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September 2023

1 Friadminupto london at 12:30 to split sofa in two
left at 4:45pm over 2 hours to get home m2 choka

brought back 4 chairs to go into loft and some wine
got 250 out for lids removal men
rosier court cleaned dishwasher domestos in toilet hoovered cleaned a number of the units

 klssonia problem with home page

copied over test home page as index and changed rssfeed to ignore if admin set as this was holding up the process of update 1.5 hours

annoyingly sonia has not updated website as agreed so me staying to do this is pretty pointless
 turkeyNov 2012 diana and me 1
April 2013 diana, me and lids 2
Sep 2013 Jamie, lids and me
Oct 2013 Suzanne, jack and me
April 2014 Diana, David, Jamie and me 3
Oct 2014 Tom, Charlotte, hen, sarah, Jamie and me
Apr/May 2015 diana, me
June 2015 convent 4
Aug/Sep 2015 anne, dick, alice, catherine and me
Oct 2015 me and myra iranian pianist
April 2016 Frances, diana and jenny 5
May 2016 lids, jamie and me
August/Sep 2016 anne dick alice and katherine
oct 2016 jenny
Apr/may 2017 diana and jenny 6
sep/oct 2017 lids and jenny
May 2018 lids and jenny -diana off to goa
aug/sep 2018 dick and anne and jenny

apr/May 2019 jenny -3weeks and terrie one week
aug 2019 lids and jenny
Sep 2019 Jamie and me cappadocia
covid attempted jamie, lids and jenny may 2020
Sep 2020 Me and Lids and jamie
may 2022 Jamie Jenny Lydia
Sep 2022 emma, terrie and jenny
May 2023 Jamie, lids and jenny
July 2023 myra and jenny
October 2023 final trip jenny and jamie lids and jay already there


2 Satadminhannahs dad to stay at 16b as coming up with a van
maybe taking beds etc

Jamie pick lids up from blackheath bring home
Spent whole day cleaning lids flat as she got stuff in the right places.10:30 to 6pm

kitchen under cabinets suprising clean still
fridge freezer a bit dodgy and mould growing

brought stuff back to go in loft

 klsamended pages take out br and add paragraph to make it look better 0.000.50
 turkeyhsbc bank

33k to marmaris
59.2 to fethiye
32k to gocek
191k to bodrum

tues 3 oct 23 57.99
wed 18 oc 23 91.99

3 Sunadminpick up lids 10am to goto dunelm

got a new sauce pan

afternoon down at walnut tree weeding stinging nettles and thistles. still need to plant emmas bulbs and weed down fence

mr gibson dad stopped in his red mini and tried to be friendly. said his name was haynes and that he had moved back to mattison place. wanted to put some flowers down
lyssa philips came back with dog and was glaring at us talking to man in mini

when he went she came up the road and spoke to us wanting to know if we realised that was mr gibson one of the people in the car. rude about jane bass

will contact max


4 MonpropertiesHannah move out 16b

and lids
 adminabs core and more

last day hannah and lids
lids needs to let me know so that i can release deposit

lids at home as no broadband yet at rosier court
took her to rosier with the brown armchair. she has forgotten her screen monitor connector

aby been round and given me normandy cider lovely
showed her the dodgy bush and she said i can take some cuttings
missed abs class traffic horrendous
given lids brown armc hair.

popped in to lids with cable connector
saw tegran and said we couldn't have ben
 klssonia has sent out emails duplicating batch 2 but all gone

some into spam webmail is know drag and drop

5 Tueadminff

11:30 recycling garden waste and inks
sorting out magazines to recycle tomorrow
paid 32 pounds to lisa pilates

change bedding

rang anne pedder and put 50 into her account as forgot birthday

spoke to ian re tank installation and said he can take some oil from davids

he is going to put some shrubs into front of David
he cut davids hedge wondered if david had hedge trimmer

put stuff up in loft

take tape and washing to lids for after lesson

put stuff in loft

6 Wedadminxfit

6:30 lids to help with chairs into loft
All stuff in loft yippee

mow front right lawn

water plants
very hot

send myra a card
ring diana re ian having some oil

1pm recycle one weed bag, bag of magazines and 2 sofa cushions
email to OVO re problem with app


