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June 2023

1 Thuadminwebsite-design@ R3tt1ngt0nJP! pass pwd
reset ipad so both now the same
spoke to giles re david
he will send davids letter re gifts which is incorrect

i will send email re giles questions sent out at 1am

Jamie went to Rentain and changed the oven as current one not working

2 FriadminPilates not on
came back and gardened weeds
worked on the back lawn cutting stuff by the fence
and re mowing this bit as long 5 hours

3 Satadminff
strength and tretch
Tania got headache so late for class. coffee cancelled

morrisons weekly shop

Worked on garden weeding in general and watering pots

3rd of June. We could start around 4pm if that works for you? We could finish around 7pm for you to sit down and enjoy the meal. I'll bring some essential equipment and ingredients. All I need is your kitchen. What type of cookers do you have please?

The cost is £300 for extra 4 people. Do you know what dishes you would like to learn? I can send you some lists for you to choose from. Let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

lids taking jay to sportsman and air band b in whitstable
will ring tobins whether can look at car

lovely time at tom and charlotte
spring rolls made green thai curry sauce, prawns and noodles, green prawn curry


4 Sunadminmet charlotte at wormshill church 11am
went to beccas to look at house and buildings etc and look at south east kent open studio beccas prints

saw the 2 horses

and kasia

jamie went to cricket with tom nitesh and paul

5 Monadminabs core and more
text debbie re ringlestone , prints and peonies
text dan and clare re peonies

jamie gone to peter bell re look at shower
spoke to mid kent memorials re david's inscription

use electric saw to cut out bad lilac branches covered in lichen but problem at base of stem

weeding. munching
headstone people will look at headstone before giving quote

6 Tueadminff
2.30 giles ford iht
11:30 visit to wormshill to get rid of weeds around davids

7 Wedadminxfit

wormshill clearing weeds thistles and stinging nettles from davids memorial

8 Thuadminaqua

at wormshill clearing fence and memorial area of thistles and stinging nettles

tried to get clare and dan for sunday - not worked
attempt liz and linsey but linsey in germany

spoke to philip lyssas husband black lab ennis he was in it not an electrician merry widows house john noble

spoke to builder at yew tree mending kitchen window he has a tory hill cottage worked for john for 10 years lives next to louise and elef

energy meter man showed him the outside box for electric meter for davids. he has read this and nothing to pay. Lots of octopus will need to ring them

ian offered to take weeds but there is a compost heap down the lane
3 lots of people walking right of way


9 FriadminPilates paid

Matt Saltarski
Emma H egarty

client id 8576

This is to confirmmigration date as 9 June . Plan 1. Thanks

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for your email.

The migration has been booked as requested.

On the day, our technical support will reach out to Emma through tickets of which there will be notifications sent to mail@kentlawtra

had to cancel this as i have no access to mail@kentlawtraining or simply mail solutions and emma not in office

organising sunday tania clive liz and terrie

emailed jodie re only one car to perch hill

weed main semi circle water plants

 klsMatt Saltarski
Emma Hegarty

client id 8576

This is to confirmmigration date as 9 June . Plan 1. Thanks

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for your email.

The migration has been booked as requested.

On the day, our technical support will reach out to Emma through tickets of which there will be notifications sent to

10 SatadminSaro Delo 6pm the local her 40th birthday
drank aperol and g and ts

lids here deck chairs gandts
lovely sunny day

11am recycle garden waste
12pm starbucks tania and terrie

purchase collapsable bin bags - brilliant

debbie and peter barbeque with lipscombe

11 Sunadminlids here

provisional dan and claire ringlestone

debbie and peter barbeque with lipscombe

dan and clare were going to come but not timely

now clive tania maybe terrie or liz

1.45 lunch ringlestone
goto peony fields and visit becca for open day

weed field ledge good with 2 steps

12 Monadminabs core and more

spoke to kfh shelley she will pass on to natalie re not renewing tenancy and sellling annexe august

spoke to octopus re davids energy bills octopus to close account and move to me.

took lids to lipscombe at 8.20
cost near to 3k for new clutch
took lids to canterbury east around 3.15 pm
took about 3 hours to get back to 16b

weeded next to fence 4 hours

13 Tueadminff
went to recycle mistake said dover not canterbury
9am let me dump wormshill waste and field next to
millbank waste

Wemt to wormshill continued down road weeding
went to coffee morning at village hall bought some apricot jam mrs hobday met denise gee next to mel. saw mel had a hug she went on monday with becca and emma to peony fields and loved it
spoke to linda alison and people john payne etc from mrs morphews old house

back worked on weeks then peter came and chatted
more weeding dumped on compost heap and went for tea at alisons

just made it to ff

weeded back next to fence 1hour


14 Wedadminxfit
weeding thistles, stinging nettles, bindweed from behind the fence . 4 bags 4-7pm roughly main part done will need probably another day

jamie went to 16b first bought an oven at screwfix canterbury and the oven worked very grumpy

washing weekly cleaned lids room

spoke to myra her original sale of villa scrapped and in less than a week purchase by 2 turks money in pounds 165k in her gbp account but so far none transferred to uk bank has to be done in 40k chunks

diana has twin appointment 5th july
i have applied


15 Thuklsfinally got SMS login to work emmahegar..
and emails
recycle garden waste 9am

goto wormshill

How to create an email client for
domain held on
server with SMS

To logon to SMS
Chicken21! no longer

Not sure if the transfer has happened yet /viewticket.php?tid=SMS-3585135851&c=FC7O4t9D

ht tps:// action=emails

look at hello, emma and look at email history

To setup email client :
To set up your email client with Simply Mail Solutions, you can follow the steps below:

