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July 2023

1 Satadminff

servage needs to be dealt with by 24 july 23


check-in opens on Saturday 1 July at 14:50

2 SunadminBA2662
BA Euroflyer | Euro Traveller | Confirmed

2 Jul 2023
Gatwick (London)
Terminal S

2 Jul 2023
Terminal I
BA Euroflyer | Euro Traveller | Confirmed

9 Jul 2023

Terminal I

9 Jul 2023
Gatwick (London)
Terminal S

3 Monadminabs core and more cancelled

Goth two fishes sea bream and veg
Saw Salih paid for transfer

4 Tueadminff
stretch cancelled

Bank first thing is bank
Myra�s account blocked need to close account take out all cash and then go to Ortaca and set up government account put cash in and setup transfer

Seeking not happy with Myra
All done cake and coffee
Rose with hub and Doreen
Cooked fish and salad

5 Wedadminxfit 1 on waiting list - cancelled
Relax day
180 out atm
Purchased for Maddie opal necklace 50gbp
Meal at market
Another stone massage
Got red night bag 25

6 ThuadminTurkey
10 am beach with boat went on for my birthday last year
Ray and claire -printer
a young girl southampton graduated degree law
her mum a pilates instructor
couple from birmingham a female fire officer and it guy she had died red hair

crabbing hot bit of lake out to see island some did body surfing

went to paridiso cocktails

7 FriadminTurkey

german family at the pool using lids umbrella and chairs
9am the money 160k popped into myras barclay account
whoopee all done
bought fish and made supper at home after massage

massage final one of 3 mine was a medical and had new guy who was very shy myra still had nico but a normal massage

8 SatadminTurkey
went to market got nuts
saw salih checked transfers
bought some nuts for myra
myra treated me to salmon at the lime
we tried the new cocktail bar so the family from kaunos onur and wife boy was at a sleepover
pool during the day

9 SunadminBA2661
BA Euroflyer | Euro Traveller | Confirmed

9 Jul 2023
Terminal I

9 Jul 2023
Gatwick (London)
Terminal S

delay 1 hour and 20 minutes

les picked us up good
new pickup kaunos tours an american or turkish lady

left one of cushions out so contacted sertac to put onto balcony

10 Monadminabs core and more

Hough opal is the birthstone that is worn for the fortunate existence of the Libra-conceived people, to get luck they can also go for different choices which sincorporate peridot, sapphire, tourmaline, sea green/blue, and agate.

spoke to ford little frankie will send davids will to charlotte and dan

talk to dan charlotte diana me whatsapp 7:45 pm

spoke to uw re smart meter mond 17th july 10am to 2pm electric 30663


11 TuepropertiesTHE ANNEXE
1850 brick construction sold john payne c e kingsoff

31 july 1980 42,250 accepted offer
4 aug 1980 100pound deposit
completed in november 1980
Annexe then bought from diana 23 feb 1983
I got mortgage with leeds building society 15k
could only borrow 2.5 my salary lied and said i earnt 6k a year but it was 5k

rented out room straight away for ?

30 jan 91 borrowed 50k on annexe 14.5% interest
still owed 12.7k so mortgage increased to 62.7k
paid 786.56 a month
rented it for 700 pcm
by oct 92 mortgage interest was reduced so paid
526.55 pcm
jan 93 424.12 pcm but i overpaid 655.88
oct 95 362.11 closing balance 36,922
Oct 99 404.75 balance 30,718

reburbish 2002 jamie
2002 24.5k outstanding

jan 2003 borrowed another 15k
jan 2003 497.77 pcm
jul 2003 1200pcm rent upped from 700pcm
Oct 2003 520 pcm
mar 2010 425.43 finished payment
oct 2010 237.37
advance of 10k
30 jan 2011 outstanding 8,710

30 jan
spoke to diana re sending john email

send references, section 21 to hannah 16b

send letter to the annexe


12 WedpropertiesKFH quote for valuation of annexe 650-700

john payne 795

DOGS longevity feed them beef liver; japenese mushrooms and green lipped mussel
product called canine prime

email john re sunday view of davids house

silk cottage accounts for izzy 3 ho urs

investigate uvpc windows for rosier court


13 Thuproperties16B for re- renting
kitchen window cill
paint work

So as to get 16B LEE TERRACE re-let
jamie fix flat whilst only 2 there so from 21st August till the 4th September

I can then let kfh start to look to re letting around that time.
I will have no income from property as annexe for sale
silk cottage accounts to izzy 4 hours
samual wright karen rang re