7 Thuadminaqua
a survey booked for Thursday 7th September. Annexe

agree stair carpet quote 16b
email salih re sertac to put personal affects in basement

email mo
email salih re transfer details lids

8 Friadminpilates

hoovered and put clothes horse in loft
weeded front drive

lightbox for daddy's mbe on home prentice challis site

spoke to diana

spoke to ovo re bad account

spoke to aneila re 16th
tania still in ibiza
terrie got covid


9 Satadminff
mow grass back side and left front

rosemary emailed re visit to plant bulbs wormshill tomorrow
ordered slot for jamie dump wardrobe 11am
spoke to frances she had a time with mud
told her main party cancelled

sudokos for a long time


10 Sunadminblackheath cleaning
traffic on m2 lousy 1 hour to get to a249 turnoff as m2 closed and pushed over to m20 arrived after 2.5 hours
12-8pm cleaning windows and surfaces in bedrooms hoovering and bringing curtains to wash vases, glasses etc home to put in attic
journey back on m20 car left on motorway so took an extra half hour luckily only junctions 9 and 10 closed operation stack. a20 horrendous up to charing roundabout on the other way.


11 Monadminabs core and more

If you can’t clear your balance, call us – we can help

Hello Lydia Prentice Challis

We recently got in touch about your £29.02 debt, which is now overdue. Since we share data with credit reference agencies, your credit rating might be affected – so it’s important we sort this together.

put vases and glass,bubble wrap into loft
will take large vase, washing and files to lids after abs

ovo rang nice guy from scotland says credit rating may get affected but will be reversed with the reversal department upto 6 weeks to rectify

take washing, large vase and paper stuff and iron board to rosier court. lids spoke about air band b

washed curtains from lee terr ace

apparently regal think rosier is only worth 170-175

 klssonia said the test emails were not coming to her. I ran the job and they went out but this seemed to be the last time that they would.

not sure if it is the content or the mail server
will wait for sonia's response tomorrow

12 Tueadminff
worked on kls and then louise ducket sent me an email
i have looked to see how sheep works and it appears to be a subscription db which can blend with emails and wordpress etc.

got to wormshill at 12pm and did weeding till 5pm. met new lady in matterson place two dogs fiona (large dog) and pip (small dog).peter came and chatted.

Worked on kls after ff
 klsthe webmail box will not send any emails but will receive emails.
put in a ticket to heart internet but they have not responded.

Doing testing on both and which seems to be working - need to check more which is why i tested output from webmail. webmail for works fine

13 Wedadminxfit

sale of sertac's villa - postponed to 23rd september

cross about having to do kls stuff but got to be done.

 klsspent about 5 hours trying to figure out how to get this news letter out.

Decided to change the function to bypass smtp verification. This has proved not easy as it will not work with the html unless it is very clean so have created sep.php as an include with the html and this is working. Not a good solution only a temporary fix for the moment to get emails out

14 Thuadminaqua
spoke to lloyds
created pdf of reference problem
lloyds not helpful
emailed ovo apologising and attach the lloyds pdf

weeding wormshill afternoon 12pm to 5pm

dropped off keys, neck brace and cash to lids for turkey. suzanne in car.


15 Friadminlids leaving for turkey

Daylan flights:EZY8569

petrol for car and mower
water garden
shopping for salad ingredients 11-1pm as saw carol and ian and had a chat
make salad for tomorrow to take to liz melville
ring certas dean boiler service 07826532447

talk to diana re 2 yew tree cottage
email John re cottages
email giles re cottages

fill in signatures for jamie and myself kfh and send an email re 1 which cannot sign as incorrect


16 SatadminLids Saturday 16 Sept: Arrive in Dalaman: 03:55AM

strength and stretch
goback to millbank for salad
meet diana and tanya

go to liz lovely afternoon at their house
terry only stays short tim
anila arrives around 4pm

