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August 2023

1 Tueadminff
spoke to anne re email problems
alice is changing her job to doing an msc in physicology university of kent next september 2024

went to dump with jamie to dispose of setee and chair from rosier pilgrims did not want sofa
took ages jamie drove 20mph all the time
looking to fill in the accelerated procedure for possession of property against hugh

spoke to anne

2 Wedadminxfit

Possession proceedings for rented property

A landlord must follow a three stage process to evict a tenant from a rented property. They must:

give the tenant a valid notice

issue a court claim for a possession order

apply for a warrant to allow bailiffs to evict the tenant

The tenant may have a defence that allows them to remain in their home.

Part 55 Civil Procedure Rules sets out the process that must be followed in possession cases.

To start a possession claim, the landlord must complete a claim form and send it to the County Court. The form can be sent to the court by post or completed online using the Possession Claims Online (PCOL) process

The completed Form N5 needs to be sent to the County Court in the area in which the property is situated

Go through allocating id to attachments and N5B
investigating 6 hours

3 Thuadminaqua
saglio problem no gas cert on wantage last year
email bromley county court with queries re email and which court
put washing on and tidy lids bedroom
water meter man came today

fix a link on davids page
diana at st thomas hosp re twin study

tabs on mozilla dure-rules/civil/rules/part05/pd_part05b

https:/ / l/possession_and_eviction/possession_process_for_re nted_property/section_21_possession_process#title-3 ed-possession-orders /result/15003655805

mowed the shed back garden
investigated 48 st dunstans re costcutter - retrospective planning as they have demolished a 1700s house.

and created pdf plus flat 2 in 2006 put in new UVPC windows and door

4 Friadminpilates paid k/news/why-would-i-buy-and-overlay-and-not-a-solid- piece-of-granite/

https://www.stonecoverkitchens ****

response re the annexe
response from bromley court so could maybe limit to email

phone call with emma
she is starting zoe
her website h ttps:// is now working so family page working
#rosewylie #officially #cuttheribbon and opened #murstonheart #chancelgallery on Friday 28th July 2023
Her painting blue doodlebug hangs in the gallery until Sunday 30th July viewing from 10.30-3.30pm.

add friend Courtney
kezia looking to rent in london

mowed the garden



https://w rend/files/brochure.pdf?_its=JTdCJTIydmlkJTIyJTNBJT IyNmZmZjI


TIyc3RhdGUlMjIlM0ElMjJybHR%2BMTY5MT E1NDg1Mn5sYW5kf



5 Satadminsummer games no ff
30 lengths swim and egym

starbucks tania terrie and diana
brought diana to millbank and deposited her in canterbury


6 Sunadmintried to test out twitter feeds via wordpress
tried to use out of date and the template uses a grid app not working
will try later 4 hours

amended still need to fix forcing https

shopping for week

7 Monadminabs core and more

jamie to wantage saglio service and cert
2pm to 5pm
 klsspent a number of hours trying to figure out why twitter feed not working. ellon musk has changed it and twitter feeds no longer work 4 hours 0.004.00

8 Tueadminff

max rang he is on holiday for 3 weeks going to america. guy still on bail further enquiries re collision related to goto to cps
 klsspent more hours and figured out I could set up a RSS feed from Twitter. This was not working

5 hours

9 Wedadminxfit

to create rss feed for twitter
https :// kls

anne from copperfield dropped by for coffee
lovely sunny day

anila is going to invite us for food and cinema in her house in october

sertac emailed re rosanna purchase

 klsFinally solved the problem
the rss feed works from twitter however it only shows certain posts not re- tweets

tested this on my account in
5 hours


10 Thuadminaqua
need to do forms for bromley court - still doing
emailed sertac upped offer to 170
emailed grant re oil tank
emailed doreen re rosanna
emailed emma re her website
emailed sonia re rss feed and jon .5 hours

emailed shelley with lids no

spoke to myra and les re villa
spoke to diana re zoe button etc
tom asked jamie re going to watch rugby 10 days in september in france - no
 klsneed to contact sonia re newsletter and tweet0.000.00

11 Friadminpilates paid


A County Court Judgment (CCJ) is a type of court order in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that might be registered against you if you fail to repay money you owe. Find out more about what to do if you receive a County Court claim form. A CCJ is sometimes referred to as a County Court Summons, and in Scotland the process is called enforcing a debt by diligence.

Before a creditor can start any court action they must try and come to an agreement with you first. This is called pre-action protocol for debt claims.

You should have already received a letter of claim form giving you several options to reach an agreement and you needed to respond within 30 days before your creditor can issue a default notice ahead of starting a CCJ claim.