Open your email client.
Click on “Add Account” or “New Account”.
Select “IMAP” as the account type.
Enter your email address and password. treacyburbidge
Enter the following incoming server settings:
Server: im
Port: 993
Security type: SSL/TLS
Enter the following outgoing server settings:
Server: sm
Port: 587
Security type: STARTTLS
That’s it! You should now be able to send and receive emails using your email client.

If you need further assistance, you can contact Simply Mail Solutions’ award-winning UK customer support team 24/7/365 via email on sale or call 01925 818448 for friendly help & advice123.

Learn more:
1. porta
3. simp
5. sup
+4 more

oven not working

jamie off to the nec birmingham cricket
weeding behind fence

16 Friadminpilates paid - not gone
work check SMS
and txt record to domain 123-reg
answer ticket

https:// =productdetails&id=3042
make pack lunch
goto jodies house
she drove us to perch hill

Perch hill afternoon with jodie

lovely bought 2 seed packets
had cake and tea

weeding behind fence

17 Satadminff
stretch and strength
debbie and peters anniversary
no starbucks
look at beauty and beast
weeding behind fence

18 Sunadmindebbie and peter fathers day so no booking

3pm recycle
4 hours weeding

raining most the afternoon
watched beauty and beast


19 Monadminabs core and more
rang re david's inscription
replied to octopus for david


20 Tueadminstretch
ff 4th on waiting list

myra still trying to get code from bank
Bayram? june 27th till 1st july
Kurban Bayram? Holiday in Turkiye

Banks and post offices will be closed during Kurban Bayrami, but most shops and supermarkets will remain open. ATMs may run out of cash towards the end of the holidays. In Istanbul, most tourist attractions remain open, but the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar will be closed.

Rained most of the day

created pdf for nitesh re rosier court and another pdf re possibility of uvpc windows

 klstried to get the office 365 to work

this is the link for office 365 Eh5g3rty


21 Wedadmin14:40 tom buckland dentist

need to ring theringlestone re menu
2hrs weeding field by fence

rang anne
sounds like having a good time. dick got 3 days a week for a number of months
time by the pond
pub got new management so go each friday night
hayes festival enjoyed

rang diana
joan mann died this morning

22 Thuadminaqua

need to ring theringlestone re menu - no as 5 and 7 do a lot of meat

servage need to leave - find another provider mainly for and
looked at godaddy


23 Friadminpilates paid

Friday 23 June 2023 at 14.00 hours Turkiye time

diana came round to sign giles iht/probate

max rang re new police interview with defendant no comment more reports checks then cps to see if will goto court

spoke to frances she thinks we should get a lawyer

2 hours gardening
spoke to myra
booked ba tickets sunday 2nd july till sun 9th jul
 propertiesAnnexe renewed from 24 August 21 to 23 August 2023

2 years


24 Satadminff

ringlestone arms 6pm debbie and peter
tania starbucks
weeding 2 hours

red pepper gapacho; trout with sea grass ;chocolate passionfruit sorbet and icecream

25 Sunadmintoo much to drink last night watch a lot of episodes of beauty and the beast

gardening 3 hours weeding

26 Monadminabs core and more

rang diana re coroner and stone
jamie gone to london Brightfield road to fix wiring

27 Tueadminff

filing and sorting out problems with heart internet and 123-reg re conversions

28 WedinstructionsSPEEDTEST

8.87Mbps download 7.28Mbps upload Latency: 12 ms

speedtest 57.30 download 8.95 upload 64.52 and 8.75; 68.54 7.40; 59.78 and 6.63
today 7.92 0 ping 209; down 90 up 242
look at new providers

hostgator; greengeeks; godaddy;

Turkey 18 may 22.844
22 may 24.45
31 may 24.51
24 may 22.92

poor turkish lira to pound from post office use market
 klslook at problem on subs
payments not good
db not got correct data
problem with pound sign
watched tim spector ultraprocessed food panarama
capital gains will be around 125k on annexe at 700k

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send in post giles IHT
send in post mid kent memorial for headstone

annexe spoke to khf got john payne to visit next tuesday

emailed salih re turkey staying for week with myra

lids wondering about air b and bing rosier court - noo
message hugh re wantage road attaching section 21 pdf

seen that the email did not have the section 21 form


30 Friadminpilates paid

3pm cassiet haircut
resend to hugh section 21 form
8:30 to 9:30 sonia re kls
looks like kls is looking for a different system
after investingating servage re newsletters looks like it was server overloading
sent new newsletters today worked

sonia would like to personalise the letters more

need to see what kls are doing
i will send invoices for the ssl and domains

1 hour mowing back left lawn
weeding and removing brambles in garden 2.5 hours

 klsclient.php fixed
run_campaign already fixed
emai l/includes/admin-functions changed - fixed
check out logs today

select if agency and date =2023-12-31 and paid
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