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April 2024

1 Monadminbank holiday
go through options for purchase/rent brightfield rd
load up car to goto jays flat taking glass coffee table, bags and lids. she is going to clean balcony and put table and chairs on

goto wantage road to deal with garden - re-weed front and back. no grass grown at all

leave at 8pm

2 Tueadminff

Priority booking has not yet opened. It will open on 02 April 2024 at 10:00 Warhorse

Tue 22 Oct ‐ Sat 2 Nov 2024
Time: 7.30pm Thu & Sat matinees: 2.30pm
Length: 2 hours 50 minutes
Tickets: £71 ‐ £17
https://www.wealthc et-capital-gains-tax-relief/ guidance/venture-capital-schemes-tax-relief-for-inv estors public/270.cfm trusts-and-estates/bereavement-tax-issues-death/tax -income-and-gains-after-death

https://www.yopa.c tax-on-inherited-property

https://www.accounting property


booked warhorse 5 tickets

matinee saturday

spoke to Norman re sale of cottage - he has got the money ready for the sale.

the oil tanker for both yewtree cottages is accessible from the road. The cesspit could be too though could come through the farm.

Not going to mention the overlow down to the trench at the back. barnfield cesspits are digestors as newer ones and so the liquid is okay but yewtree are not. should just empty more often
Straw barn has solar panels. Darren looks after manor farm and has been making good buildings and adding more for john. There is a meter at corner of field near gate for water to field - gets mucked up so not easy to find.


3 Wedadminxfit

emailed john re cottages title plan
spoke to Carolyn re title plan
Peter at Cotes farm - simon lamphard horses fencing working in work shop
query re john wanting 1/3rd of paddock and cost too high 5k which i agree so will need to give another figure. it is all flooded at the moment

Carolyns flat looks like should be sold after 5th april but not enough money so peter is looking at personal pension. First buyer dropped out but now looks good. I thought peter had a house in sittingbourne re aunt but she left most of it to a charity; jane and david 2k and judith and peter as execetors 5k each. Carolyn is finding the pinch with the weather as she no longer gets income from rent and work at webbs is sporadic until better weather. Her flat is 165- 185k kemsley near mr wests bowaters on the way to iwade and isle of sheppey.

Peter is to have a key hole clean out of knee as got a preop investigation.

they have been away on boat. peter wanted to move to north wales but not sure.

Peter back from work. The barnfield power is down middle of his drive made up of fence concrete sticks on their side. there is a shed and a dog run, oil tank all on 6 inches of concrete. he does not want restrictions on building. The ash tree on corner has ash dieback he has confirmed. 3 hours

rang Chris re annexe - no reply so will need to try tomorrow

spoke to Diana re davids stuff.
Beautiful weather today stuck inside - yuk

4 Thuadminaqua

rung chris he will get back re possible transfer of mortgage to 16b on monday as on holiday

sent email to giles re title plans
sent email to john re title plans

copied and made up filled in documents for annexe sale and created pdfs and sent to rosemary

signed wantage tenancy stuff for me and jamie

printed out lids silk cottage stuff. need to check this out and talk to rosemary.
send 350 to rosemary

5 Friadminpilates - paid
goto london wantage road gardening weeding removing large weed alkanet is an aggressive weed,
and put a small no of stones at front.
back at 10pm
emma rang
myra rang


6 Satadminterrys daughter wedding
strength and stretch

garden centre purchase camelia and azalea, pebbles and lawn seed.

wash flints and bag up to take to wantage

7 Sunadmintake 6 bags of flints, plants and 2 bags of pebbles to wantage road.
back garden dig more and then seed it, rake it and add soil improver, water heavily. Go back on wednesday afternoon to complete front garden. Have put down flints and pebbles and planted camelias and azalea. will need to buy ericaceous plant food for plants; 12 flagstones 440m; 4 bags of pebbles and remaining flints to clean

8 Monadminabs core and more boxing
email robinsons/ sternberg

sorting pebbles and flints from rubbish 4 hours
mow both front lawns
talk to guy nextdoor to abby and mark. they are moving in in August - he is a groundsman at a school

bath and wash hair
clean up inside of car


9 Tueadminff

sorting pebbles and flints from rubbish 3 hours

10 Wedadminxfit

9:30 chris hidson re annexe

get petrol
load up car with slabs; pebbles; flints; soil improver etc
drive to wantage road
lay front garden wantage and scatter soil improver back garden 3pm to 7pm jamie bad mood
water back garden


11 Thuadminaqua
search for annexe stuff
fill in documents queried by nicholas and emmas solicitors

spoke to chris transfer not possible as 16b already holds a mortgage. decided to take loss and let chris find another mortgage for 16b as barclays expensive

spoke to mike to explain eis for annexe that needed money - still not sure if we understood each other but explained about purchasing another property locally - he thought a good idea

spoke to diana re izzy not wanting to let her look after mango

ian rang re water leak to davids house. Chatted about kirsten, and marriage. he has 2 brothers and 1 sister and him and older brother have not prepared for old age mainly as travelling and being brought up in the middle east and his younger siblings who are both re marrying this year complete opposite. he is going to wear a kilt for brothers wedding as their mother scottish

tried peter but no response so left text message
he is going to fix it - good


12 Friadmindrive into canterbury to drop of documents to Rosemary - she saw me downstairs
on the way back to carpark saw maria from headleys -was in a rush to get back for pilates so did not stop and talk
finish garden at wantage
1:30 to 9:30 back at 11:15 8 hours
front garden clean bins and empty - bring rubbish home
back garden water and broom up plus scatter stones hopefully help germination of seed. pick up all bay branches jamie has cut and bring back to munch

clean carpets again with dyson powder to try and remove horrid smell. Take down curtains to wash at home and bring back
work to do on Sunday mainly cleaning

13 Satadminff
strength and stretch

coffee with tania. terrie dog walking

do washing curtains for wantage
add extra mattress to bed
empty car out with stuff back from wantage

mow the back left garden and left middle

,more washing

14 Sunadmingoto wantage clean upstairs bedrooms and bathroom
finish front garden and re water back garden

need to clean kitchen and living rooms 11:12 to 6:12 7 hours
visit sainsbury to buy air freshners as bad smell - rat
 klswork on cron job not updating members db0.000.00

15 Monadminabs core and more

Dear James and Jennifer

Thank you for booking your ceremony with the Kent Registration Service in The Canterbury Registration Room at Wellington House 4 St Stephens Road Canterbury CT2 7RD on Monday 15 April 2024 at 10:00hrs.

could have been a civil partnership

16 Tueadminff

need to goto finish wantage

17 Wedadminxfit

new tenants
move in 2 years

18 Thuadminaqua0.000.00

19 Friadminpilates0.000.00

20 SatadminHi
Now have everyone’s number. Dates are never easy but hoping you can make Saturday 20 April. We have the girls and boyfriends plus a few local friends going for drinks and a curry. Would love you all to join. Let me know. Drinks from 7 in the pub on the pantiles then curry. 

21 SunadminSarah and Robin 87th birthday
Sarah Challis
Telelphone: 01233 820278
Mobile: 07539770948

Please join us to celbrate Robin's 87th birthday on
sunday 21st april at wissendedn house farm, bethersden, TN26 3EL
jodie 07786 074518 jod
harriet 07813026936


26 Friadminpilates0.000.00

30 Tueadminfly out to turkey0.000.00
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