This record can seriously affect your ability to get a mortgage, a credit card or even a bank account in the future. This is another reason it’s important you don’t ignore a County Court Judgment (CCJ)

hugh has texted jamie to say he may have got a room monday will let him know

Offer accepted 710k for the Annexe

12 Satadminff

strength and stretch
tania not there as maybe clive got covid
terrie at a reformer pilates class in babchild

starbucks with diana

mowed the side lawn and back

work again on twitter problem they have stopped the rendering yet again

13 Sunadminwork again on twitter re rendering have now decided to just put in links so that this no longer needs to be dealt with

mow rest of garden front and main side

taking car to sell not happened as jamie not wanted to
spoke to frances she has fallen and done in her knee the one just done so cannot walk or drive
roger going downhill and wetting himself
his offspring want to see him and the youngest girl bethany husband pancreatic cancer initially only coming and frances will give tea and cake but now the elder girl who lives in france and not nice to frances is coming too so frances will get out of her house until they are gone.

Accepted 175k with Sertac for Rosanna

found documentation on lids car

14 Monadminabs core and more

guy came to reset lids car
jamie took it out and it is still failing clutch

I have contacted ali onur - no response

I have contacted Rosemary spoke to her she will do the sale of the annexe and rosier court plus mentioned we should organise poa

certas energy spoken to them and still need to pay for unrequested service

garden weeding 1.5 hours main bed

sent hugh gas cert

 klschanged twitter to add a link to posts as a header 0.000.50

15 Tueadminff

work on court possession wantage attachments
A__ Tenancy agreement 25
A1__Wantage2021ASTchange 9
A2__Wantage2022AST 6
B__Form_6A_Jun_1 2
B1_ _emailSection21 1
E__TenancyCertWantage 1
F__EPC_Wantage 4
G__Job Certificate-2807 1
G1__LandlordContractGas 2
G2__Job Certificate-3980 1
H__How_to_rent 18
Form_N5B 26
97 pages

jamie cleared out Rosier Court

16b Shelley has come back 2.5k a month
block viewing on the 26th bank holiday weekend
needs to get a floorplan
take a few pictures of outside and roof terrace
curtains will remain as they dress the sittingroom

tegran at the gym put on weight has had 2 lots of operations but good now going to cairo to see the pyramids and then sail up the nile.
 klstraining problem with using same title as a feb 2023 course it loaded old pdf
10 minutes

16 Wedadminxfit

court order

try to get pre mobile friendly

ali onor responded
sonia problem

went round to see abby and mark they are off to france on saturday. will water plants

they are going to sell and move to stirling free uni for girls emma going to school in september
mark going in september to checkoout scotland and abby the following month. mark can get a transfer but abby will need to make sure she can get a job . only then will move

 klsnewsletters rejects send the rules to sonia as she doesnt understand bounce backs 0.000.25

17 Thuadminaqua spoke to heather stevens re her dad

emails 6 hours:
giles david re reassure
peter and norman cottages
zurich to iht

email nicholas and emma confirm sale - yes

spoke to diana
spoke to charlotte got confirmation that they agree
dexter has done well in a levels got his first choice manchester to study maths. brilliant
hannah phil and boys at charlottes tomorrow

myra problem with ears spec saver

18 Friadminpilates paid

need to fill in forms for robinsons

need send bromley court order

gh heating responded will install oil tank in a few weeks. whatsapped ian

having to print 97 pages x three as only allowed 100 pages in total and hopefully jamie will deliver to bromley county court and family on monday


19 Satadminff
strength and stretch
starbucks with diana
two romanian women one at morrisons and one at sainsbury 40pounds. Both in trouble albanian landlord

gardening weeding main bed 2 hours
printed off remaining bromley court stuff


20 Sunadminkate jarret move out 16b - leaving earlier

paid back deposit
emailed brenda
whatsapped terrie

weeding main bed
electric saw the lilac it has got a fungal infection so pruned it hard. Need to do more tomorrow by removing stems to the ground and neatening it. Then to add some compost and bark.
used the muncher and had to tie back some of the blackberries when putting down the mulching. Although got bacteria hopefully lelander not affected by this. 5 buckets

investigated marquee pagoda for 70th made a pdf looks like i can get a marquee.
9mx6m £350 espree marquee
8mx4m marquee with sides 250
gazebo 8mx4m 200

single duvet 53 inches x 79
d 79 x 79
k 89 nx 87

need to cut the duvet down and put remains in attic for cushions.


