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Milstead School:
David, Diana and Jenny  September 1958 David 7, and us 5
Diana and jenny 1st May 1962 to 10 July 1970 age 8.5 to nearly 17
Dec 1963 to end feb 1963 snow popsy came to live with us

David 25th April 1956 to 25th July 1958 age 4.5 to 6.75
Anne Stocker 3.9.1959 birth; 13 Sep 1966 to 10th July 1970 7 years to 10.75
Halibury:  David 7 - 
Royal School of Bath: Diana 17 to 18.5  Sep 1970 to Jul 1972
Queen Annes Caversham: Jenny 17 to 18.5 Sep 1970 to  Jun 1972

Retake A levels exams in London Jan 1973 
Work at Maidstone hospital Feb 1973 to April 1973
Cordon Bleu at Colwall, Malvern  May - august 1973 12 weeks
Work at Folkestone Aug 1973 to Sep 1973
Culham Sep 1973 to Jul 1976
Work in Ilford Sep 1976

Whitby each year until ...,
Italy via Monico
Cromarty jean, renato
Belgium with Mary
Summer 1971 Cornwall got exam results almost 17
Summer 1972 Southern Ireland alm

Lydia born 18 January 1991
Get Married 10 April 2024 to Jamie (not a civil partnership)

to sanitize a db query  WORDPRESS $wodb->
get_var($wpdb->prepare ("select lyric 
from dolly where id=%id",$_GET['dolly']));

What you should do, to avoid problems is 
quite simple: Whenever you embed a string 
within foreign code, you must escape it,
according to the rules of that language. For 
example, if you embed a string in some SQL
targeting MySql, you must escape the string
with MySql's function for this purpose

Another example is HTML: If you embed strings
within HTML markup, you must escape it with 
htmlspecialchars. This means that every single
 echo or print statement should use 

A third example could be shell commands: If 
you are going to  embed strings (Such as arguments) 
to external commands, and call them with exec, 
then you must use escapeshellcmd and escapeshellarg.


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emily garden greenhouse convent jenny
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glass arabella marshall
glass arabella marshall
glass arabella marshall
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National_3_Peaks_Challenge from kings-school on 11th July 2019.

Sarah and Simons wedding

Enderby and OXO Wales Yoga on Beach


Daddy War MBE

The Royal Corps of Signals (often simply known as the Royal Signals – abbreviated to R SIGNALS or R SIGS) is one of the combat support arms of the British Army. Signals units are among the first into action, providing the battlefield communications and information systems essential to all operations. Royal Signals units provide the full telecommunications infrastructure for the Army wherever they operate in the world. The Corps has its own engineers, logistics experts and systems operators to run radio and area networks in the field.[3] It is responsible for installing, maintaining and operating all types of telecommunications equipment and information systems, providing command support to commanders and their headquarters, and conducting electronic warfare against enemy communications.

daddy mbe

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glass arabella marshall
glass arabella marshall
glass arabella marshall
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