14 Friadminpilates paid cs/twitter-for-websites/timelines/guides/profile-ti meline

PROBLEMS WITH TWITTER ellon musk brought it down

just watched klsmembers newsletter get through. looks like this went down when someone hit the twitter button

OVO energy for lids rosier court she will get a bill at the property on 16th. wait for this. james foster will need to talk to ovo himself

davids insurance no so need to look next week with gocompare. see how many months will need

spoke to grant and service for cottages he will arrange

saglio 16b hopefully will arrange with lids

mowed back lawn, side lawn and half of left lawn 1.5 hrs

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15 Satadminff 10
strength and stretch
starbucks tania

invoice to andrew johnson kls
email to dan re IHT gifts etc
spoke to diana re dan and charlotte
email nicholas and emma re annexe

purchase from currys a terrabyte backup device and a memory stick
start transferring everything from servage onto back up device as looking to move to heart internet


16 Sunadmin4pm john and lucy wormshill re cottages
jamie in cricket match for charity 10:30 to 2:30

i am still transferring data from servage

17 Monadminabs core and more - forgot the time cancelled online could not get through to kings

10am to 2pm electric smart meter uw

need to ring giles re reassure pension
if beneficiary form returned
he has responded
spoke to Anne. she is going to village hall meeting to dispute parking lot created opposite her.

completed transfer of servage to backup

kls are aware that I will be doing the transfer to hi this week

filled in the twins research and got poo sample
will check trains for tomorrow

Reassure 100k pension
Aviva 321 271
Aviva 44 375
Bond 372k

18 Tueadminjamie birthday

twin research st thomas 1pm today

booked for stretch ff on waiting list may cancel

back at 7:30


read up on twin research on train. and rosier court

19 Wedklssetting on heart
mysql db
 adminxfit 1st on waiting list

izzy diana naveed provisional tea - no

delete on HI
re enter it
ftp pwd B3k5rsl3n5!
not working on filezilla
password T r13lpr5nt1c5!

izzy and mango and naveed gone back to london
diana very upset

20 Thuklsmore work on klsmembers on hi
 admindeep aqua

izzy diana naveed provisional tea morning 11am - cancelled

washing done and last nights brought in
attempt to purchase dishwasher for the annexe currys filters for height size select on box height not machine
waiting for emma and nicholas to come back re delivery date

ordered goldentree ageless
best way to stay young is an active life
1. fine and deep wrinkles
2. age spots
3. less elasticity
4. thin saggy skin
5. dark under the eyes

neck lift costs 5k
bad protein progerin - toxic accumulates as you get older
this destroys collagen and breaks down elastine
Best ingredients to conteract:
winged kelp for thining skin
acacia rosin loose skin
edelweiss saggy skin

ordered 3 bottles hopefully from uk not america

email to kate re her leaving 18th august

lids is sad - has been crying too much doing reviews and not sleeping plus all the changes in her life to do with work and moving

email re plastic windows to sloggetts
ring them tomorrow afternoon

21 Friadminpilates paid
lids slept 10 hours much better
izzy brought diana's car home and had a good talk so things better.

work on
set up domain and tested all software for portal
tested emails
started to work on

went to rosier court and cleaned windows - place a mess. need to clean a lot. viewing cancelled 7pm to 10pm
jamie mowed lawns
 klswork re transfer0.004.00

22 Satadminff
strength and stretch

coffee with tania

work on klsmembers. purchased ssl for klsmembers still not installed. ticket to hi

testing the webmail boxes

work on

want my site, calendar, rosanna and sample website-design to function on HI. Other sites will deal with at a later stage
 klstransfer work away from servage0.005.00

23 Sunklswork on transferring klsmembers from servage 2 hours
removed all references to servage
tested portal - all looks good
just waiting for SSL

 admin3/4 of bank strimmed and then strimmer broke lost a little metal piece
weeded at top of bank and front left bed and phlox area 2 hours
weekly shop saw natalie from gym she lives opposite the garage on the main road

jamie used my car to jump start lids car

24 Monadminabs core and more

10:20am and 2:20pm* fancy cream arrives

10:40am and 1:40pm* simply swim cosies and goggles

spent most of the day testing and portal ; backed up to ipad inbox; re set the settings. need to check the number of emails allowed to go through . SSL finally working so site good 3 hours

purchased ssl for
checking out what is working. ssl showing up inconsistencies in coding and access files maybe it is the dns settings 5 hours

jamie making bath panel for rosier court
 kls3 hours testing and get site fully functional. Got helpdesk to get ssl cert good
backed up webmail to ipad