21 MonadminJamie went off to london to work on 16b - a bit grumpy

abs core and more
spoke to myra re purchase
spoke to doreen who has heard that sertacs villa up for sale with 2 agents for 260k expect 220k

sertac cannot give a date for sale as has not yet got a buyer he is in sri lanka but need to speak to him re date of villa on offer as cannot be beyond mid november

sent email to ali onur re not using him

lids opened up a hsbc account

lilac more cutting and weeding around it. munched up more stems. getting rid of majority see if it survives else next year remove and replace.
 klssonia problems with public site. she is not using paragraphs so the text is going outside box.

spent some time fixing home page.

Twitter triaal with rss finished
investigating alternative else will need to pay about £6.00 a month for twitter feed

22 Tueadminff
pickup at 10:30 to goto pilates 5pounds
lovely place annette interesting boules and other lady lost her husband last year croquet
water burst in place opposite the chapel shamsford street shut both ends

Twitter feed
https://ww ite/ witter-list-html/

login using
R3 n on kls testme.php

trial is for 7 days

htt ps:// ebsite/

sawing up the lilac wood cut out. munching bad stuff to put behind hedge

Tegran has asked if we would look after Ben over christmas as they are going to Canary islands - grand canary for 15 days from just before christmas
sandy maybe in italy

 klslooks like there is an alternative
i will look to see about installing this.

23 WedpropertiesLast day of tenancy at the Annexe

Please contact your tenant direct to make arrangements for checking the inventory on the last day of the tenanc and for collecting the keys..
kfh will require written agreement of both you and your tenant as to how deposit is to be settled before the monies can be released
 adminmove out annexe

more work on lilac sawing and mulching 3 hours


24 Thuadminaqua

lilac further work. dig around it 2 hours
more sawing and munching

take recycle to dump half cardboard bin and glass and cans
goto garden center plants for under lilac

water abby and marks plants
pouring with rain
 klshelp on home page
content greater than 16,,284 characters so cannot update page

25 Friadminno pilates lisa on hols

gardening planted small items compost under lilac

weeded back beds
put lavender outside back door to hopefully eliminate f lies

washing whites
washing colours

filled in kfh terms and conditions
for me and jamie pwd r 3tt1ngt0n

made florentines

jamie back from london
letter from giles to sign

26 Satadminff
strength and stretch partnered with

tea at beccas take flapjacks 2pm home 9:15

emma broke her arm lower and right foot side bone so wearing a big boot and whole left arm cast
Courtney walking similar calipers as annes
they went to a camp for a week or so

starbucks terrie and diana
diana signed giles form reassure


27 Sunadminsend reassure back to giles
strimmer part arrived
cut the bank yippee
mowed back lawn and part of back side lawn
strimmed mark and abigails garden front and back

5 hours

28 Monadminbank holiday

spent 5 hours in mark and abbys garden mowed front and back weeded cut brambles and munched 2 large bins of stuff

want to take cuttings
 klssonia has responded to the pages I have setup as the home page has exceeded the word amount.

not sure what exactly she wants

29 Tueadminff
8pm carpark closed -
mowed side and front left lawn and finished back 2.5 hours

food shopping 151pounds 1.5 hrs
posted giles letter

30 Wedadminxfit

lids sofa and bed problem. sofa too big checking if it will fit in rosier or here and then move mummys

bed hannah will let dad use it and i will give money to lids. when 28th sep comes and if hugh not moved out it will need to come here

need to clean at rosier dropped off cleaning stuff

must measure and figure out about sofa

tidied up at mark and abbys 1/2 hour before xfit

emailed OVO re rosier court and looks like maybe account is good now. will need to check in a couple of days

cleaning at rosier 3.5 hours oven and hob, hoovered and did a lot of measuring. sofa cannot fit unless can split in half


great support gone onto the free license need to see if I have to update each day or if it does it automatically


php_value memory_limit 518M
to .htaccess as images not all rendering on the galleries

31 Thuadminaqua and steam room - may need to cancel if not going - cancelled


Hi Jenny, Diana and Frances,

I don't know whether or not you remember Annette Nugent? She was in our class and the family emigrated to Canada when we were about 13.

Anyway, she is coming over for a visit in August and a group of us are meeting up at my house in the afternoon for a cuppa and a natter and I shall book a table at The Sun at Bredgar for supper.

So far there will be Sue, Chris, Vanessa, Maureen, Annette and me but it would be lovely if you fancy joining us too. What do you think?

Responded to sertac re villa sale looks like will complete his sale 13th september

wrote to solicitor with id for sale of annexe and said waiting on survey

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