17 Sunadminget slot for jamie re sofa recyle canterbury
try to help him put in car too big. he has to cut it up further

create a flyer for birthday meal and send to anne, frances and barbie
Blackheath 11.30 arrive leave 8pm speak to emma for 5o minutes
clean kitchen cupboards top of and inside, clean windows kitchen, more attempts at carpet sittingroom and master bedroom
clean hall cupboard
sort out documents above hob
bring back those for lids

get twin report back printout

18 Monadminabs core and more
diana sends her twin report
she is better on memory than me !!

donna's AST
quick clean of car
rang bromley but need to email them - done so

 klsfigure that the problem with smtp is that php version has shot up to 7.3 from 5.6

need to look at software

19 Tueadminservice in for mot 54 and service low mileage 215
so about 270+VAT after 8am

kfh rang danny re checkin i am going to create inventory and send on 28th also with keys where they are


spoke to grant and go ahead with peters oil boiler

sorted filing study
cleaned baby belling thingy
paid tv license and council tax 2nd payment millbank
found photo of emily for suzanne

bad survey for annexe


20 WedadminDentist Tom 2pm
cassy hairdresser 12:45
take picture of emily to suzanne

php vers ion
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php7 .php

rang myra re sale of rosanna
correspond with sertac
wash another curtain
a bit of weeding back garden and beneath hedge
put stuff in loft and make lids bed
put pictures under the stairs. tidy table

decide to make black dahl, falfafa, winter slaw, potato and ginger parcels, teriyaki salmon, veg crumble, and choc mouse


21 Thuadminlids coming back from turkey

Return: 21 Sept depart Dalaman at 14:25PM

aqua 2nd on waiting list - c ancelled.

cooked black dahl, veg crumble, winter slaw, choc pots, prepared teriaki salmon, sweet pot parcels and falafal.

shop in the morning cooked afternoon, frances arriving around 7pm


22 Friadminpilates
Frances comes with me
flowers, brownies and cheese straws
lovely chat walk by the river
anne and dick arrive 4pm
supper can't work cooker

dick to pub with jamie

norman davidson rang re wants to purchase cottage

diana arrived chat in sittingroom. she was manic


23 Satadminmeal at fordwich arms
ff may need to cancel if frances here - yes cancelled

lunch veg crumble
just chatted and drank tea
dick went to hardware shop in bobbing
barbie arrived around 5pm and we got ready
frances took jamie, and barbie
and i went with anne and dick

meal fantastic


24 Sunadminanne dick and frances go 11am

dick and anne to alice
frances to gabby and bridget

and lynn, funny turns out frankie at 16c is lyns daughter

lids came over and we went for a walk by the river and chatted about airbandb and finances

took her back to her flat


25 Monadminabs core and more
rang certas and Dean is meant to get back to me today, the account is on hold so credit rating not affected
rang CIA and david's insurance is downgraded need to let them know when letting starts

rambo is the name of dog who was in the road yesterday tinkerbell
emailed sertac with lids account details
emailed nicholas and emma

spoke to heidi and passed on to frankie to discuss cottages
norman sent timescale letter on monday and peter on thursday

july 2023 15.78 standing charge
8.34 energy
1.21 vat
25.33 total
aug 2023 15.78 standing charge
11.86 energy
1.38 vat
27.64 total
Sep 2023 11.70 so
.59 vat
12.29 total without energy
smart meter July 25.88; Aug 25.66; and Sep 34.57

i have paid in August 26.96; and september 29.02 and 5.00


26 Tueadminff - cancelled callum
stretch cancelled

london blackheath

2pm to 4pm meeting with emma and nicholas
left 9pm

cleaned carpets in sittingroom and lids room with hired carpet cleaning
cleaned front bedroom. Redid stains again
started cleaning the bathroom - shower and toilet
re hoovered
continued cleaning kitchen floor

left 9pm
ironed more curtains to take up to london

27 Wedadminxfit

ironed another couple of curtains before and after gym

got to blackheath 4pm
redid stains, put up curtains in rooms with no screwdriver


28 Thuadminaqua

echo $ext .' => '. phpversion($ext). '

work on inventory for 16b lee terrace 7 hours
email re queries from tenant
email sertac still a delay
talk to diana re max email and a bit about tax

29 Friadminpilates

talk to lids about sale
talk to sertac
deposit has to come over on monday 2nd october latest
of not in account then sale is off

need to book tickets for turkey

booked tickets for tues 3rd to 17th t uesday
cancelled ff
emailed salih
got carpark booked
1hr mowing back right lawn


30 SatadminParty at millbank cancelled



starbucks emma, terrie, tanya and diana
emma gave me horrible tombs of the kings
mowed remainder of the lawn
aby let me come over to take cuttings

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