25 Tueadminff

meet barbie in the morning
There's a bus which gets in at 10:22 so shall I see you in Fenwick at 10:30? Or what time's good for you?

is it Jenny Saville who is the artist at murston heart at end of month

 klsnewsletter on hi sent out but problems

I have run a test and you should have received this. Please confirm yes or no

The run has completed but I see that the following has happened

1st Batch 17:11 BYA started
2nd Batch 17:12 BYA started
3rd Batch 17:12 BYA started
1st Batch 17:14 DS795 ended
2nd Batch 17:14 DS795 ended
3rd Batch 17:14 DS795 ended
So the above is the first 119 emails triplicated. Batches are meant to be serially processed not in parallel
I am surprised the process did not yell out or rather Heart Internet as this will appear like scamming

Luckily it has recovered itself and when the real next 119 were submitted ie the real 2nd batch everything has worked well

2nd Batch 18:43 duan started )
2nd Batch 18:45 jt@furl ended ) 119 emails
3rd Batch 18:51 jwilliams started )
3rd Batch 18:54 pjs@ ended ) 119 emails
4th Batch 19:09 ppmventon started )
4th Batch 19:12 zoe@ ended ) 114 emails

Now looking at the failures which there are a great deal
I have found 11; 31 autoreplies (good); and 202 problems which I am looking into further incase these are due to change of hosting provider or whether the klsmembers site has been black listed due to the triplicate 1st batch and the setting off of the batches with very little break in between.

Please can you at some point soon check out the excel spread sheet. If you know any of these solicitors please can you ask them if they have received the newsletter - maybe Jon might do this.
look at email stored today with attachments

worked on this and realised link rubbish which I think has caused the bounce backs

26 Wedadminxfit

check out
John at xfit cross re kings going to cancel the old age reduction in september
The platinum adult will be 923.40
me 450
and new OAPs 738.60 so is a 20% reduction rather than 50%
These rates will remain until 31 Aug 2024

sent out email to han, dan and cha re 216k
4 emails to giles re his letters
5 hours on phone to diana

 klsspoke to jon and he is going to send another email with apologies and only the bit re nominations
i will submit this and monitor this

27 Thuadminaqua

insured barnfield 2 davids cottage with optima cia need to inform them when probate has completed so that policy holder changes.

Spoke to john at winkworths who has been to the Annexe and has valued the property at 725k. Roof needs some work and inside upgrading. Have advised they get back to Andrew and Emma

Rosier Court

Spoken to OVO and they have said that James has not closed his account. He has to ring and do this as for security reasons he has to communicate with them. Once this happens the account will setup properly.

I have queried why no post has come to Rosier Court from them and the help desk is just looking into this.

Anyway just tell James to do his end as he is blocking the process

New account finally set up for you - 24283157

Plan is OVO simpler energy - no exit fees
I have given your bank details as 16b Lee Terrace
I have given my email as I was pretending I was you


28 Friadmin28/07/2023 at 08:00 am - 12:00 pm Saglio 16B
no pilates

shut down servage account
spoke to diana re gh heating cracked oil tank need new one current oil certs not passed because of tank position; gas cert good
need to pay bill and contact grant to go ahead and get tank plus inform giles

spoke to myra
her teeth are good; she has bought a new dress for grand-daughters wedding

missed frances again

work on lids st dunstans windows request - done at last whoopee

certas have done a service on silk cottage not requested so need to talk to them to shut down account

 klsrun the portal apology email re problem with previous run with text in link
worked successfully sent email to jon and sonia re rules for portal and email analysis for admin of subs.

29 SatklsWARNING
Tue, 02 Aug 2022 22:45:23 GMT let's encrypt runs out
Let's Encrypt

create new free certificate on servage with Let's Encrypt
strength and stretch
cofffee with diana and terrie
emails to sue bex arrange to goto Cote in Blackheath

3 hours weeding evening


30 Sunadminarrange to see Sue Bex in morning
bring lids back in afternoon with coffee table and some other stuff
charlotte is a junior doctor and boyfriend is an iraqi who is a consultant

work on and /home 2 hours

looked at rosier court to give lids an idea of where she will live.

31 Monadminabs core and more
lids here
spent 5 hours working on
looks like servage has closed account
rained all day
took lids to station at 3:30
spoke to francess not happy roger going down hill emily has boyfriend george bumble has attacked dog nearby knee is not good as not done exercises she is very lonely

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