably best as both not too good

did not go out for supper
jamie bought turkish delight for robin
forgot to get him to take stuff back so bit of an expense paying for larger bag

spoke to pilot and wife

i watched film


22 WedadminDalaman to London Gatwick (North Terminal)
EZY8564 flight
Departs: Wed 22 May 2024 13:35
Arrives: Wed 22 May 2024 16:00
Bag drop opens: Wed 22 May 2024 11:35
Bag drop closes: Wed 22 May 2024 12:55
Check in closes 40 mins before departure

jamie going back to uk
slob by the pool still got a sore throat
jamie has a problem with his eye hopefully deal with it t omorrow
washing blankets and towels
filing and doing emails
responses to jays go fund me

24 FriadminTony rachel, courtney and maddie and emma arrive0.000.00

27 MonadminMonday 27th May - Friday 31st May lisanholiday. ok i am in turkey 0.000.00

31 FriadminTony rachel, courtney and maddie and emma leave0.000.00
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